Week 3: Small Group Discussion

Week 3: Small Group Discussion

  1. When taking care of patients, why do you think it is important to utilize the appropriate resources?
  2. How do you think evidence from nursing journals affects patient care?
  3. What role does using the right evidence play in being a professional nurse?
  4. What role does understanding plagiarism and academic integrity play in being a professional nurse?

Refer to the Small Group Discussion guidelines (Links to an external site.) for more information.

Uses relevant experience as examples


iv. Applies new knowledge to demonstrate understanding of content

b. Clarity of writing (5 points/25%)

i. Addresses all questions posed by the discussion topic.

ii. Response is well organized.

iii. Information is easy to read and understand.

c. Ability to convey an informed opinion (5 points/25%)

i. Provides current, scholarly evidence to support statements.

ii. Identifies personal biases, setting them aside based on facts. For writing assistance (APA, formatting, or grammar) visit the APA Citation and Writing page in the online library

Week 3: Small Group Discussion