Ethics of Best Practice Essay.

Ethics of Best Practice Essay.


Ethics of Best Practice


The purpose of the research ethics committee (REC) is to ensure that research studies involving human subjects meet ethical standards are the appropriate research merits. The committees achieve this by ensuring the protection of the rights of the research participants by ensuring that potential participants are provided with all relevant information and there are suitable strategies to protect the participants from the possible adverse effects of the research. The committee also has the obligation of protecting the society and the researcher as well and thus the committee examines the financial and scientific aspects of a research study.Ethics of Best Practice Essay.


A REC is composed of members who possess qualifications and experience to facilitate an appropriate review of the scientific, ethical, financial, and medical components of a research study. Members of a REC should have diverse expertise to cover all components of the research design and assessment such as the ethicists, epidemiology, scientists, statistics, health service research, social sciences, as well as members of the lay public.Ethics of Best Practice Essay. The committee members should include sexes from both genders and individuals with diverse cultural and ethical values. The committee should also have consultants who help the committee to examine the proposed means to obtain informed consent from the participants and respect the rights of potential research participants. For example, the consultants should identify suitable community members to serve as intermediaries between the researchers and research participants; identify the benefits for the community from the research; and provide protective measures for information and personal data that participants consider to be sensitive and private.Ethics of Best Practice Essay.

The functions of the nursing review committee are numerous and they include sharing and promoting evidence-based findings and practice via knowledge translation, systematic evaluation, and standardization within clinical practice environments. The committee also develops research activities for nurses to improve patient management and care interventions, and to disseminate data about research projects, guidelines, as well as education materials pertinent to nurses and their patients (Garner, 2015). The members of the nursing review committee should mentor nurses regarding evidence-based practice and support systematic assessment and dissemination of research findings, as well as targeted and standardized interventions. The committee also develops action plans aimed to improve patient safety and quality of care and submits reports to the nursing executive council (Garner, 2015).Ethics of Best Practice Essay.

Guidelines for critiquing the study’s ethical aspects include that the research study should have obtained and received ethical approval to research the appropriate research ethics committee. The study participants should also be provided with adequate information about the study and informed consent should be sought from the study participants. The participants should willingly consent to participate in the research study (Yip et al., 2016).  Moreover, a research study needsto ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of participants and their personal information are protected. The risk of harm to the study participants should also be minimized and the participants should be at liberty to withdraw from the research whenever they want (Yip et al., 2016). The journal articles, books, and other media used and mentionedin the study should be accurately referenced and cited. Researchers should also ensure that deceptive strategies are avoided throughout the study (Yip et al., 2016). The guidelines are necessary because they ensure that research studies meet the appropriate ethical requirements and that the rights of the study participants are respected.Ethics of Best Practice Essay.

The levels of reviews by the Institutional Review Boards include the exempt review, expedited review, and full-board review. Research studies exempted from the IRB review are the studies that involve extremely minimal risk to the study participants(Desai et al., 2017). Some of these researches include studies performed in educational settings that normally involve educational practices with no adverse impact on the student’s education and also the research should only involve interactions with educational tests. The exempt review also involves secondary research that utilizes identifiable biospecimens or identifiable private information (Desai et al., 2017).Ethics of Best Practice Essay.

A research study is approved as “expedited” if the study involves no more than minimal risk. Minimal risk refers to the likelihood and extent of discomfort or harm expected in the research are higher than the normal harm/discomfort expected in the normal psychological or physical assessments(Desai et al., 2017). In case the proposed research study poses no more than minimal risk and it does not include vulnerable populations like children disadvantaged persons, mentally challenged individuals, or prisoners. A member of the IRB committee conducts the expedited review and thus such reviews do not need a committee meeting to be convened(Desai et al., 2017).Ethics of Best Practice Essay.

Full-board reviews are studies that do not qualify for exempt or expedited review because they pose more than minimal risks to the study participants. Additionally, full-board reviews include studies involving minors under 18 years of age; prisoners; people with impaired cognitive and decision-making abilities; procedures likely to cause physical harm or significant emotional distress; educationally or economically disadvantaged individuals; research studies involving the collection of information regarding illegal behavior or significantly sensitive topics or studies involving information likely to lead to significant harm to participants either socially, legally, financially,etc. if other individuals identify the participants(Desai et al., 2017). Accordingly, such research studies require a full review and a full IRB committee meeting is convened.Ethics of Best Practice Essay.

I am familiar with the IRB. In my organization, the key purpose of the IRB is to protect the welfare and rights of human research participants recruited to take part in research studies performed under the auspices of the organization. The IRB reviews all research studies that involve human research subjects before the research starts. The IRB protects the rights, privacy, as well as the welfare of human subjects. The body has the authority to approve, object, monitor, and recommend any modifications in all research activities under its authority as indicated by the organizational policy and federal regulations as well (Qiao, 2018). The IRB in my organization has 8 members from different backgrounds to ensure a comprehensive and adequate review of human studies, including the legal, organization, social, and scientific implications. Each member of the board provides different expertise to the IRB. The IRB also has one lay member and it has numerous consultants who advise the board in several matters, including periodical review of protocols. The board meets monthly to discuss various research proposals, among other activities.Ethics of Best Practice Essay.

Informed consent refers to the voluntary agreement for the research subjects to take part in the research. Through informed consent, the research subjects can understand the research study, including the benefits and risks. The process of informed consent, therefore, involves providing research participants with adequately comprehensive information about the study to ensure the research subjects are adequately informed to make a rational and voluntary decision to take part in the study (Gillies et al., 2018). Therefore, informed consent involves explaining to the potential research participants about the purpose of the research; procedures of the study; expected period of the study’ potential benefits and risks, adverse effects or discomfort; information regarding their rights to withdraw or decline to take part in the study; possible incentives such as rewards; as well as the person to contact for any concerns or questions.Ethics of Best Practice Essay. The researcher needs to give research participants time to ask any questions or concerns regarding the research study (Gillies et al., 2018). This information on informed consent should be provided to the participants before they agree to take part in the study to ensure informed consent. Documentation of the informed consent is supposed to be either in written form or oral consent, using a language is judiciously understandable (Biros, 2018). The written form is mostly used in obtaining informed consent, where participants sign to give consent, and the current date is indicated.Ethics of Best Practice Essay.

The Hastings Center is a research organization devoted to bioethics, and provides numerous supportive resources and also posts useful information regarding nursing ethics. The Hastings Center has been actively involved in addressing the ethical issues associated with the current pandemic, Covid-19. The pandemic has illustrated numerous ethical issues faced by healthcare provides when providing care to patients and their families. The impact of Covid-19 on healthcare providers can be long-lasting. Therefore, Hastings Center is addressing the ethical issues associated with providing care for patients during pandemics. Additionally, Hastings Center has proposed various solutions to address the voices and perspectives of nurses and integrate them into decision-making to reduce the structural injustices faced by nurses. The Hastings Center also seeks sources of support for nurses during the pandemic (Morley et al., 2020).


The main purpose research ethics committee is to ensure that research studies involving human subjects meet ethical standards are the appropriate research merits. The committee members have qualifications and experience to facilitate an appropriate review of the scientific, ethical, financial, and medical components of a research study. The levels of reviews by the Institutional Review Boards include the exempt review, expedited review, and full-board review. Informed consent is important to ensure that the research participants have full information before they participate in research.Ethics of Best Practice Essay.