Concept of Learning for Nursing Students

Concept of Learning for Nursing Students

The discussion has been well structured with valuable insight into the concept of learning for nursing students. Firstly, it compares classroom learning with clinical learning in terms of importance, noting that they are equally important and that true value is subjective based on the individual students and circumstances. Still, the comparison would have been more complete with the discussion on how the two learning approaches serve different functions with the classroom learning focusing on theoretical knowledge while clinical learning focuses on experiential knowledge (Billings & Halstead, 2012). Secondly, the discussion relates Benner’s model, a theory of learning, to clinical teaching and learning, showing how practice over time allows students to gain experience as they move from novices towards experts. The use of such as example presents the explanation more effectively. In fact, this is an interesting and intriguing perspective that applies logical approaches to show how practice and gradual shift from simple to complex tasks breeds familiarity that translates into clinical development. With this awareness, education approaches can condition students (O’Connor, 2015). Concept of Learning for Nursing Students


Finally, the relationship between the cognitive, psychomotor and effective learning domains in the clinical setting is discussed. However, the discussion fails to distinguish between the three domains. In this case, there is a need to specify what each of the three domains involve and provide clear examples that distinguish them. For instance, mentioning how cognitive learning involves reading and remembering knowledge, psychomotor learning involves having awareness of non-verbal cues during the process of communication, and psychomotor skills that involves demonstrating the acquired knowledge within a practical setting through consultative discussion forums. Overall, the discussion is well written and informative Gaberson, Oermann & Shellenbarger, 2015). owever,


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Concept of Learning for Nursing Students