Future of Healthcare Technology Essay.

Future of Healthcare Technology Essay.


PACS is the professional medical technology of the future. “An image archiving and communication system (PACS) is a computerized means of upgrading the role of regular radiological film: images are obtained, stored, sent, and displayed digitally. ” PACS is not only found in the radiology section it can be used all over the hospital in virtually any location, anytime, anywhere and even be used with other private hospitals, between different health professionals. There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing to work with the PACS system. You can find other technologies that contain a dramatic effect on the delivery of patient care as well these technology combined with the PACS system make medical better.Future of Healthcare Technology Essay.


One of the biggest advantages to using the PACS system is the fact that everything is performed digitally. In my research I have found several reasons that hospitals should decided PACS to use there radiology department as well as all the other areas in a healthcare facility. In a number of articles it has stated that the utilization of PACS main gain is “the improvement in efficiency. ” PACS has shown to diminish medical errors because of the fact “once an image has been obtained onto PACS it can’t be lost, stolen, or misfiled. ” The PACS system also allows images to be available anywhere in a healthcare facility whereas regular film can only physically exist in one place at anybody time. While using PACS system the medical doctor can compare images at the same time. If a graphic is too dark or too light before you would have to retake the x-ray but with the PACS system you can adjust these things using the pc. Doctor can also take a graphic from a decade in the past and put it in to the PACS system and compare it with the most recent image. Things like this may really help with diagnosis and treatment of patients. PACS also helps patient care and attention be quicker because the medical professional can view the images anytime and anywhere in the hospital. For example if a patient is have trouble in the ICU the physician can view any images necessary to help treat the individual without leaving the ICU area therefore if the physician is needed he/she is there. These images are available to all or any the members of the care team not only the doctor. PACS system has shown to save lots of lives as well as lower medical errors. I read an article that mentioned “when the PACS system is totally implemented, the technology can play a significant role in minimizing the prospect of error through the elimination of steps in the circulation and management of images and associated patient information across the venture. PACS system also allows medical center staff and doctors can plan and order examinations, upgrade patient information across an organization, provide information and images to medical doctors at the point of care, and offer diagnostic tools, features, and features to ensure the highest quality of interpretation and diagnosis. Currently 20% of motion pictures are absent when needed. This wouldn’t happen if they were using the PACS system. “All images in the PACS repository are automatically grouped into the correct assessment, are Chronologically ordered, correctly focused and tagged, and can be easily retrieved which is not necessarily the case minus the PACS system. ” The pediatrics and neonatal product were among the first clinical specialties to start using the PACS system. Radiographic images play a major role in these departments. Time is very critical in these items so it is a superb advantage you don’t have to go to the radiology section to retrieve these images. That is one good example the way the PACS system can save lives and just why a healthcare facility should be using this system.Future of Healthcare Technology Essay.

There are some negatives to the PACS system as well as with any system that you may choose to use. One drawback to the PACS system is cost of setting up the PACS system in a healthcare facility setting. In the year 1999 the price of intalling the PACS system was one to two million dollars with a six percent total annual maintenance. Studies show that PACS would pay for itself in five years. Another downside is after getting gone filmless there is certainly risk that the PACS system might have a system failure with this in mind so long as the data is supported daily. One other potential issue of PACS is that the staff may not have the data to have the ability to use the PACS system.

In my research I came across that when the PACS system can be used along with the EMR and the CPOE there’s a dramatic effect on patient treatment. The EMR is where all medical records, including all of patient images, pathology, surgical results and background are done and stored electronically. The CPOE is where the physicians use pcs to anticipated order entry. “Each one of these things in isolation helps slightly with patient health care but when the three are being used together the results are much better.Future of Healthcare Technology Essay.

In Conclusion, health care technology is going to computerization and there is absolutely no stopping it. We are in an time where pcs are an important part of lifestyle not only in the health care field. Learning how to use personal computers and there software is vital for survival. Within this paper I discussed one of the most quickly growing systems in professional medical the PACS system. PACS is the health care technology into the future. “An image archiving and communication system (PACS) is a computerized method of exchanging the role of conventional radiological film: images are bought, stored, transmitted, and displayed digitally. ” PACS is not merely found in the radiology office it could be used all over the hospital in virtually any location, anytime, everywhere and even be utilized with other nursing homes, between different health professionals. I also talked about the advantages and negatives of the PACS system and also other systems that work along with the PACS System.Future of Healthcare Technology Essay.