Paediatric Palliative Care Hot-Line Essay

Paediatric Palliative Care Hot-Line Essay

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The project is proposed to International Women’s Club (IWCK) by the members of The Sunshine House NGO providing palliative care for children of the state for 7 years. In 2010-2012 our NGO received grants from IWCK for improving facilities and creating Art-Studio for patients of Paediatric Oncology Department of Scott Cancer Hospital. Among the issues identified since then, the problem of access to the information for the paediatric palliative patients and their families remains the most important. The goal of the current project is providing these patients within the state with advice of qualified palliative care consultants on 24\7 basis. Paediatric Palliative Care Hot-Line Essay.

Background, problem, and purpose

The problem of informational access for the palliative patients and their families is important for the health care systems all over the world. The lack of information regarding all aspects of palliative care, assistance in emergencies, patients’ rights, community support, remains a problem even for the countries where the healthcare systems guarantee the highest possible level of palliative care. The UK Medical Protection Society survey (2013) showed that 39% of palliative patients’ families’ complaints are сaused by the problems related to lack of information and communication. There is an increasing need of providing advice and consultancy support by phone to the paediatric palliative patients and their families 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The goal of the project is creation of the state palliative care hot-line for both the children with palliative care needs and their carers. According to research data, 23- 44% of palliative patients in US have no health literacy in palliative care area (Rosenfeld et al.,2007; Matsuyama et al.,2011). The parties who will benefit from such informational support are, on the one hand, caregivers themselves, and, on the other hand, the state authorities (social care centers and health care bodies).


Proposal, plan, and schedule

Hot-line for palliative care patients will be based on the principle of one contact person for all patients to ensure effective application handling and immediate referral to the qualified consultants. Such-hot-line administration will be provided by NGO volunteer, a professional health administrator. Paediatric Palliative Care Hot-Line Essay. There is an agreement signed by our NGO with the local palliative care consultancy service centre to provide 24\7 hot-line support of their multidisciplinary team (consultants in paediatric hematology, oncology, anesthesiology and intensive care, neurology, psychology, as well as community nurse, social worker, priest). To start the operations, the consultants should be provided by additional mobile phone numbers and multichannel phone number. IWCK can become the donor for the project assisting sponsoring the communication costs and purchase of fixed assets necessary for the hot-line. MDT consultants are ready to start the work immediately, so the proposed timeline chart will cover 2 stages: purchasing the equipment with all appropriate technical arrangements (straight after funds transfer) and announcement of the project in mass media and start of operations (in 2 months after funds transfer)


The project will be closely monitored and supervised by the project leader, President of The Sunshine House NGO, Melany Hoogs, Jr.,M.D., Ph.D., who started its charitable activity for paediatric palliative patients in 2007.Paediatric Palliative Care Hot-Line Essay.  Having her postgraduate training in palliative care in University of Toronto, Canada, Melany Hoogs has worked as Consultant in Paediatric Oncology for 20 years. She was a member of editorial board of the Pan-Canadian palliative care guidelines and ICPCN International Board of Directors. The other staffing needs will be filled in by highly qualified consultants from local palliative care consultancy service centre recognized as one of the best in the nation in 2014.


The total IWCK Funds Request for the project start (multichannel telephone station\separate phone line, 8 mobile phones and 8 additional mobile numbers) equals to 3 000 US $, and the running costs ( mobile communication) for 2015 equal to 6 000 US $. The hot-line administrator service and consultancy support will be provided by the NGO volunteer and the local MDT, and these total Non-IWCK Funds ( additional payroll costs for 2015) will constitute 24 000 US $.

Authorization Request

Our NGO will be ready to provide all the necessary back-up (the vendors’ bids, copy of the agreement with the local palliative care consultancy service centre, confirmation letter) at IWCK’s request. In case of positive decision on the grant and funds transfer, we kindly ask your permission to start the project immediately according to the schedule specified above. Paediatric Palliative Care Hot-Line Essay.


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