Use Of V Codes In Health Sectors Course Work Essay

Use Of V Codes In Health Sectors Course Work Essay

Use of v codes in health sectors

Provision of health services by medical practitioners is one of the crucial elements in any given society. Nevertheless, the process itself should be done in a standardized, ethical and professional manner in order to boost the service itself as well as creating confidence to the clients. On the other hand, the diversity of health issues related to human status and wellbeing have led to complexity and technicality in the services offered by these medical practitioners. In order to reduce such technicalities and complexities associated with human health; these practitioners have developed V codes which have been integrated in their service provision (Schriver, 2003).Use Of V Codes In Health Sectors Course Work Essay

V codes are used to categorize conditions of encounter which are linked to situations which are different from general illnesses. For instance, V codes are used to give out reports on some of the predisposing factors or elements which are much likely to influence the future or present well being of a given person. Doctors and other practitioners have adopted the use of these V codes as a way of reporting medical situations to other medical practitioners or departments, creating a sense of medical urgency and necessity linked to a certain form of illness as well as eliminating the issue of inaccuracy while reporting these medical complications. Apart from these reason of adopting V codes in health sectors, V codes are also essential in creating a sense of confidentiality. Unless one has a medical background with a substantial knowledge on the use of V codes, one cannot interpret them thus creating sense of professionalism (Delaune & Ladner, 2002).Use Of V Codes In Health Sectors Course Work Essay


Various V codes are utilized by these medical practitioners to signify or relate to a given medical situation. For instance, a person who has been identified to have some allergic reaction to penicillin and antibiotic agents may be subjected to V14.0 and V14 codes respectively. On the other hand, V76.11 is associated with malignant neoplasm a kind of cancer which usually affects breast and cervical regions.


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