Professional Nursing Roles Assignment

Professional Nursing Roles Assignment

The changes in healthcare system on a regular basis are inevitable as improvement is a part of everyday life. The main objective of all healthcare professions was to build safer healthcare system, and nursing area is the one that has the main impact on further positive transformations. This may help to make healthcare system safer, more cost-effective, and of higher quality. Thereafter, the objective of the following paper is to discuss major professional nursing roles and their influence on the improvement of healthcare system.Professional Nursing Roles Assignment

The baccalaureate generalist roles include provider of care, designer (manager, coordinator) of care, and member of a profession. Nursing generalist practice is about direct and indirect patient’s care that includes families, individuals, populations, and communities. This is important for nurses to have an education in academic settings as it provides a strong platform that covers physiological, cultural, social, physical, ethical, behavioral, and spiritual problems that might be present in any aspect of healthcare. The transformation of theoretical knowledge into practical occurs with the help of the facilitation of the faculty.  Baccalaureate-prepared nurses identify, address, and respect the values, differences, and preferences of the patients’ needs in patient-centered care. They are there to provide continuous care, communicate, listen and educate patients in terms of wellness, health, and disease prevention and management.Provider of care is about evaluating the changes and progress of a client over the time. They are responsible for developing beginning efficiency and proficiency in order to deliver safer healthcare system. Baccalaureate generalist nurse is occupying a role, according to which she needs to provide direct and indirect care as well as advocate and educate patients. This is about certain partnership that helps to foster the active participation of the patients in making healthcare decisions. The advocacy is about delivering to patients high-quality care that involves strong leadership initiatives to drive the changes and improvements. In reality, healthcare practice is always changing, and this is the task of the nurses to be a supporter in the changing environment. Ethical dilemmas are also very common among generalist nurses, and they know how to deal with them. Moreover, generalist nurses provide care all over the environments. They need to recognize the health status of the patients in the context of values in order to provide planning, evaluation, and implementation frameworks.Professional Nursing Roles Assignment


Baccalaureate generalist nurse is also a designer, coordinator, and manager of a care. The individuals who are prepared to do this job face a possibility of delegating certain roles to subordinates and further supervision of the progress. Nurses can function independently and autonomously within their teams, but they are responsible not only for their professional activities but also for their subordinates’. Being a valuable member of a team is very important as they contribute to the evolving healthcare improvements. They contribute a lot as they bring significant amount of fair judgment, knowledge, caring, and skills to the healthcare system in general. They are responsible for managing care transitions, being an active team member of the professional team, identifying systematic issues, developing working skills in prioritization, delegation and analyzing the healthcare industry.

Baccalaureate generalist nurses are advocating the patient and the profession due to their roles. The key message in this area relates to the term “professional” as this is about accountability and responsibility about “one’s professional image” (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008, p.10). Nurses are on the same level as other healthcare professionals in terms of execution of their job as they have good theoretical and practical base. Professional nursing is about strong analytical and critical thinking, reasoning, communication, clinical judgment, and assessment skills. Implementation of ethical frameworks on a working place as well as demonstration and usage of proper set of values are very important parts of the job. Nurses advocate all patients for high-quality care. They have certain specific knowledge connected to the definition of the policy processes that are about healthcare system care and delivery. Moreover, this requires long-lasting commitment to learning that includes career planning. Professional nurses should turn to engagement into ethical reasoning and actions that would further result in taking leadership positions about advocating the patients and profession.Professional Nursing Roles Assignment They look into challenges that aim for implementation of the new patient care technologies that would eventually make healthcare safer, cost-effective, and of higher quality.  It is about evaluation of one’s individual practice and looking into assumption of the responsibilities that might be needed for the profession (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008, p.10-12).In conclusion, it is important to mention that professional values and behaviors related to them are an integral part of the baccalaureate generalist nurses practice. This requires inheritance in professional practice and understanding of legal, historical, and current contextual situation in the healthcare industry.  Professionalism is about constant demonstration and usage of professional values that nurses apply in order to improve wellness and health of the families, individuals, and communities. Moreover, it is about wise application of such principles as excellence, altruism, respect, ethics, caring, accountability, and communication. It requires lifetime professional engagement and desire to learn, as healthcare system is to be developing and improving year after year. Providing optimum patient’s care as well as delegation of the responsibilities and further supervision comes together with being an advocate of patients and profession. This all is to help healthcare system to be constantly improved.Professional Nursing Roles Assignment