Management Plan Template Essay

Management Plan Template Essay

Primary Diagnosis and ICD-10 code: Also include any procedural codes.

Additional laboratory and diagnostic tests: May be necessary to establish or evaluate a condition. Some tests, such as MRI, may require prior authorization from the patient’s insurance carrier. If so, state this in your plan. Management Plan Template Essay.

Consults: referrals to specialists, therapists (physical, speech, early childhood interventionalists, occupational), counselors, or other professionals.

Therapeutic modalities: pharmacological and nonpharmacological management. YOU are the FNP. YOU must decide on the medication, the proper dose, the proper route, and how long to give the medication. YOU must determine how long non-pharmacological therapies will be used. And you must state both of these modalities in the plan.

Health Promotion: Address risk factors as appropriate. Consider age-appropriate preventive health screening. (This is NECCESARY in well child visits, points deducted for not including this in well child visits) You may use Bright Futures for this.

Patient education: Explanations and advice given to patient and family members. Make sure you include any interventions needed for the entire family. Remember, in peds the patient is the child and their family.

Disposition/follow-up instructions: when the patient is to return sooner, and when to go to another facility such as the emergency department, urgent care center, specialist or therapist.

References (minimum of 3), credible, timely (less than 5 years old), that prove this plan follows current standard of care (standard of care=national treatment guidelines).

  • References are to be from professional source only. No WebMD, not non-peer reviewed journals or websites, no patient education websites.
  • The following websites are NOT permitted:
  • Healthy
  • Mayo Clinic.
  • Cleveland Clinic.
  • CDC parent information websites.
  • WebMD
  • Any non-peer reviewed website.
  • You may NOT use ANY textbooks for this class as references!
  • ANY hospital parental information website.
  • ANY literature from your preceptor’s office that is not peer-reviewed. Management Plan Template Essay.



AGAIN: Points will be deducted for not utilizing either template, using non-credible references, for asking health questions that do not pertain to children OR NOT asking questions that pertain to children.

Please remember these are PEDIATRIC patients being examined in a regular pediatric office. There are no fancy pieces of equipment, no dazzling diagnoses will be made here, and your assessments SHOULD NOT contain assessments that would be completed on adults but not on children!

CAVEATS: In these case studies DO NOT order IVs on children, rarely are procedures done in the office, and you are NOT going to order invasive testing on a child in these case studies.

 Reminder About References

You are beginning the process of forming the skills to research topics in this class. It will be the same in the rest of your classes at Walden University. The use of peer-reviewed journals and national treatment guidelines will be the foundation of your practice as an FNP for the rest of your careerAs graduate students you are being introduced to using current (i.e. less than 5 years old) peer-reviewed journal articles to incorporate expert knowledge into your practice. This how, as an FNP, you will learn about new thoughts ideas, treatments regimens, etc. Believe me, all of us spend an inordinate amount of time reviewing treatment guideline updates to make sure we are delivering the best treatment options and healthcare to our patient population. Management Plan Template Essay.