Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.

Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.


Infection control is a fundamental aspect of a nurse’s role, as well as the duty of everybody who works within health care systems (Office of Health (DH) 2006a).

Infection control and the prevention of all infections remains a significant goal within all healthcare settings, and is situated with all medical care specialists and personnel’s responsibility to ensure this is achieved. The NHS and medical systems have specialised contamination control clubs to ensure a powerful infection control programme has been designed and applied, also regularly evaluate the effectiveness of programs and upgrade their findings. The problem protection and control team provides advice about the avoidance and management of contamination including outbreaks of diarrhoea and vomiting, as well as promoting education and understanding to patient’s and carers. They work carefully with staff and senior associates of the medical establishing to ensure that correct policies and procedures are honored. (www. nhs. uk/infection-prevention-and-control/).Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.


Healthcare includes a multi disciplinary team and all professionals must interact in order to encourage the effectiveness of the infection control programme is achieved. Microbiology has become an advanced knowledge in the research of infections and the management of the control in the hospital setting, the study of living microorganisms that are so small that can’t be seen by the nude attention, Microbes are almost everywhere, they are able to survive in almost every conceivable environment(J. Wilson). Many kinds of bacteria is accessible as well as pathogen and other micro microorganisms, but thanks to advance scientific conclusions a very small percentage cause disease and disease (J. Wilson).Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.

The student nurse acted appropriately and was aware of following the NMC guidelines all the time within the specialized medical area of position, and sticking with confidentiality suggestions and ethical policy.

The college student nurse was called to assist Mr. Jones who experienced alerted the personnel on the ward that he was in need of assistance in the toilet. When entering the room it was apparent to the scholar nurse that Mr. Jones was distressed. Mr. Jones have been incontinent and defecated to the floor of the bathroom and encircling area. The college student nurse gave reassurance to Mr. Jones to encourage the pain relief of his anxiousness and stress, making the health care of people your first matter, treating people kindly and considerately. (NMC2009).

According to the Bristol stool chart the stools that Mr. Jones experienced approved were type 7, the Bristol stool chart shows seven types of stool and was developed by K. W Heaton and S. J Lewis at the University of Bristol and first posted in the Scandinavian journal of Gastroenterology in 1997. Types 5-7 based on the Bristol stool graph may signify diarrhoea and urgency, with stools transferred watery with no solid pieces which presents totally liquid.Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.

The Bristol feces chart is an extremely useful guide as using a reference to keep to gives the professional medical professional a much better understanding and descriptive way of transferring on information regarding their patient, a great deal of information can be learned by the consistency of the patients stool as to signify if their is any reason to be concerned, Clostridium difficile can be an infection which is seen within the medical care setting including the hospital or caution home, and was initially accepted in the past due 1970s, it does not present a problem in a wholesome person but can present an issue in individuals who have been taking permanent antibiotics, as this can interfere with good bacteria within the gut which can encourage C. difficile bacteria to multiply and produce toxins which causes diarrhoea and vomiting, C. difficile is more prevalent in the over 65 generation, and can be spread through cross contaminants from patient contact, via medical care staff or via polluted surfaces within the surroundings. (www. nhs. uk/conditions/clostridium-difficile). Medical environments are constantly fighting against outbreaks of disease with implementing effective control procedures which the infection control groups have carried out in suggestions from policy and procedures, in many cases time of outbreaks can not be determined but effective control actions can avoid the spread of illness to the areas, Norovirus which can present huge problems and stress to the professional medical establishing can usually be identified to provide in the winter weeks, vomiting and diarrhoea can present any moment outside this time around frame and strategies is a duty of care to adhere to, to minimise the chance of the pass on of infections. An outbreak within the professional medical environment may be thought as ‘two or even more situations of the same contamination which are associated in time and place’ and any suspicion of the outbreak must be reported and recorded to the relevant departments. (MEDICAL Action 2006).

Having identified the risks of potential combination contamination and infections the scholar nurse motives were to ensure that the necessary precautions were adhered to. Protecting clothing such as gloves and aprons should be worn in accordance with the standard common precautions policy. Personnel can be vulnerable to an infection or transference of pathogens if indeed they do not adhere to good infection control methods. “Essential skills clusters for nurses”.Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.

The university student nurse prior to assisting Mr. Jones any more made sure adequate protecting clothing was worn with placing gloves and apron on. Using uniforms or protective personal clothing is afflicted by current legislation. (Health and Safety at the job Act 1974). The learner nurse had made the decision never to wear ‘added’ protective clothing as in this example her personal judgement didn’t feel it necessary, face masks and eye protection aren’t always necessary for most intervention or activity to prevent cross disease, however, when there’s a likelihood of accidental splashes from bloodstream, body liquids, secretions and excretions to the face they need to be worn. (Arrowsmith 2005, p. 81, Pratt et al. 2007).Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.

The first priority of the nurse is the individual, in order that they feel safe and less distressed about the problem, Make the treatment of people your first concern, treat people as individuals and value their dignity (NMC 2009). It really is a general legal and ethical rule that valid consent must be obtained before starting treatment or providing personal look after a patient. Explaining plainly the student’s intentions to Mr. Jones was important to ensure that Mr. Jones was enlightened and consented to the student nurse assisting with personal care he was to receive, you must make certain you gain consent before you commence any treatment or attention (NMC2008). Mr. Jones mental capacity was at a satisfactory level to have the ability to comprehend what experienced just occurred and made the knowledgeable personal choice that the scholar nurse could assist him with resolving the situation that he had found himself in, For consent to be valid, it must be voluntary and educated, and the person consenting will need to have the capacity to make the decision. ( www. nhs. uk/conditions/consenttotreatment).Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.

The health needs of Mr. Jones were attained, using cleaning soap and normal water and clean underwear and gown was supplied. Health needs are an important important role of the nurse, and the protection of your skin and making sure the patients skin area is left clean and dry. Skin care is critically important, remembering to cleansing and protect your skin, especially if the skin has been exposed to urine or feces, also being aware of damaged skin area, which can lead to contamination, especially serious among older people. Aswell as infection it is vital to promote preventing skin break down, again, especially within older people. The existence of urine and faeces on your skin escalates the normal PH of 4. 0 -5. 5 and makes the skin wet. The surge of PH and excess moisture escalates the risks of cells breakdown and infection. (Ersser et. al. 2005). This also guaranteed that cross contamination of any possible disease did not pass onto any person on the ward and contaminants of the surfaces at Mr. Jones foundation space. Bacteria may multiply quickly to create a source of illness, provided that the right vehicle transfers these to a vulnerable site on the individual. (Illness control in clinical practice, J. Wilson).Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.

Appropriate handling of contaminated items is the main element to minimise the risk of transmission and cross contaminants within the medical area and responsibility of the student nurse and all other personnel within the specialized medical areas, removal of gloves and aprons after use should be subjected of in the nearest scientific misuse bin and soiled linen positioned in a red linen carrier. Contamination of the environment is a necessary responsibility of the nurse and the relevant domestic personnel on the ward was informed of the region of risk, NHS Disease control precautions insurance plan state governments, that spillages of faeces and/or vomit must be cleaned out up immediately using detergent and water. The area should then be disinfected using a hypochlorite 10, 000ppm (Antichlor Plus) solution. Prior to the university student nurse escorting Mr. Jones back again to his foundation space within the ward necessary and critical hand cleansing was carried out carefully and encouragement for Mr. Jones to handle the same safeguards were implied, in so doing this step discouraged transmission of pathogens and possible mix contamination. Palm decontamination is a minimal tech clinical involvement that can prevent transmitting of disease (DH2006b). Unclean hands have been proven to be always a significant vehicle for the transmitting of micro organisms and contribute to outbreaks of an infection in healthcare conditions. (Pratt et al 2007).

A healthcare experts role and responsibility is to collaborate with those their health care all the time also to encourage education and understanding about their individual promotion of health and wellness, NMC, Expectations of carry out, performance and ethics says that, you must support people in looking after themselves to boost and keep maintaining health, and recognise and respect the contribution that individuals make with their own health care and wellbeing. The learner nurse stimulating Mr. Jones to wash his hands and help with his personal care and attention can encourage promoting Mr. Jones freedom and mental wellbeing as well as encourage the knowledge of the value of discouraging of mix contamination within the environment.Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.

A senior person in the nursing personnel was immediately enlightened about the situation with Mr. Jones as the information was important with the treatment he was currently receiving and relevant to any future attention that he was going to get, as well as the possible threat of infection as type 7 stool poses to the environment. The necessity to respect individuals confidentiality is a obligation of health care to the patient so that it would be essential to ensure the individual was educated that any information offered was in their best interest, NMC 2010 state governments, you must be sure people are educated about how and just why information is shared by those who will be providing their good care and you must disclose information if you believe someone may be at risk of harm, in line with the law of the country where you are practising.Infection Control is a Simple Facet of a Nurse’s Role Essay.