Nurs 6002 Mission, Vision, and Personal Goal

Nurs 6002 Mission, Vision, and Personal Goal

I have been in the acute care setting for more than 10 years and in my desire to pursue my professional goals, I decided to advance my education as a mental health nurse practitioner which will enable me to deliver advanced nursing care. To ensure that I achieve this goal, I need to advance my education. Walden University has the ability to equip me with the appropriate knowledge and skills to achieve my academic goal of acquiring an MSN in mental health nurse practitioner. Nurs 6002 Mission, Vision, and Personal Goal

 Relationships among Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives to professional and academic goals

The Walden’s vision, mission, goals, and social change initiatives relate to me because they all have the power to positively influence me to achieve my professional and academic goals. The vision and mission of the School of Nursing at Walden University involve making positive contributions to nursing and health fields in order to facilitate positive changes in care delivery locally and globally. This vision will, therefore, help me transform nursing to meet the needs of my patients and the society at large (Filiz et al, 2018). My MSN as a mental nurse practitioner will assist me to help the organizations I work with, with the transformation. The vision and mission also correspond to my academic goals because my aim is to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to make positive impacts within my organization and the community at large. Regarding social change, Walden University aims to create ideas and strategies that promote dignity and development for people, organizations, and society at large. Accordingly, I aim to obtain my MSN and become a mental health nurse practitioner and integrate social change using the acquired knowledge at Walden university by ensuring I put the knowledge into practice. I plan to contribute to my specialty after graduation by helping people with mental health disorders, along with their families (Filiz et al, 2018).


Relationship between MSN program outcomes and perspectives to professional and academic goals

The target MSN outcome is to equip students with knowledge, skills, and abilities to make positive impacts in their practice and in the society as well. accordingly, I m ready to do the academic work that will help me to get an advanced nursing degree. By the end of my MSN program, I hope to attain my academic goal of acquiring a degree in mental health nurse practitioner, which will enable me to attain my professional goals of practicing as a PMHNP. As a PMHNP, I will demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired by performing the best health assessment, care provision, including prevention and educational service to individuals and the society at large (Filiz et al, 2018).

Academic and professional collaborators for academic and professional success

My academic collaborators include my fellow students and my instructors. My fellow students will provide me with the necessary moral supports so that I can work hard towards achieving my MSN degree. In addition, I will consult my students in assignments and activities I find challenging and hold discussions with them in order to further improve my knowledge (Ebrahimi et al, 2016). On the other hand, my instructors will provide me with the necessary knowledge to attain my academic goals. I will often consult my instructor to better understand my academic tasks.

My professional collaborators include employees at the field education office. The filed education office will help me to apply for practicum and clinical placements which will help me to put the learned knowledge into practice and thus ensure my professional success (Kay & Curington, 2018).    Nurs 6002 Mission, Vision, and Personal Goal

Concepts for Walden Student Readiness

Concepts for Walden student reading include integrity, quality, and high excellence standards. These concepts ensure that students from Walden university have high standards of excellence, uphold integrity and honesty and are open as well. Concepts from Walden university helps students graduating from the institution to renovate the nursing profession in order to effectively meet the needs of the societies and communities.

Individuals or Teams to Collaborate with for Success in the MSN Program and as a Practicing Nurse

My fellow students will again be very important in ensuring my success in the MSN program. They will give me the required moral support and we will motivate each other to complete the MSN program on time. The faculty and especially Dr. Lindell will guide me throughout my MSN program by guiding me whenever necessary towards achieving my academic goals. While still a student, I will collaborate with agencies such as BluePipes in order to connect with other healthcare practitioners (Rolls et al, 2016). In addition, the Field Education Coordinator at the school of nursing will support my success as a practicing nurse by providing me with guidance to get the suitable practicum and clinical placements to practice my professional and clinical skills (Kay & Curington, 2018).   References

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Nurs 6002 Mission, Vision, and Personal Goal