Surgical Patient Assignment Paper

Surgical Patient Assignment Paper

Nursing being a vital part of treatment plays a considerate role in taking care of the surgical patients who are required to be treated in succession of several caring measures. These are mostly related to another potent consideration of perioperative measures in the field of nursing with a special consent of surgical patients (von Dossow and Zwissler, 2016). Peroperative measures primarily involves the method of evaluation followed by management and lastly carrying out pertinent outpatient processes. It is normally done before conducting any elective surgical procedures and is usually done by the non-surgical consultants like cardiologists, internists and pulnomologists, etc. This type of consulting mostly assists in the management of any prior medical issue of the client such as diabetes, etc., that may in turn impact upon the existing health related problem of the client. It also supports in the treatment of peri and post-operative complications that may arise in the form of any other infectious disease or cardiac and pulmonary related issues (Young and, 2016). The below report has discoursed upon a similar consideration of surgical patient to be treated with the help of perioperative measures and is based upon a given case study of a virtual patient named Mr Oliver Orange and is 56 years old.Surgical Patient Assignment Paper


Critically appraise my own role in relation to the care of the surgical patient

I am hereby playing the role of a surgical care practioner who will be mainly responsible for taking care of those patients who are either operated or are in need of some surgical procedure. This in turn necessitates me to perform the perioperative practices that will in turn involve its 3-step process namely evaluation, management and outpatient procedures (Buckley and, 2016). It is with a special consent of the conferred case scenario of Mr Oliver Orange who is 56 years old and has been recently admitted to the hospital followed by a workplace accident. I have met him in a perioperative setting that necessitated me to go through the three phases of scaphoid surgery for which he was diagnosed (Macht and, 2016).

This is basically on considering the leading agenda of perioperative care that intends to provision improved condition to the patients before, during and after the operation. With a similar reference to it, the three-stage perioperative practice includes preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative services where each of these processes are with a distinct consent (Garrett, 2016). I am hereby required to go through the three mains steps of evaluation in terms of going through his past medical history, management for looking into a well considerate course of surgery to avoid any possible chances of obstacle and outpatient (Scott and, 2017). This is basically to verify a sustained perioperative process for avoiding any probable complications after the surgery to ensure a successful surgical treatment of Mr Orange.Surgical Patient Assignment Paper

Critically examine contemporary issues and challenges in surgical care

Attempting to accompany a surgery with several set of responsibilities is itself referred to be a major challenge for a surgical care practioner who is required to look into all relative measures of the surgical procedure to avoid any atrocious fallouts with the wellbeing of client (Chan and, 2017). It is where surgical nursing itself exists with both physical and emotional challenges for the nurse. This is with a similar reference to the given case of Mr Orange where the scaphoid surgery for the treatment of his fracture is referred to be physically demanding in nature and I am hereby required to be aware of the time period I need to spend in the operative room. On considering the emotional challenges I may face while treating Mr Orange, I am afraid about any distressing results that could occur in case the surgery goes wrong. It is thereby on the basis of the above two challenges, it can be said that patient safety is one of the most concerning issue where it is mostly due to general guidelines with no precise measures to handle a specific set of patients (Isenman, Michaels and Fisher, 2016). Also, communication plays a vital role in health care settings where gap in communication leads to no transmission of information across the surgical care pathway.

Synthesising theory and practice in relation to learning

This is on scrutinizing the above relative facts to further create a theory and practice of improvement in it, I have hereby learned to behave in a peaceful manner to avoid any sort of physical and mental challenges to perform the act of surgical care (Bruno and, 2017). For which, I will also consider following an integral process of communication with a foremost consideration of listening and attending any queries made by the patient and his or her relatives. A proper communication procedure is apparent to reduce the chances of mishaps and will minimize the probabilities of risk.Surgical Patient Assignment Paper

To critically evaluate communication methods in the peri -operative setting

Communication plays an important role in a peri-operative setting that in turn makes a huge contribution in the undertaken surgery of the patient. A healthcare setting is comprised with enormous number of individuals such as patients, their family members and relatives along with the professional colleagues (Larochelle and, 2016). It is therefore intended to be a significant prospect for the practioners to communicate in an effective manner as an essential medical skill. This is also referred to be a principal requirement for provisioning an intensive healing facility and a key to perform respectable medicinal practices. The current section has hereby referred to evaluate the communication methods that are likely to be used in the perioperative settings. This involves a foremost method of listening and attending the patients like Mr Orange and his family members or relative to address their concerns. On evaluating the practice of listening, it is always referred to initiate a respectful interaction of the practioner with that to the client and his or her relatives. This is for instance to refer to the case of Mr Orange, if I will prioritize listening to the issues of Mr Orange, I will be able to generate better ways and ideas to assist him at the rime of treatment (Palant and, 2017). This will in turn fulfil both my professional responsibilities towards him by together fulfilling his personal desires.

Impact of effective communication with patients and members of the peri operative team

An effective communication is referred to be a key top get success in surgical care where it directly results in enhancing the provisioning of services to the patients like Mr Orange. Despite of several communication methods like verbal, non-verbal, questioning and written, communication in a health care setting, it is made effective with a primary use of the listening measure that leads the person to make an effective selection of the treatment to be given to the patient going through a traumatic disorder (Clayton and, 2016). Apart from this, listening and paying attention also leads to an effective perioperative procedure that in turn assist the surgeons and surgical practioners to provide a likely treatment to the patient with less or almost no pessimistic consequences. This will also lead to an accurate diagnosis of the patient to further provisioning a correct treatment which is harmless for the patient and also leads to a greater level of satisfaction for both the patient and the team of experts provisioning the services.Surgical Patient Assignment Paper

To critically evaluate health and safety practices in the peri operative settings

This is to evaluate the health and safety practices in the perioperative settings by scrutinizing the efficacy of the applied practices. This mainly involves three leading measures in accordance to The Universal Protocol, WHO surgical safety checklist and Patient involvement. On evaluating these methods, it has been found that The Universal protocol is much effective in terms of verifying the pre-operative practices by the surgical practioner like me and include preprocedural process of verification followed by the marking of operative site and carrying out a time out before the process (Handzo, 2012). Another undertaken method defines an imperial use of Surgical Safety Checklist which is yet another beneficial tool for promoting the safety of a client. On evaluating this measure, it has been found that such verification process largely assists in reducing any possible chances of risks and errors by the surgeons in the operative room. Lastly, there existed another significant measure of involving patients that includes an official enlistment of patient for preventing any possible errors in the operative area. On evaluating this measure, it has been found that it is a slight challenging task that requires the surgeon to put his personal efforts by calming the patient at the time of preoperative assessment procedure.Surgical Patient Assignment Paper

Impact of infection control practice across the peri operative environment

This is to reflect upon the undertaken practices of infection control across the perioperative environment where during this course of time where I was supposed to take care of Mr Orange, I have strictly followed the below mentioned measures for controlling infection-


Hand hygiene

This indicated a foremost way for minimizing the risk of spreading infection where decontamination of hands is evident to defend both the service user and the provider (Beam, Keating and Razonable, 2016). I have thereby considered washing my hands every time I met Mr Orange and left her room for the elimination of microorganism that can be easily transferred to any healthy person by together harming any patient like Mr Orange to a great extent.

Aseptic technique

This was reflected to be yet another effective measure for the prevention of any infectious ailment to the patients like Mr Orange (Mueller and, 2016). This duly necessitated me to sterilize and disinfect the medical devices used for the purpose of diagnosis. It together indicated a dual process has been done before and after detecting the clients to prevent the spread of any infection.Surgical Patient Assignment Paper

To critically evaluate communication methods when receiving, admitting and transferring patients

Communication being an important agenda usually involves oral and written methods at the time of receiving, admitting and transferring patients. Firstly, an interaction takes place among the referring and the receiving team to communicate about the condition of the patient, examination, plans for treatment, measures and timings for the transfer, etc., (Atkinson and, 2017). It is with a special concern of confirm the acceptance of entrance to the unit receiving the patient. On evaluating the same, a slight discrepancy has been found over here where it is important to provide any updated set of information about any sort of development in patient’s condition to further proceed in an accordant manner.

reflect upon other effective forms of communication with patients

As a surgical practitioner, I have analysed that it is very essential to have effective communication with the patients so that their problems could be easily understood and necessary actions could be taken up. There are various forms of communication that could be used for interaction with patients. Some of them are discussed below:Surgical Patient Assignment Paper


When there is effective communication between patients and doctors, it becomes easy to provide cafe to them. It could be enhanced by calling them with their names, having proper eye contact while talking to them etc, could build up healthy relations among them (Janis, 2016).


Patients could be asked with variety of questions that could motivate them to indulge themselves more into treatment procedures. They could be asked about their routines, habits and desires etc., which helps in getting more frank with the working team.Surgical Patient Assignment Paper