Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is useful resource that I can use to improve the health of patients by reporting adverse events, including possible health problems or side effects that occur following vaccination.  Since I can easily access the information connected to side effects that their patients experience, I can submit a report to the VAERS scientists at FDA and CDC to have a better understanding of how safe vaccines are.  AS indicated by   McNeil et al (2013) post-marketing surveillance depends on health professionals reporting suspicious adverse events, hence resulting in improvements in the quality of reported data and contributing to protection of public health. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System


How nurses utilizing telehealth might benefit from the resources

Telehealth comprises all elements of remote health care entailing clinical services offered to utilize telemedicine, along with interactions with computerized information resources, systems or services. Nurse using telehealth deliver services through several tools like mobile phones, remote monitoring devices and computers (Bashir & Bastola, 2018). Nurses utilizing telehealth can benefit from the resources at the CDC Wonder site by easily accessing data through their computers or mobile phones. Nurses can use the data in desktop applications like spreadsheet programs and word processors and use the database t0 cross-reference data on communicable diseases, chronic conditions, injury prevention, and any other population-related health data.

What I find innovative about the link

The link is innovative in that it uses an automatic system to analyze data on public health.  In addition, reports, as well as other query systems, are available. This data is accessible in numerous file formats such as web pages, spreadsheet files, and map and chart images. The CDC WONDER site offers statistical research data and reports, reference materials along with topics related to health. Public-utilization data sets about HIV and AIDS, cancer incidences, mortality, vaccinations, natality, census data, and tuberculosis are accessible for inquiry, and the data that one request are already analyzed and summarized, with maps, charts and statistics that are dynamically calculated.


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McNeil, M., Li, R., & Pemberton, M et al.  (2013). Who is unlikely to report adverse events after vaccinations to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)? Vaccine 31(24): 2673-2379.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System