International Healthcare Policy Assignment

International Healthcare Policy Assignment

Heath care policy can be determined as the plans, decisions and actions that are undertaken to accomplish specific health care aims within a society. There are different categories of health care policies, including personal, pharmaceutical policy and policies related to public health (Bakar and Mustaffa, 2013). This report discusses about the various approaches to health care policy formulation. The main focus of this research is to evaluate the international health care applications are developed and attributes are discussed on various conditions. The report also gives priority on international health care applications that can be implemented in the global scenario.International Healthcare Policy Assignment


Task 1 Health Care Policy Formation
Lo 1.1 Approaches to health care policy creation

It is very important to develop and formulate health care policies in the country. But in Australia, government does not have too much involved in such policies. Rather than providing definite health services to users, it is much of a funding agency for the industry (Brooks, 2010). In order to working in the industry and managing operations, government provides finance to the public organization. It controls health care systems and offers private health insurance to the local community. Thus it point out that government is the source of finance, it has important state in the formulation and execution of health care policies in the country.

This can also supported by National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA) 2011 as it demonstrates the role of government attributes and other legislative factors also play an important role. . In UK, National Drug Preference Alliance (NDPA) is the other organization whose function in formulation of health care policies is being examined (DiClemente, Crosby and Kegler, 2009). The main motive of this corporation is to help in people towards self medication approach. It plays a vital role in the expansion and execution of various health care policies in relation to consumption of medicines in the country.

LO 1.2 Assess the influence of funding on policy formulation.

The government of UK pays a lot of attention to health care services and systems. Government and other regulatory bodies support every industry in terms of finance (Fawcett and, 2000). National health care industry has become most famous all over the world because of many strict rule and regulations adopted in the country. These policies have been updated by 2013 so that they made an attempt to give new direction and new dimensions to the industry. To accomplish this target they pay more attention to Research & Development, so that they achieved new achievements in this sector through which users get better care and services (Frederiksen, Mäenpää and Hokka, 2008). They are being developed in a form that helps in to minimize overweight and people suffering from obesity problem in nation. Formulation of health care policy of the country requires finances and monetary support. If there is any deficit in the funds while formulation, then it can lead to make a critical situation. The government formed NHS, which looks after the industry and created different rules and regulations (Healy, Sharman and Lokuge, 2006).International Healthcare Policy Assignment

Lo 1.3 Critically evaluate health care policy

To control self medication in the country NDPA (National drug prevention alliance) plays an important role, which is formed by government to support those people who are addicted to drugs and help them to leave this habit. It develops strict rules and regulations, and the government has declared consumption of non-prescribed drugs is prohibited. If anyone found to be using them has to pay a fine along with imprisonment for a fixed period (Jones and Genao, 2003). According to the survey by NDPA, there are lots of accidents take place in the recent times and results acquired in states that around 50% of road accidents occur due to over consumption of drugs.

The outcomes derived also reflect in that there is a need to bring in changes and design so that more strict norms can be implemented. NDPA support the government as well as the local community to overcome with this issue and make the world healthy (Liu, 2012). The organization works under the assumption that almost all of the inhabitants take drugs. This way it can function even more efficiently & effectively. Most of the people consume un-prescribed drugs and believe that it is a status symbol. In order to improve their position in the society they think that they need to take drugs, and this can make good image in front of other people.

Task 2 Understand the social and cultural context of health care
Lo 2.1 Impact of culture on health care

Culture states in about the behavior and ideas shared among society or individual (Nothhaft, 2010). In this fast moving and globalised world culture plays an important role and it is changing from area to area. In every nation there are so many people who are from different cultural background, traditions and cultures. In UK there are people from all around the world have made their resident. With increasing population and various cultures in the country it become hard for healthcare organizations and bodies to develop such policies that can treat all the people according to their culture. If the country gets success in developing such policies so it has a positive impact on health care policies (Sambrook and Stewart, 2013).International Healthcare Policy Assignment

Majority of population of UK are from outside or from other country, in which most of them are working in hospitals and various other health care organizations. Due to this reason, it is very difficult for such businesses to train them about different aspects of healthcare and policies in the country.

Lo 2.2 Impact of society on health care

Apart from culture, society is another factor which has a very major impact on healthcare practices in the country (Varey, 2000). Healthcare policies and societal norms are inter-related or linked with each other. It is very much crucial for different service providers so that adequate action can be taken by users, as their health condition is a main factor that decides the development of any society. If the people are healthy and fit, they will work hard and thus help the culture to grow. UK is a developed country but then also large amount of drug is consumed by people which can lead to make it one of the unhealthy nations. To overcome with such issues the health care organizations have to work hard so that they stop this habit (Borland, 2010). In order to influence and restrict individual to consume illegal drugs they have to develop even more strict rules and regulations.International Healthcare Policy Assignment


Lo 2.3 Attitudes towards healthcare

In order to influence the attitude of people government and NHS has to work together with proper measures. The users can only be influenced when service providers improve their way of taking care especially for children and senior citizens. On the other hand they also have to understand the behavior of drug addicts and encourage them to overcome with this habit (Bartholomew, 2006). There are different racial communities in the country, each and every has a diverse opinion towards healthcare organizations and practices. In order to take care and improve their physical condition they follow different set of rules and regulations. So it is very important that the staff members of such firm have the specialization and identify the proper way to perform their duty in an efficiently and effectively manner (Cozens, Firth and Booth, 2003).[email protected]

Lo 2.4 Impact of culture and society on healthcare

Health is a cultural concept because society outlines how individual distinguish the world and own experiences. Healthcare in UK is extremely affected by the culture and society. Both have a significant impact on the working of an organization. In a research it was noted that working of firms such as NDPA (National drug prevention alliance) mainly depends on the culture of society and attitudes of people (Fallon and Hausenblas, 2004). It mostly operates on the basis of what the current standards which are being followed by so many societies in the country. While go through different cultures and traditions, the organization has to work hard to improve its working pattern which can help them to perform well.

On the other hand, it also assists the body in understanding why people are addicted to drugs (Fertman and Allensworth, 2010). So it can attain the ability to get rid of consumption of drugs right from the root. The culture also helps to determine how health care providers and users view health and illness. It also affects the heath in other ways such as: acceptance of preventive or health promotion measures and use of communication either directly or indirectly.International Healthcare Policy Assignment

Task 3 Understand Healthcare Provisioning
Lo 3.1 How healthcare policy is translated into practice

The government of Australian has to face many problems when they translating healthcare policies into real practice (Glasby, 2012). But when they work hard so they get positive response and can effectively take care of the people and help them to live a healthy life. It is also a very critical course, as if these legislations are not taken into consideration or implemented in the real world, then such organizations will not be able to tend to health related requirements of the people. All service providers are required to offer health service in fulfillment with all providing legislation and policy. Businesses need to examine all the features of policy implementation and ensure that they do not have any negative impact on this process (Jabnoun, 2009). There are so many different sources in which the organizations can transform policies into real practices such as training and development of the staff members, clinical pathways, guidelines and protocols, and etc.International Healthcare Policy Assignment