A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay

A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay


Holistic care refers to addressing all areas of the person including body, brain, and nature. A holistic strategy links mainstream procedures with both traditional and emotional health. Holistic medicine is an integral part of health care which sustains a cooperative romance among those involved, which causes best satisfaction of the physical, mental, mental, social and spiritual areas of health. It shows the necessity to watch the person as a whole and which includes analysis of physical, healthy, environmental, emotional, communal, religious and lifestyle ideals.A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay

Holistic therapies also referred to as complimentary remedies have been long-standing methods in nursing and become an appendage to traditional medical and medical remedies. They include massage theraphy, nutritional remedy and hydrotherapy. Nurses have merged touch health care, as well as Reiki, a mix of both energy work and touch, into practice. Concern for providing far better pain and serious disease management has led many healthcare institutions to provide nutritional therapy, yoga, meditation, spiritual learning and mind-body programs for disease management. Nurses are working alongside a hierarchy of providers from medical specialists, rub therapists, acupuncturists and behavioral psychologists.

Holistic nursing is a way of considering, reflecting, exercising, and being as a whole human being. All natural nursing care and attention practice requires nurses to incorporate self-care, self-responsibility, spirituality, and emotional wellbeing. This might resut in higher awareness of the inter-connectivity with personal, family & friends, environment, and god. This awareness may further improve the nurse’s knowledge of all individuals and their relationships to the individuals and external world, and allows nurses to utilize this awareness to assist in the healing process.


Holistic medical includes all nursing practice that has advancement of recovery of the complete person from beginning to loss of life as its goal. Holistic nursing recognizes that we now have two views regarding holism: that holism entails discovering the interrelationships of the individual, recognizing that the complete is greater than the total of the individuals; and that it includes understanding the individual as a product mutually inclusive with the surroundings.

Bipolar disorder and dementia are two conditions that often go together. The risk of developing depressive and manic episodes was increased in patients with dementia. Both disorders have a multidimensional dynamics. Ambiance and cognition are the central problems in bipolar disorder and Dementia, respectively. However, in recent years, more relay has been given to the behavioral top features of Dementia, which are often difficult to control than cognitive impairment. Thus, in addition to such spirits symptoms as euphoria, lability, irritability, stress, and dysphoria, recent studies have reported the following behavioral signs in Dementia: agitation, overactivity, aggression, apathy, affective lability, euphoria, disinhibition, impaired self-regulation, and psychosis. Additionally, patients with dementia frequently have issues with money management, spendthrift or donating money to strangers.

Most consider signs and symptoms of mania in AD(Alzheimer disease) as extra to its neurodegenerative processs but disposition symptoms can also be central and can reflect exacerbations from past temperament. We stress that altered ambiance symptoms clearly influence perception of real situations and cognition thinking. It has been reported that deterioration in bipolar disorder is associated with blended episodes and speedy cycling, which often is commonly the clinical presentation of dementia. [

In neuroanatomical studies, modifications in the hippocampus have been reported in both disorders, with an increase of obvious degeneration in AD. Perhaps the most stunning difference between both disorders is the fact that the disease process in Advertising occurs when the brain is a lot more vulnerable due to aging. Increased glutamatergic activity is possibly central to both disorders, as shown by the huge benefits from drugs that either inhibit glutamate release or stop glutamate receptors (eg, topiramate ) including acetylcholinesterase inhibitors.A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay

Cortisol-induced neurotoxicity and dysregulation in the HPA-axis have also been postulated as a central role in the pathophysiological functions in both disease(dementia & bipolar)


The number of individuals with dementia is continuously increasing. Alzheimer’s World thinks that careful planning is the order into the future to ensure that the right health care and support can be found.

There are about 750, 000 people in the UK with a form of dementia with over 16, 000 people under 65 with dementia in the united kingdom. One in 14 people over 65 years of age and one in six people over 80 years has a form of dementia

Prevalence and incidence

When discussing demography it is important to differntiate between prevalence – overall conditions both old and new, with which dementia occurs in the populace, and incidence – new situations of dementia in confirmed time frame.

The more developed prevalence rates for dementia in the UK are:

40-64 years: 1 in 1400

65-69 years: 1 in 100

70-79 years: 1 in 25

80+ years: 1 in 6 (Source : Alzheimer’s world, UK. )

Projected characters

There is a abrasive estimate that by 2021 there will be one million people who have dementia in the UK and

Is likely to increase to over 1. 7 million people(3% of UK human population) with dementia by 2051.

Many people talk about the ‘demographic time bomb’ or ‘tidal influx’ of older people, which the state cannot find the money for to cater for. However the society believes that these reports are misleading. A reliable, somewhat than exponential expansion is expected over the next 25 years. The Society’s contribution to the Royal Commission on Long Term Care highlights the fact that the state can offer for people’s needs as they get older. The Country wide Dementia Strategy in England and similar work underway in Wales and North Ireland are extremely vital steps to guarantee the people needs with dementia be properly tackled in years to come.

Core Prices of Holistic Nursing

The current Benchmarks of Holistic Medical derive from five Core Ideals of practice:

1) Holistic Philosophy and Education

2) Holistic Ethics, Theories, and Research

3) Holistic Nurse Self-Care;

4) Holistic Communication, Healing Environment and Cultural Competence

5) Holistic Nurturing Process.

These core principles represent the fact of holistic nursing and are each essential for holistic practice in the management of dementia in older people with comorbidity such as diabetes typeII and epilepsy.

Core value 1, addresses that all natural nursing is dependant on a platform under philosophical rules embracing holism and a committed action to education, reflection, and knowledge. Center value 2, reiterates that professional nursing is less effective in theory, up to date by research and bound by honest guidelines to guide a competent, thoughtful, and principled all natural practice. Primary value 3, is dependant on the fact that nurses must engage in integrating self-care to market health and self awareness so the nurse may act as an instrument of healing. Main value 4 addresses the necessity for nurses to engage with clients to promote mutually-determined goals for health and healing. Lastly, Key Value 5, emphasizes an development in the medical practice to adopt assessment and healing care addressing consumer habits, problems, and needs in an atmosphere of caring (4).A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay

Cultural beliefs and belief

Beliefs and routines inspired by culture can affect patient end result and satisfaction. the increasing ethnical variety may present issues in trans-cultural honest decision making for nurses. moral dilemma may occur from insufficient understanding of language, procedures, expectations and other elements of nature that can lead to unclear decisions. Thus by Incorporating culture assessment into attention facilitates better knowledge of factors that affect patient’s health action and decisions.

Researchers from College of Medical in Hong kong surveyed nurses in different cultural options and advised five wide-ranging guiding concepts for reviewing ethical perception of social values and beliefs:

Respect for persons



Respect for community

Contextual caring.

The Director and Panel of Dementia Words possessed, in about 1996, notice a growing but uncoordinated involvement in the spiritual care of folks with dementia. They sought their statement to affirm a all natural approach, which sees good care of the soul as the substance of, and caused by, proper care practice. They wished to speak to everyone irrespective of their religious trust. They have got therefore used non-religious terms with the intent that it’s inclusive of both secular and spiritual understanding. The spirituality of men and women with dementia, and their families, carers and the experts who work with them is therefore of the greatest importance.A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay

Professional issues

The AHNA Standards of Holistic Nursing Practice also referred to as Standards provide guidance for nursing care and attention that meets the intent of the description of holistic medical — ” a health care that has enhancement of treatment of the complete person (from delivery to death) (4). ” The Requirements grew from an interest in describing all natural medical, and in articulating the beliefs, skills and knowledge necessary for its practice.

Unlike speciality practice defined by a client group (pediatric medical) or an illness category (oncology medical), holistic nursing is practiced by nurses in practically all areas of attention. The speciality is dependant on practice that identifies the body-mind-spirit connection of folks, and requires its professionals integrate self-care and self-responsibility into their own lives.

In holistic nursing, wellness-illness and health-disease neither mutually exclusive, nor polar reverse, but are area of the process and the health care. Newman and her acquaintances determined that proper focus of nursing is nurturing and explained it as entire, unitary and transformatory. Many disciplines lay claim caring as a part of the occupation, but only medical has both nurturing and health as itsgoal. Nurturing is a constant specific interpersonal process that is seen as a expert medical practice, social process, interpersonal sensitivity, and romantic associations Nurses can concentrate caring through empowerement in 6 main categories;

Respecting the patient

Not taking the patients patterns personally

Keeping the individual safe

Encouraging the patient’s health

Authentic leadership

Interactive reading.

Professional moral decisions

Nurses are confronted daily with the need to make professional and personal honest decisions. This process requires an ongoing evaluation and assimilation of information and also have formed a five step process of making honest decision mainly

1. articulating the problem

2. gathering data and determining conflicting cases of moral values

3. discovering strategies

4. Implementing strategy

5. Evaluating outcome of the action

Legal and Honest Issues

Healthcare providers must adhere to regulations. All nurses are accountable and accountable to comply with nursing practice become well as the rule and regulation of the panel in the state of hawaii where they are licensed and work.

Supporting a patient’s right and capability to make choices is an essential factor of holistic nursing practice and holistic ethics.

Advance medical directives

The patient self-determination take action, effective December 1991requires that individuals receiving medical care also get written informationabout there to refuse medical or medical procedures and their to initiate advance directives. advance directives are instructions that induct health care intervention to start or withhold or designate someone who will become a proxy in making a decision in case the decision making capacity is lost.A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay

Advance directives are of two types:

Treatment directives(living will)

Appointment directives

(Electric power of law firm).

A living will specifies the treatment a patient wants to refuse when he/she is terminally unwell and cannot make those decisions. A electric power of attorney for professional medical appoints a proxy or surrogate to help make the medical decisions on behalf of the patient if he/she can no longer make such decisions. Move forward medical directive in the form of living will or ability of attorney is a cornerstone in proxy management of end level of Dementia with bipolar disorders as they lose decision making potential.

As part of the patient evaluation, an holistic nurse may consider requesting the, following questions

Have you discussed your end of life selections with your loved ones or chosen surrogate?

Do you have basic information about advanced medical directives?

Do you wish to start it?

If you have already prepared an move forward medical directive, is it possible to provide it now?

Informed consent

As medical is inherently a moral endeavour, nurses may exacerbate problems in making the right decision and taking the right action. The process of enlightened consent of medical and other treatment provides the ability for the patient to choose a plan of action regarding healthcare ideas.

An informal consent must are the following:

The dynamics of health cancerns and prognosis if there is nothing done

Description of most treatment options

Benefits, hazards an consequences of various treatment a options including non-intervention.

Holistic nurses who offer alternative modalities should clarify the int. . , and disease risks, expected effects and benefits and treatment options preceding to initiating theraphy. Informed consent in research identifies easily choosing to take part in a research review following the research purpose, commitment, risks and benefits, anonymity and invasion of personal privacy. Nurses who assist with research have to be familiar with elements of informe consent. A specific area of concern is security of human rights, in clinical tests focus on susceptible society such as elderly, challenged, pregnant, disabled individuals and terminally unwell. Thus Knowledgeable consent plays a vital role in development of book research methodologies and an holistic nurse should follow all these suggestions in getting an informed consent from the patient.A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay

Nurses are accountable to professional stanards, for reporting research findings. An important consideration in this respect is the ethical treatment of data which demonstrates the integrity of research protocols and credibility in confirming data


Three major insurance policy face holistic medical in the foreseeable future:





There are many barriers to the gain access to of holistic therapies providing just one more challenges for alternative medical. They include:

Lack of awareness

Uncertainity about their effectiveness

Inability to cover them

Limited availability of certified providers.

Access is normally difficult for rural inhabitants, uninsured, racial and cultural minorities and prone population such as older and terminally sick. Holistic medical have a responsibility to teach the public more completely about health promoters, completely moderate to assist people in making informal chance among health care alternatives and specific providers They need to ensure quality, increased concentrate on wellness and access and affordability to all or any.


Public or private policies with regards to coverage and reimbursement for professional medical expenditure play an essential role in shaping the medical system and in deciding the future of health campaign and holistic medication in the nations healthcare system. all natural nurses need to work with Medicare and other alternative party payers, insurance teams, oards of nursing, healthcare policy manufacturers to ensure that alternative nurses are reimbursed correctly for services rendered.


Thus by developing theoretical and empirical knowledge as well as caring and therapeutic strategies, holistic nurses will advance holistic nursing practice and education and add significantly to the formalization and credibility of the work and in integrating a far more holistic strategy in medical practice and health care.

Access to an informed health care and reimbursement for hospice treatment is the requirement in the elderly patients with later stage starting point dementia as the patient is terminally ill.


In caring for individuals, those people who have negative health beliefs and attitude, a highly effective resource and perhaps a strategy would be to develop a cultural support network. The sociable support network of the patient can strengthen and help in healthy patient alternatives. Cognitive building up through training in assertiveness, connection, imagery, problem solving, good s coping skills. Patient connection with community companies and self-help group can also be appropriate. Encouraging involvement of family an friends with recommended theraphy or value clarification period increase and fortify public support.A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay

Because Alzheimer’s disease is incurable and intensifying, most all natural treatments give attention to enhancing the individuals quality of life; for example, some might suggest using “memory catalogs” and other ways of reduce the impact of symptoms. A Florida Status University or college researcher found ram books, which might include notes, photographs and other keepsakes, can help reconnect Alzheimer’s indiviuals with themselves.

Although the study on holistic solutions remains limited, it suggests everything from pet therapy to art remedy can improve quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s. A 2006 study, for example, reported older people with dementia exhibited less agitation and got more positive cultural interactions when they interacted with an pet animal daily; however, the period of the power was not proven, nor was it proven that an animal living with the individuals had more impact when compared to a visiting pet animal.

A holistic way can also include the use of herbal selections and supplements, such as Ginkgo biloba and omega-3 fatty acids.


In this analysis, we reflect again at the many holistic goals set to provide care for an Italian girl 92 years identified as having Dementia bipolar, diabetes type 2, epilepsy & having troubles of eating disorder. She has no much educational qualifications, committed in 1941at age 25, arrived to UK in 1965. She’s a daughter and a child with 4 grand children.

Based on the projected numbers it is estimated that by 2021 there will be one million people who have dementia in the united kingdom with likely to grow to over 1. 7 million people with dementia by 2051. This is referred to as a demographic tidal bomb. There has been a growing but uncoordinated fascination with the spiritual treatment of folks with dementia. Thus the spirituality of men and women with dementia, and their families, carers and the experts who use them is therefore of the best importance within an holistic treatment towards dementia.

Advance medical directive by means of living will or electricity of attorney is a cornerstone in proxy management of end stage of Dementia with bipolar disorders as they lose decision making ability. Enlightened consent also is important in development of book research methodologies and an alternative nurse should follow all these guidelines in getting the best consent from the patient. As alzheimer’s disease is incurable and intensifying, most alternative treatments give attention to enhancing the person’s quality of life by using ram books, which might include notes, images and other keepsakes which can help reconnect Alzheimer’s indiviuals with themselves.

Access to an informed health care and reimbursement for hospice health care is the requirement in these case study as the patient is terminally unwell owned by an cultural minority. Thus all natural nursing needs to ensure quality, increased focus on wellness and gain access to and affordability to all.A Analysis About Holistic Care and attention Nursing Essay