Why You Need a Health Insurance Policy Essay.

Why You Need a Health Insurance Policy Essay.


There are so many things to do and so little time” muttered Malhotra Uncle to himself, while talking to the decorators and instructing the servants, he was also thinking of a way to manage so many guests. To introduce, Mr. Malhotra is the father of the soon-to-be-bride Megha. With only 3 weeks to the wedding, things were very busy at Malhotra house.Why You Need a Health Insurance Policy Essay.


Two hours later, the house was dead silent. Neighbors said, after asking Megha’s mother for tea, Malhotra uncle just collapsed on the floor.


An Angioplasty and two weeks later, Megha was still getting married but the preparations had lost their charm. Malhotra Uncle had to take a loan as his entire budget of 5 lakhs saved all these years, was spent for the two stents for the blockages in his heart. Mr. Malhotra was heartbroken. Had he taken a health insurance cover, he would have felt the joy of spending his own hard earned money on the wedding.

Malhotra Uncle had his car covered, his life covered but he did not have his health covered….

Many of us like Malhotra Uncle realize the importance of health insurance but too late.Why You Need a Health Insurance Policy Essay.

With the kind of advancement in technology, we could safely say that we would be treated for most diseases but it is also true that we could hardly recover from the financial implications that a single treatment can bring…

Health insurance saves you from the medical expenses that hospitalization brings. Health insurance can definitely relax you in the financial front if not the emotional. Thus, Health insurance is often ‘the blessing’ when diseases occur.

More reasons to buy Health Insurance

High medical cost

In India Hospitals are charging exorbitant rates today, making them inaccessible to all. The Government hospitals are also not always available or convenient. There are very few options between Government hospitals and very expensive ones as the quality deteriorates everywhere else.

Given a choice, Healthcare for your family is one thing, where you don’t want to compromise on quality, irrespective of the cost involved.


Bikes skidding, road rage, drunken driving… there are innumerable dangers that surround the basic journey from your home to your office. There is very little that is in your control when you are outside.Why You Need a Health Insurance Policy Essay.

Here, Health Insurance gives you immediate solution to the cash problem faced during accidents by the Cashless service, where the basic hospitalization can be availed by showing the Health Card.

Diseases we are prone to

We all know, at least one relative who suffers from Diabetes, Hypertension or suffering from heart condition. Genetically too we are prone to these. With stressful lives and bad fitness levels, we are on our way to serious health problems.

Getting a health insurance when young ensures that these are covered at a later stage. Heath insurance is really a life saver when the treatments for such expensive diseases are covered. A bypass costs between 3-5 lakh, compare it with the small amount we pay annually to the company and you will realize that health insurance really is a boon.Why You Need a Health Insurance Policy Essay.