Why I Want to be a Dentist Essay

Why I Want to be a Dentist Essay

You must write “why I want to be a dentist essay” while applying for dentistry college. To achieve a winning essay, you should write your inspiration to pursue the career and the experience you have. Students face many challenges in writing this essay due to a lack of knowledge and creativity.

 As an applicant, you should convince the admission committee that you are the perfect choice for the program and should be considered. You should explain your qualities, experience, and inspiration to pursue the career. This blog will help you know how to write a dentist essay and why I want to be a dentist essay examples.

What is a dentist essay?

Before writing an essay, you should first understand what it entails. You can consider going through dental essay samples to know how to write and what it entails. A dentist essay is an academic writing about a particular topic. When applying to a dentistry college, you must write a dentist essay.

A dentist essay ranges between 799-1500 words. When writing the essay, you must convince the admission committee that you are the best choice to take the program. You should present all your experience and qualities related to the dental program that makes you stand out from other applicants.

An outstanding dental essay should contain academic achievements and what motivated you to pursue dentistry. You should ensure that your essay meets all the school standards to be considered for the program.

Why I want to be a dentist essay assignment

Once in a dental college, you will be given various assignments, including the “why I want to be a dentist” essay. Before writing this assignment, you need to answer these questions; why did you choose to pursue dentistry, why do you want to be a dentist, and why do you need to be a dentist? These questions will help you while writing your essay.

You can also explain your inspiration for choosing dentistry, your experience as a dentist, and your qualifications for pursuing dentistry.

Why did I choose to be a dentist?

To be a dentist requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Generating a healthy and beautiful smile gives me satisfaction and motivates me to face any challenge that might come along while pursuing my career. I have experience running a dental practice and am aware of the possible challenges that might come along and how to solve them smoothly.

I have self-discipline and organizational skills, and I have acquired knowledge in managing large workloads, which makes me a perfect choice for this program. While working at the clinic, I saw patients in severe pain and swollen gum due to toothache. What amazed me was how the dentist was able to relieve their pain which inspired me to work hard and become a professional dentist.

I also saw patients so embarrassed due to misaligned teeth, and the dentists corrected them. It amazed me how the teeth transformed, giving the patients a new look. The patient was so happy and gained confidence while smiling, motivating me to become a dentist and smile at my patients by improving their teeth.

My experience in dental practice

After completing high school, I started volunteering at the clinic where my uncle worked during my free time. I have been volunteering since then and have learned much about what it takes to be a successful dentist. I have learned how to interact with patients and organize appointments. I have also learned dentistry roles and responsibilities and how to use dentist equipment.

I look forward to studying dentistry, working in a busy clinic as a specialist, and performing all dental procedures. I would want to perfect my skills and later have my clinic to motivate the young generation who wish to join the dentistry field. Your institution is the best place for me to train, learn, and later pursue a master’s degree.

What are the qualities of a dentist?

To become a dentist, you must possess good skills and qualities that match the profession. A reliable dentist should have the following qualities;

  1. Knowledgeable

Dentistry is a broad field that evolves every time due to advanced technology, which leads to the development of quality dental procedures and care. To become a dentist, you must be ready to learn and implement new techniques associated with dental care.

  1. Honest and caring

A dentist should be caring because dental issues cause much pain, and you need to know how to handle your patients. Being sensitive while providing information is important because it builds trust. It would be best to educate your patient on how to care for their dental health.

  1. Detail oriented

A dentist should be focused and attentive to important dental health details to develop a perfect solution.

  1. Respectful

As a dentist, you should respect all your patients and listen to their dental health complaints. It would be best if you were patient with your client and did not rush to provide care.

  1. Good communicator

A professional dentist should communicate with your patient by asking questions about dental healthcare. You should also explain every procedure you undertake to your client to understand what you are doing.

Why I want to be a dentist essay topic

Writing a dentistry essay is difficult, especially if you don’t know what to write. When writing an essay, you should consider going through samples to help you develop great ideas for what you will write. Selecting a topic should be the first step before writing an essay. Students face challenges while developing ideas to write an essay.

We have gathered some ideas that will help you develop good dentistry essay topics while writing a “why I want to become a dentist essay” below;

  1. What are the causes of dental cavities?
  2. Explain the effects of caffeine on the oral cavity
  3. Analyze the oral hygiene
  4. What are the dentistry role and responsibilities?
  5. What motivates people to join dental health program
  6. What are the benefits of regular dental care?
  7. Are dental health programs important? Why?
  8. Why are kids afraid of having regular dental check-ups?
  9. What causes dental cavities?
  10. What are the common health trends in the world?
  11. How can we prevent dental infections?
  12. Why I want to be a dentist
  13. What causes tooth decay?
  14. Remedies to maintain dental hygiene
  15. Benefits of taking part in a dental health program
  16. What are the benefits of using fluoride toothpaste?
  17. Remedies to control toothache at home
  18. Endodontically treatment: what are the effects
  19. Importance of managing time as a dentist
  20. Impacts of genetics on dental health
  21. Is dental health affected by aging?
  22. How does dental health affect the population?
  23. What is the procedure of dental hygiene?
  24. Oral cancer: causes and prevention
  25. What causes gum disease?
  26. What is the prevention measure for tooth sensitivity?
  27. Does genetics affect oral health?
  28. Which diseases are caused by oral implants?

A sample of I want to be a dentist essay

I choose to become a dentist because of my passion and attitude toward the profession. My love grew when I had an infected tooth, and the dentist informed me that I had to be replaced. I was worried about the procedure; luckily, my dentist noticed and calmed me down. The interaction I had with my dentist was excellent and got me wishing to become like him one day.

I believe I will become a good dentist due to my passion for the profession. I’m passionate about helping and encouraging people in pain, whether from the teeth or elsewhere. I have worked under dentist supervision during my internship, learned much about dentistry, and appreciated every new skill I learned.

I gathered some first-hand experience in dentistry processes while working as a volunteer. I got presumed to operate saliva ejectors and syringes, prepare dental probes, and sterilize equipment. During the program, I learned that eliminating infected content from teeth requires imagination and precision.

I understand dentistry is a commitment, but I am ready. The professionals I have worked with have confirmed their confidence in my enthusiasm and ability to become a dentist. I understand that nothing comes easy, but my love and passion for dentistry will help me successfully pursue a career in dentistry. I believe that my application will be guaranteed.

Bottom line

Writing a “why I want to be a dentist essay” is not easy as it requires you to convince the panel why you are suitable for the program. You should explain what inspired you to become a dentist and your experiences in the dentistry field. To achieve a compelling essay, you must convince the admission committee why you are the best candidate for the program and why they should choose you.

If you don’t know how to write a good essay, go through the samples we have provided in this blog and write a compelling essay on why I choose dentistry that will stand out from other applicants.