Digital Literacy Skills Essay.

Digital Literacy Skills Essay.


Using PubMed®, you will create a search strategy for CBD to treat anxiety. You should use MeSH® terms and Boolean operators (i.e., AND, OR, NOT). After you complete each step below, record the number of references returned by your search. Include the frequency of \”ALL\” and \”Review\” for each step. Adjust your search strategy so that you can complete all steps. Run a basic text search using two MeSH® terms for your topic. Digital Literacy Skills Essay.


Refine your search by using the LIMIT feature to include only references that are within five years. Refine further to include references in which the search terms appear in the Abstract/Title. Refine further still to include references in which the search terms appear only in the Title. Display your results in Abstract format. Export your results to text and print; this is to use later while you write for this short activity. Save this file using your search terms in the file name.Digital Literacy Skills Essay.

Digital Literacy Skills

Search strategy

The search was carried out on PubMed with the intent to identify original journal articles with clinical data on the use and efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD) to treat anxiety. The search terms and MeSH® terms used were “cannabidiol” and “anxiety”; “cannabidiol” and “anxiety disorder”. The search was restricted to journal articles published in the English language. The first general search retrieved 212 journal articles. The second search was restricted to journal articles within 5 years and retrieved a total of 136 journal articles. The third search was restricted to abstracts and titles and produced 135 journal articles. The last search was restricted to tiles and full texts and retrieved 131 journal articles. The abstracts, titles, and full texts of all search results were analyzed for eligibility.Digital Literacy Skills Essay.

Number of Hits

Search terms Number of articles
1st search 212
Articles within 5 years 136
Abstract/title 135
Full-texts 131


The reference lists of the articles that were retrieved were examined and any article that fulfilled the inclusion criteria was searched for in the PubMed database and retrieved. Journal articles that contained only abstracts and/or titles were excluded, and also unpublished journal articles. In total, 49 journal articles were retrieved.Digital Literacy Skills Essay.

All the retrieved journal articles were read through and assessed if they were relevant to the study topic (CBD in the treatment of anxiety). The majority of the articles included clinical studies, systematic reviews, or epidemiological studies on different types of anxieties, the protective effects of CBD on anxiety, as well as the efficacy of CBD in treating anxiety.For example, some of the retrieved studies indicate that CBD is effective in decreasing anxiety behaviors associated with different anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (Khan et al., 2020). CBT does not have any anxiogenic effects, good safety profile, and minimal sedative effects (Blessing et al., 20150.Digital Literacy Skills Essay.