Psychiatric Emergencies Essay

Psychiatric Emergencies Essay

This week you will learn about psychiatric emergencies.

The assignment Legal and Ethical Issues Related to Psychiatric Emergencies
To prepare, review this week’s Learning Resources and consider the insights they provide about psychiatric emergencies and the ethical and legal issues surrounding these events. Psychiatric Emergencies Essay

In 2–3 pages, address the following:


Explain Georgia state laws for involuntary psychiatric holds for child and adult psychiatric emergencies. Include who can hold a patient and for how long, who can release the emergency hold, and who can pick up the patient after a hold is released.
Explain the differences among emergency hospitalization for evaluation/psychiatric hold, inpatient commitment, and outpatient commitment in your state of Georgia
Explain the difference between capacity and competency in mental health contexts. Psychiatric Emergencies Essay
Select one of the following topics and explain one legal issue and one ethical issue related to this topic that may apply within the context of treating psychiatric emergencies: patient autonomy, EMTALA, confidentiality, HIPAA privacy rule, HIPAA security rule, protected information, legal gun ownership, career obstacles (security clearances/background checks), and payer source. Psychiatric Emergencies Essay
Identify one evidence-based suicide risk assessment that you could use to screen patients.
Identify one evidence-based violence risk assessment that you could use to screen patients.
In the body of your paper or as appendices (separate from the reference list), attach copies of or links to the suicide and violence risk assessments you selected. You will lose points if you do not attach copies or links. It is not enough to only include the references for the links in the list of references. Psychiatric Emergencies Essay

You will lose points if your paper has more than 3 pages (excluding the title page of the assignment, lis reference list, and appendices if any). Psychiatric Emergencies Essay

You will lose points if your paper does not follow APA style. APA style includes use of headings and page numbers. Insert page numbers in the top right corner. Make sure your assignment is double-spaced. You need to include headings to identify the content of each of the distinct topics you are asked to address. Review the syllabus for explanation of primary and secondary sources. Psychiatric Emergencies Essay