Nutrition Diet and Healthy lifestyle Essay.

Nutrition Diet and Healthy lifestyle Essay.


Biology assignment help on: Nutrition Diet and Healthy lifestyle

Patient name: Jake Anderson

Nursing issue: Nutrition, imbalanced: less than body requirements

Goal: To guide him to take a balanced diet and implement healthy life style.              Intervention:



  • The first intervention is to identify the main reason for weight loss as well as decrease in the height gain of Jake. Consultation to a good dietician r a nutritionist.
  • Include as much nutrition in the diet as possible. The patient shall try to sit with the dietician & work upon his/her dietary requirements. Jake shall talk to the dietician to know more about the food he shall consume (Westenhoefer, 2011)
  • Jake shall try to add on more of nutritional supplements in the food rather than the food he takes in his normal routine. Jake shall take into consideration the fact that, consumption of processed food would decrease the levels of nutrients which would thereby lead to many deficiencies (William, 2011).
  • The most sensible as well as prudent way with which this issue could be sorted out by preparing various diet regimes for the same (Benton, 2012)
  • Jake shall be made understood the various effects adverse affects which might hamper his health in the years to come  (Westenhoefer, 2011)








  • It would be suitable to see whether Jake has a right amount of appetite & whether he is taking all the meals on time or not.
  • Based upon the appetite, Jake’s appetite shall be checked as well as modified in order to sort out the issues (Bryner, 2010).
  • Fair education shall be provided to sally regarding the various nutrients which shall be added in the diet (Westenhoefer, 2011).

Role model behavior has been referred to as one of the common problems in children. It has been seen that, children have the tendency to consume similar type of food. Jake shall be asked to take up nutritious food (Robert,2011).












































  • The main reason for Jake’s unique behavior is due to the imbalance in the diet which he takes. It must be kept in mind that, when proper nutrition is not circulated within the body the entire body gets disturbed ( Benton,2012)


  • Imbalance in nutrition is common not only in the under developed countries but also in the developed countries where there is no scarcity for food. By knowing what the body needs for proper nourishment and health we prevent the imbalance in nutrition (Westenhoefer,2011).


  • It has been proved biologically that, people eat varieties of food whereas Jake only consumes limited variety of food. Such type of food elements have been stripped as well as processed from different nutrients. Lack of essential nutrients within the food item would lead to high levels of deficiency in the body. Some of the examples of such types of diseases which happens due to lack of vitamin C & imbalance in the nutrition taken. Such type of deficiencies in the routine food would lead to high levels of problems such as reduction in weight, height, etc. Some of the major problems might result in the vital organs i.e. brain, liver, eyesight (Bryner,2010).


  • The second option which would be available for Jake would be to add nutritional factor in its routine food. The diet shall consist of high levels of fruits, green vegetables, and natural juices rather than the packed juices. The natural juices would not contain artificial flavor as well as more sugar content (William, 2011).


  • The third option would be to include the various supplements in the diet. These supplements should be chosen keeping in mind the cost factor. It would be better to choose the best quality supplements as compared to the cheaper ones (Richardson, 2009).


It must be seen that, if Jake does not have adequate amount of appetite at the right time, then fair check up shall be done by the doctor. The doctor shall prescribe fruits, green vegetables, and natural sour & sweet juices in order to add in the nutritional level in its diet. Physical activity would also help in order to increase the appetite of Jake (Richardson, 2009).

Based upon the recent survey, it has been seen that adverse effects can be seen with the deficiencies of Iron, Folate, Zinc, etc. This would impact the overall development of infants, expecting mothers, etc. Such type of deficiencies would lead to high levels of problems in the future years. Some of the problems which might arise would be retardation of growth and development, decline in the levels of immunity, high levels of vulnerability, etc ( Westenhoefer, 2011).


Proteins would help in maintaining proper tissue levels in the entire body. At least two servings of proteins shall be served daily. Some of the protein rich food would be pulses, fish, meat, etc. ( Sandstead,2012)

Children would be required to take up adequate level of calcium. This would help the small children in their proper growth & development of the entire body as well as strengthen their bones. Absence of the same would lead to high levels of osteoporosis which might damage the teeth & entire body structure (Sandstead, 2012).

It must be noted that, children would require high levels of iron rich diet. The iron rich diet would include cereals, poultry, fish, meat, etc.

Dietary habits shall be followed by parents who would help in the proper growth & development of their child. Parents shall prepare a rich food which would impact the growth of the child. Proper food pyramid shall be followed by the families which would help in the consumption of the right kind of food during right intervals (Sandstead, 2012).



REPORT:The report takes into consideration the patient name Jake who is quite weak as well dull. The growth rate at which he is growing is not up to the mark as compared to the other children of the similar age group. The diet he takes is not at all healthy. It can be said that, his nutritional requirements are not being met in the right manner. Jake’s parents shall keep in mind that, his diet shall consist of various essential requirements& hence Sally has been advised regarding the same. Sally shall try to change Jake’s eating habits as well as come for timely checkups. A good diet shall be provided to Jake with adequate amount of exercise in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.Nutrition Diet and Healthy lifestyle Essay.