Teenage Pregnancy in UK Sample Paper

Teenage Pregnancy in UK Sample Paper

Sexuality refers to the physical mental and social well-being of the people. The sexual relationship requires a positive and respectful approach to the physical relationship between people (Kmietowicz, 2002). The people may have possibility of discrimination or violence which should be avoided in sexual relationship. They should try to have safe sexual experiences and pleasurable which may be free of coercion (Paranjothy and et.al., 2009). The persons getting intimated their sexual rights must be respected, protected and fulfilled to be attained and maintained. It is seen that, the persons behavior, personality is structured also the emotions are congruent and integrated with a person’s self-definition. It is that state where the person speaks to the partner about the sexual needs and desire and to set sexual boundaries.Teenage Pregnancy in UK Sample Paper


The girl in the age group of 13-19 becoming pregnant is called as teenage pregnancy. As per the (UNICEF 2008) before legal adulthood the girl become pregnant. It is also said that the pregnancy in females under the age of 20 under the time when the time it ends. As it is acknowledged that the pregnancy can take place at the start of the puberty and before the menstrual period but usually after the occurrence of onset of periods.

In the report the concepts of human and sexual behavior are been explained. The risk factors related to teenage pregnancy and health issues to the mothers are been described here. The various strategies have been implemented to face the teenage management problems and preventative measure are been taken for the same. Also national policies are been explained which are claimed by the government.Teenage Pregnancy in UK Sample Paper


It is seen in UK that the teenage pregnancy is found to be the most important area of public and private policy. It is seen that country has highest rate of birth rates between the age group of 15-17 years. UK has the age range of 15 years where the underage conception rate of women is around 30.9/1000 women. It is also said that the poor physical, educational, mental health and social isolation is meant for social violence and abuse which are associated with teenage pregnancy (National statistics office 2011). The rational pregnancy has declined almost continuously over the last two decades. The pregnancy that ends in the live birth is under the consideration of teenage pregnancy.

This leads to miscarriage and abortion. It is seen in UK that the teenage pregnancy has declined by 51 percent from 116.9 to 57.4 as per 1000 teen girls. It is due to the contraceptives use by the teens and the percentage the adolescence that is waiting to have sexual intercourse (Hoffman, 2001). It has been encountered that about 77 percent of teen pregnancy are unplanned. According to the data of 2010 the majority of pregnancies to adolescent female age 15-19 in the united kingdom as estimated to be 60 percent, which are ended in the live birth, miscarriage rate is 15 percent and the abortion rate is 30 percent. In UK the rate of abortion among the adolescence is lowest since it is legalized in 1973 and 66 percent lower than it got high in 1988 (Jackson, 2012). On the other hand, the adolescents aged 10-19 years account for % of all the birth worldwide. They account for 23% of the overall burden of diseases due to pregnancy and childbirth. The women on the age group of 15-19 years face the unsafe abortions that belong to mow and middle income countries (Sloggett and Joshi, 2008). Further, it has also been noticed that the adolescence pregnancy is found to be dangerous for the child. The younger the mother the higher the risk is, during the first month of life 50-100% is found to be mother in adolescent versus older. The problems faced by the children of adolescence are the preterm birth, low birth rate weight, and all of these increases the changes of death.Teenage Pregnancy in UK Sample Paper


It has been seen psychophysiology that the human body is evolution to be remarked as a complex and incredible life. In human life reproduction is the most significant aspect where the two people are combined for the next stage. It has been noticed that people have desires and selection for which they apply societal, physical, economical, culture criteria (Heilborn and et.al., 2007). Sometimes people show their desire for sexuality and where people experiences the human sexual behavior as an activity (Sharda and Watts, 2012). Through various activities and conduct the humans undergoes various psychological changes which reflects by their behavior. The adolescence get in higher risk of STD and pregnancy due to the people having sex at early age which are likely to use the contraception. These people mostly opt for having oral sex rather than having sexual intercourse (Duncan and et.al., 2010). The sexual relationships and dating is cause to be the new media playing role for the human sexual behavior. Further, it is generally seen that they acquire the behavior and development of sexual needs at the prescribed age of humanity (Donna, 2008). This is learned or acknowledged by them through the surrounding and atmosphere in which they are living in (Arai, 2009). Also it has been noticed that because of cultural norms, various issues of social control and sexual orientation creates to influence people for these activities of sexual behavior. Moreover, there was a survey conducted in the year 2002 in the European nations which studies in the Behavior of sex at teenagers. It was founded by the surveys done in various countries of Europe that 82% of them uses contraception for sexual intercourse.Teenage Pregnancy in UK Sample Paper


Further, it has been encountered that the sexual arousal is said to be a vital variable where the emphasis is placed on the social episode model. This model is here which argues about the homosexual behavior. It is assumed that for the valid sexual intercourse a valid sexual orientation request must be exited to adequately response to it. The two independent stages are there namely consummator and preparatory (Amir, 2006). For the success in the changes in sexual habits and preferences it is associated with the freeman and Meyer (Swann and et.al. 2003). There is one more model which reflects the sexual behavior in transmission of behavior dynamics in which the population biology is undertaken for the STD in influencing the social, biological and behavioral factors and for the infection. It is there for identification in Sex partners and heterogeneity act for sex. The various assumptions are made on these models precisely which causes an advantage for it. The partners getting affected by various contributions are made to develop quantitative assessment. In a defined community for diseases and infection control the understanding should be developed inclusively by various methods.


The teenage mothers and their children faces health issues as they lead to poor health and social outcome. Teenage pregnancies are the serious matter for the country and society overall, it has been noticed that young mother have to drop from school as they become pregnant and can not face the situation (Belfield 2012). The young mother who are not so sound economically have to face poverty which also affects their health. The children who are born by teenage mothers faces more problems in future because of their poor health. These kinds of children are the reason for abuse and neglected by other people. Also the daughters of teenage mothers are more likely to become pregnant at adolescent age and the sons are more found to be doing crime and be in prison (White, 2008).Teenage Pregnancy in UK Sample Paper

The teenage pregnancies are faced due to many factors such as the children who have single parent and the single mothers dating behavior. This mainly depends upon the family and parents who make such kind of surroundings and situation for their children that they get commit such kind of mistakes on their childhood. The family creates a negative impact on children due to this reason The parents who are least bothered about their children mostly that area found to be under the circumstances of teenage pregnancy problem. Such chis get lot of freedom or free space and because of which they commit mistakes (Hadley, 2014). Also parents who do not be in touch or communicate more with their children faces the problem of teenage pregnancy. In family mostly if the mother seems to be a teenage parent than their child seems to be committing the same mistakes. Further, it is also seem that the teenage that start using the alcohol and an early age get influenced towards these activities. They are more prior to use various substances which are not good for their health (Martin, 2014). Like usage of drugs but teenager in which they lose their senses and get out of control, in such situations the commit the mistake of having sexual intercourse with the partner. However, the children who find their friend group playing with such activities also get influenced for having the experience of these sexual activities at early age (Hamilton, 2012). These children have less interest at the academics section and get involved in such activities which cause risk for their life.Teenage Pregnancy in UK Sample Paper

The preventive measures can be taken for teenage pregnancy which is as follows.


To avoid pregnancy in teenage the adolescences must use condoms and other barrier devices such as sheath. Making use of these devices can help to avoid the cases of teenage pregnancy. It is important to educate children about the use and prevention of pregnancy from these methods and techniques (Sloggett and Joshi, 2008). The female child should be given extra classes during school time by their teachers where they can guide them to use this contraception. The female can ask their partners to use contraceptives to avoid unnecessary risk in life (Duncan and et.al., 2010). The male adolescence should also have knowledge about these techniques so that they can change their attitude and behavior towards having safer sex practices (Hill and Robertson, 2009).


The abstinence is the reason of having having sex in oral form which is the effective preventive measure. Such as , the national campaign of UK paid attention on making awareness among the adolescence so that they can avoid this activity. This also makes sure to avoid the parenthood and sexuality transmitted infections. (Heilbronn and et.al., 2007).Teenage Pregnancy in UK Sample Paper