Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay.

Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay.


Many of us can think of leaders we have come to admire, be they historical figures, pillars of the industry we work in, or leaders we know personally. The leadership of individuals such as Abraham Lincoln and Margaret Thatcher has been studied and discussed repeatedly. However, you may have interacted with leaders you feel demonstrated equally competent leadership without ever having a book written about their approaches. What makes great leaders great? Every leader is different, of course, but one area of commonality is the leadership philosophy that great leaders develop and practice. A leadership philosophy is basically an attitude held by leaders that acts as a guiding principle for their behavior.Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay.


While formal theories on leadership continue to evolve over time, great leaders seem to adhere to an overarching philosophy that steers their actions. What is your leadership philosophy? In this Assignment, you will explore what guides your own leadership. To Prepare: Identify two to three scholarly resources, in addition to this Module’s readings, that evaluate the impact of leadership behaviors in creating healthy work environments. Reflect on the leadership behaviors presented in the three resources that you selected for review. Reflect on your results of the CliftonStrengths Assessment, and consider how the results relate to your leadership traits. The Assignment (2-3 pages): Personal Leadership Philosophies Develop and submit a personal leadership philosophy that reflects what you think are characteristics of a good leader. Use the scholarly resources on leadership you selected to support your philosophy statement. Your personal leadership philosophy should include the following:Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay. A description of your core values A personal mission/vision statement An analysis of your CliftonStrengths Assessment summarizing the results of your profile A description of two key behaviors that you wish to strengthen A development plan that explains how you plan to improve upon the two key behaviors you selected and an explanation of how you plan to achieve your personal vision. Be specific and provide examples. Be sure to incorporate your colleagues’ feedback on your CliftonStrengths Assessment from this Module’s Discussion 2.Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay.

Brief Description of Results from the StrengthsFinder Assessment

One thing the strenthsfinder assessment has done is describing me perfectly. This on-line survey has identified my top five strengths. Using your strengths improves your confidence, direction, hope and kindness to others (Rath,2017). My first strength is responsibility, this is about making progress because I made a promise. With this theme, I can take ownership for anything that I commit to (Gallup,2020). No matter how big or small it may be, in as much as I am emotionally attached and involved.Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay. The next strength is consistency. With this theme, I treat people the same and maintain stable routines, make clear rules, and procedures (Gallup,2020). I always want everyone to be treated uniformly and equally. Restorative is my third strength. With this theme, I am adept at dealing with problems, good at solving them, and eventually initiate a necessary solution for the problems (Gallup2020). I can repair things that are broken. Harmony is my fourth strength; I can recognize between the areas of agreement and disagreement. With this theme, a common ground is secured between these two conflicting areas. The strength doesn’t enjoy conflict but rather seeks area of agreement (Gallup,2020). Futuristic is my fifth strength. With this theme, I am excited about the future and what It would bring. I cultivate a habit of pasting my future goals on the walls in my room with the hope of striking it out accordingly as they come to reality.Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay.

Two Core Values.

The two core values are excellence and balance. With display of excellence, I am able  to stay perfect in all dealings and prove my mettle. Balancing is a very important value in consistency, it helps to strike between the good and the bad side and helps to get aggrieved parties together to meet at a common ground.Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay.

Two Strengths

The two strengths that stands out are consistency and futuristic. For consistency, I shrive hard to execute fairness, maintain routines, and repetitiveness, I am also in constant communication when rules are broken to put things back in alignment. To further develop my futuristic strength, I decided to surround myself with people who shares same core values and exudes passion about the future.Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay.

Two Characteristics That I Like to Be Strengthened

Tenacity and Integrity are the two characteristics that needs to be strengthened. Tenacity in conflict management is very important and is an area that I honestly lag. I want to be able to use tenacity which will help to identify early and reduce friction and promote collaboration within conflicting parties. On integrity, I need to be able to gain the trust of others by  showingtrustworthiness.I can also maintain moral and ethical prnciples.Personal Leadership Philosophies Essay.