Role of Public Health Sample Essay

Role of Public Health Sample Essay

The basic responsibility of the health and social care organization is to protect the health of individual from the different type of diseases (Glanz and ishop, 2010). In this respect, it can be said that varied communities involved in the such type of practices plays very effective role. This is because, it is with the help of different communities only the promotion of the major diseases occurring within nation is being carried out. The report will provide the description regarding the various approaches that health and social care organization can use with an aim to control the incidence of diseases.  The report will also showcase the factors that may affect the health and well-being of the individual.Role of Public Health Sample Essay


1.1 Explaining the role played by different agencies in terms of assessing the level of diseases in community

The agencies that function within nation plays very elective role in terms of analyzing the level of diseases and health in the community. The agencies are as follows such as WHO (World health organization), department of health and local authorities in UK etc. It is the international organization. The agency such as WHO plays very crucial role. The given agency establishes varied kinds of rules that is being followed by all nation. The agency searches the diseases that has impacted the health of many individuals (Role of WHO, 2015). After assessing the same, organization will take measure in terms of developing the vaccinations with regard to the specific diseases. In addition to this, WHO also make sure that the citizens of nation will receive the good quality of health and social care services. The significant role is being played by WHO in terms of taking the measure towards the diseases named as Smallpox.

Besides this, department of health is the another agency which is the national health care organization of UK. The given organization also plays very effective role in terms of assessing the level of health and diseases in the community. It has the main objective with regard to frame policies as well as guidelines for the health and social care organizations prevailing in UK. The policies framed by department of health assist corporations in terms of delivering their best services to the patients. By taking assistance from varied agencies, the enterprise organizes varied type of health promotion programs. Furthermore, local authorities identify as well as respond in accordance with the health care related need of local population (Goldstein, Kriesky and Pavliakova, 2012). Bromley health care is being considered as the one of such type of local health care organization. It have the major role with regard to assess the diseases that has impacted the health of many local individual. After assessing the same, efforts will be taken by it in terms of taking the measure with regard to reduce the spreading of specific diseases (Hudson, 2011). In this context, it organizes varied training and development programs for the local doctors as well as GP (General practitioner).Role of Public Health Sample Essay

1.2 Describing the epidemiology of HIV and diabetes (Type 2) in UK

The epidemiology of two different type of issues is being assessed that has impacted the health of many individual in UK. It is of HIV and diabetes (Type 2). HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is being counted under the category of infectious diseases. The given virus causes direct impact on the immune system of human. In this regard, it can be said that white blood cells are being regarded as the important part of immune system. The given virus causes direct impact on the white blood cells. Having the unprotected sex with someone and using the same needle for two individual are being considered as some reasons due to which the disease gets transferred from one person to another. The given virus affect the nervous system of  an individual (Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2009). The survey conducted in 2012 states that around 98400 citizens of United Kingdom is being suffered from the virus such as HIV. However, 2013 statistics on HIV in UK indicate that there are around 107800 people in the country are suffered from the given diseases. In which around 24% of the people are totally unaware about the diseases (Number of people living with HIV, 2015).

In addition to this, diabetes (Type 2) is the form of non infectious diseases. Type 2 diabetes metabolic disorder in which high level of blood sugar is being occurred. In an individual, the level of blood sugar is being regulated through insulin. However, in the type 2 diabetes the insulin does not work in an effective manner. As the result of it, sugar gets strayed in the blood due to which high blood sugar type of condition is being occurred. Lifestyle of the people as well as genetic condition of an individual are being regarded as two main factors due to which the given diseases is occurred (Jernerén and, 2015). The individual who is obese and perform less amount of exercise on regular basis are being impacted through such type of diseases. There are several effects of type 2 diabetes identified such as kidney damage, eye blindness and heart diseases etc.   From the 2012 statistics, it has been identified that there are around 2.7 million people in UK are diagnosed with the Type 2 diabetes. Moreover, 750000 people in UK believes that they have symptoms of Type 2 diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes, 2015).Role of Public Health Sample Essay

1.3 Evaluating the effectiveness of different approaches used to control incidences of these diseases

Varied approaches assessed that health care firm can use with an aim to carry out the control over the assessed infectious and non-infectious diseases. The strategies consist of following such as education, surveillance and health campaigns etc. The control over the infectious diseases like HIV can be established by spreading the education about the given infection among the large number of UK population. It is an effective approach because by using the given technique, information can be spread among UK citizens about the causes of HIV. In addition to this, with the help of strategy like surveillance control over the Type 2 diabetes can be carried out (Angles and, 2013). The given approach is used by various health care authorities where they tend to direct their efforts in terms of systematically analyzing and collecting the health related data.  With the help of given approach, earlier symptoms of Type 2 diabetes among UK citizens can be identified. In addition to this, by organizing health campaigns in both the given diseases education regarding the ways of protecting the individual from the given diseases can be spread. Thus, the assessed strategies for controlling the diseases is effective.Role of Public Health Sample Essay

2.1 Using relevant research to determine current priorities and approaches to the provision of services for people

It is essential for business to attain the well being of individual living in the local area in UK and thus there are various types of current priorities and approaches identified in regard to the provision of services for the individual with the diseases and illness. However, it is essential for government to analyse the disease and risk factors so that effective services can be provided. It is essential to measure the gap between current health status and an ideal health situation where the population lives to an advanced age, free of disability and illness. However, through recent research it demonstrates that service providers should provide utmost quality health services to the people living in the area and thus attain desired results (Cromley and McLafferty, 2012).


It is essential for health centers to provide education related HIV and Diabetes diseases to the local people with respect to the spreading of infectious diseases like HIV. Therefore, it should be the first priority of UK government to carry out varied practices and control the spreading of disease among individuals. Government can provide education to local people regarding the diseases through organizing campaigns and overcoming the diseases. However, it is also significant for UK government to take effective measure so that they can prevent the diseases like HIV and Diabetes.Role of Public Health Sample Essay

Furthermore, it can be stated that prioritizing the work in regard to control the diseases and thus effective action should be carried out (Fisher, 2005). Therefore, there are two basic types of approaches in regard to provision of services for people with the specific diseases or illness. Government should provide palliative care and remedial care to patients suffering from such diseases like HIV and Diabetes. Thus, through carrying this approach service providers should deliver emotional support to the individual who have very little chance of being cured. Moreover, such remedial care helps individuals to overcome the disease and thus provide specific care to individual and attain desired results. In addition to this, another priority of the health care firm should be maintaining the daily reports of its patients. By maintaining the such type of report, regular eye on the particular diseases that has impacted the health of individual can be maintained. As the result of it an effective services can be delivered by the health care firm. Burden of diseases as the concept in which impact of the health problem is being measured through morality and financial cost etc.Role of Public Health Sample Essay

2.2 The relationship between the prevalence of Breast cancer or HIV in relation to the requirements of health services

Prevalence in the presence of number of cases of the particular diseases among present population. The relationship between the prevalence of diseases and requirements of the services in order to support individual within health and social car provision. Therefore, in accordance to the prevalence of diseases, it is essential for health care business to provide effective services to patients suffering from HIV and Breast cancer. The requirements of health services is essential so that such diseases can be mould by HSC. For instance, in order to deal with the prevalent diseases like HIV and Breast Cancer, health care businesses can use varied preventive services such as educating people about the diseases (Youngand, 2014).Role of Public Health Sample Essay