Mental Health and Skin Infections Essay Paper

Mental Health and Skin Infections Essay Paper

The mental health problems affect the thinking and the normal functioning of the affected person. This leads to the diminishing of the individual’s productivity and roles in the community since the mental disorders last for a long period of time and they lead to disabling. Because of this, the people who care for the patients with mental problems are faced by the challenges of socio-economic and emotional problems. Sometimes, the care is challenged by stigma whereby the patients are rejected by others in the community. This stigma/rejection of patients with the mental disorders affects the members of families and the caretakers and it finally leads to humiliation.Mental Health and Skin Infections Essay Paper


One example of the mental disorders is schizophrenia which attacks people during adolescence. Its symptoms include hallucinations, bizarre behavior, delusions etc. Some conditions such as hallucinations are difficult to deal with. There are new drugs such as the atypical antipsychotics that are strong enough to disable the above symptoms than ever before. Also, the combination of electroshock and Clozapine has been recently recommended for the patients who are treatment resistant.Mental Health and Skin Infections Essay Paper

The physiological treatment of schizophrenia includes the antipsychotic medications which are the famous tranquilizers which belong to various chemical groups with some similarities in their therapeutic effects. The calming effect that results from the medication leads to the reduction of agitation and violent behavior in people with the psychoses. The drugs suppress delusions and hallucinations and eliminate the improper thinking and leads to the improvement of the lucidity of patients. The cons of the medication method are that most patients discontinue using their medications more especially in the situations where the side effects are severe.Mental Health and Skin Infections Essay Paper

It important for one to understand the differences in creams, ointments, lotions, and other OTC preparations in order to determine their effectiveness, their use, dosage and their associated side effects. This will lead to the appropriate use of the above substances. An example of skin infections is impetigo which is caused by bacteria called S. aureus and it normally occurs on the face. Impetigo is treated by applying bacitracin or bactroban on the affected points daily for seven consecutive days. In order to help the patients, the skin sensitivity do different medications should be well known.Mental Health and Skin Infections Essay Paper