Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.

Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.


An overview of each culture/country represented in the community, including languages, cultural norms, and religious beliefs. Cultural organizations that could be included in the event and how they would foster respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and engage families. How you will seek input from students, colleagues, families, and the larger community as you collaborate on the family cultural event. Learning activity for each culture/country that incorporates multiple perspectives relevant to students’ personal, family, community experiences, and cultural diversity to promote student outcomes.Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.


A Cultural Family Event


Cultural events provide various opportunities for children and facilities to learn about different cultures, ethnic and racial groups within communities. By designing cultural events and programs for children and their families, the self-identity of children is strengthened. Additionally, children become culturally competent and this helps them form a positive sense of identity and improve their interactions with others (Barnett & Goodway, 2018). This paper provides a cultural family event aimed to help children learn regarding some of the diverse cultures represented in their community.Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.

Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community

The selected community is Kentwood, Louisiana. Louisiana houses among the most colorful cultures in America, and this includes a huge Cajun and Creole population. The influence of French, Native American, African, and Spanish is significantly visible in Louisiana. People of Louisiana have their own language and unique music styles, as well as a uniquely mouthwatering cuisine. Even though Cajun region only overs about 30% of Louisiana, the traditions of Cajun are everywhere in Louisiana and this includes Kentwood (USA.Com, 2020).Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.

In Kentwood, there are different racial groups and they include Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islander, and American Indians. Kentwood is basically a religious community where majority of individuals in Kentwood are religious. The different religions in Kentwood are Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Judaism, Church of Jesus Christ, eastern faith, and Islam(USA.Com, 2020).Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.

Regarding language, the main dominant language in Kentwood is English where 76.18% of people in Kentwood speak English. Other types of languages in Kentwood include Spanish, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, African languages, Asian languages, French, languages of India, German, and Indo-European language(USA.Com, 2020).Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.

There are different types of cultural holidays in Kentwood and they include Christmas, Islamic holidays, Mexican events, and Halloween events. Additionally, people in Kentwood dress in different traditional outfits, while others dress in modern attire. Additionally, different cultures have different types of cuisines including Chinese, Indian, and German foods.Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.

Cultural Organizations

  • Kentwood Jaycees Clubhouse
  • Hua Mei Cultural Education
  • Transcendent Studios LLC

·         West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Center

Input from Students, Colleagues, Families, and the Community

For an event to be truly inclusive, the event should reflect all needs and values of children, their families, and the community members as well (Johnston & Wong, 2002). Therefore, views from the students, different families in the community, colleagues, and the entire community members will be collected using a questionnaire. The questionnaire will collect information about the preferred cultural activities by each person, the preferred date for the event, as well as the preferred venue of the event (Malatzky et al., 2020). All the information collected will be analyzed and the findings integrated during the development of the cultural event. This will ensure that the beliefs and values of children, families, colleagues, and community members are respected, flexibility for everyone, and to ensure that diversity is integrated into the event meaningfully and holistically(Malatzky et al., 2020). Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.

Learning Activities

During the cultural event day, the following activities will assist children to become aware of different cultures and respectfully interact with individuals from diverse and different cultures:Presenting and listening to songs and dances from different cultures and in different languages where each child will have a representative, represent their cultural song using their cultural language. This will help the child learn different cultures as well as different languages (Barnett& Goodway, 2018).Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.

Secondly, different types of cuisines and foods will be offered to attendees of the event to ensure that children learn about foods from different cultures. In addition, children will be told to come for the event dressed in their traditional outfits, and also during the event, there will be a child representing the dressing style of each culture. Children, their parents, and community members will participate in various sporting activities(Malatzky et al., 2020). This will give all the participants of the event to interact with each other, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. Finally, community leaders from each cultural group will be given an opportunity to talk about their cultures and educate the attendees about their cultures.Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.


Kentwood is a multicultural region that is composed of different cultures. Therefore, it is important to ensure that cultural values and beliefs from all cultural groups are integrated into the event’s activities. This will be ensured by gathering information from all event stakeholders including the children, their families, and community members to ensure their perspectives are included in the event’s activities. A diverse cultural event will help children understand and truly appreciate different cultures.Overview of Each Culture/Country in the Community.