Strategies for Academic Portfolios Paper

Strategies for Academic Portfolios Paper

An academic portfolio is a selective, organized and thoughtful collection of documents that illustrate professional accomplishments and qualifications to include services, teaching and research (Smith, 2011). Strategies for Academic Portfolios Paper There are two strategies for ensuring that academic activities and accomplishments are included in the professional portfolio. The first strategy is to maintain a digital folder of academic records to include sub folders of the specific activities and accomplishments as well as their supporting documents and reflections. Three sub folders are recommended to include services (contributions to the discipline), research, and teaching. This strategy ensures that the portfolio is individualized so that it contains information that solely pertains to the individual. In addition, it allows the individual to emphasize key areas over others to serve the specific purpose of creating the portfolio (such as tenure, promotion, self-assessment, personal development planning, or job search). This strategy also requires the individual to keep selective electronic copies of all documentations, filed systematically for relevance and easy referencing (Hannans & Olivo, 2017).


The second strategy is to document all professional activities to include samples of work that act as evidence. Services would include leadership experiences such as evidence of active leadership and participation to include reports, awards, commendation letters, presentations and evaluations. Research would include collaborations, contributions, awards and grants, and publications. Teaching would include tutoring, supervision, mentoring, peer feedback, student feedback, and teaching activities (Norris et al., 2012). The two strategies ensure that academic activities and accomplishments are included in a systematic manner within the professional portfolio so that the information is well ordered and relevant to the needs of the portfolio.


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