Change Management in Nursing Essay.

Change Management in Nursing Essay.


A health care setting organization with advanced health technology and high calibers doesn’t suggest quality nursing attention can be offered, unless accompanying with effective scientific leadership. This essay has a strong give attention to all areas of clinical leadership. A case will be utilized to discover how should effective management skill be. Both inner and external factors should be analysed. The last mentioned factors are available out by PESTEL. Change management is effective to develop strategies for handling the issue. In referrals, teamwork, power, communication and demonstration skills, issue management, emotional brains and autocratic authority style all are essential to solve the issue and a clinician should provide with them. Before concluding all the discussion, training myself as a reflective specialist is helpful to build up my future practice.Change Management in Nursing Essay.


Clinical authority- What is this?

It has various meanings. Harper (1995, p. 81) identifies a clinical head as “one who possesses clinical experience in area of expertise practice area and who uses interpersonal skills to allow nurses and other healthcare providers to deliver quality patient good care. ” More elaborately, it also requires an environment where nurses are empowered and where there is a vision for the future. Clinical leadership requires authority skills for team building, confidence and value of others, as well as eye-sight and empowerment. Evenly important, clinical leaders must be good communicators. On the other hand, Stanley (2006) implies not only the abovementioned elements medical leaders have to demonstrate, but also the followings- approachable and role model. Approachable means a professional medical head should be friendly and openness alternatively than managing and dictatorial (Stanley, 2006). Role model means professional medical leader who will serve as an example, whose behaviour is emulated by other nurses (Stanley, 2006). To summarise the above elements, clinical authority is effective if clinical market leaders are expert in their field, and because they are approachable, effective communicators and empowered, are able to turn into a role model, motivating other nurses by corresponding their prices and values about medical and care with their practice (Stanley, 2006).Change Management in Nursing Essay.

Leadership is important in health care today. In Hong Kong, Hospital Expert emphasises any probable or experienced leaders should be educated and trained. Boosting professional competencies and accumulating effective authority is the very best priority. Doing his thing, providing simulation skill-based training for nurses; growing new in-house niche training programs for nurses; offering commercial scholarship for international training; creating full-time professional development positions; organising mature executive development program and other control development each is good for nurture competent clinical leaders (Clinic Authority annual plan, 2010).

Case scenario

This short paragraph will describe an instance I experienced at my region of practice. Having been a mature nurse at my work place, I am mainly accountable for nursing administration, such as organizing holiday leave for my fellow workers. 1 day, one of my subordinates requested annual leave during the Chinese language Lunar New Calendar year as she was not a long holiday leave during the festival for a couple of years. Her need was simply turned down because of convincing reason- inadequate manpower. I believe it was fair to reject her get. However, the colleague acquired felt disappointed my decision and complained this occurrence to my mature. It really is time for me to contemplate which aspect, for example, communication and interpersonal skills or poor decision making, that i was doing wrong in this leadership issue. In a nutshell, there could be conflict issues between the subordinate and mature.Change Management in Nursing Essay.


There are numerous exterior factors which impacting on the leadership issue. It is important to reveal them so as to maximize the opportunities and decrease the threats to might work environment. PESTEL can be an analytical tool to help decision-maker to consider what external factors are essential. Political, economic, social, technological, honest and legal factors or PESTEL factors in short should be observed. The next grid shows the research:

Any inequality legislation devoted credited to subordinate’s demand being rejected

A lot of alternative nursing employment may contribute staff published resignation

Staff social life may be afflicted anticipated to imbalance work and cultural time

Outdated IT equipments impede work move and efficiency

Unfair to the subordinate or not, lack of esteem as her wish is rejected

Take precaution of any changes in employees getaways policy/protocol

Having listed the main element factor in each PESTEL area, elaboration will be given regarding to specific area. Political factor can be interpreted as what’s happening politically in the surroundings in which a decision-maker functions (Mennen, 2007). A decision-maker should pay attention that any inequality ordinance may be committed, for subordinate’s obtain holidays during general population getaways is refused. Monetary factor can be interpreted as what is occurring within the overall economy (Mennen, 2007). A decision-maker should take notice on every decision. Careless decision may incur angry healthcare staff posted resignation, for there are a great number of nursing vacancies provided by other clinics, nursing homes and old age homes. Social factor can be interpreted as what’s occurring socially in an environment in which a decision-maker runs (Mennen, 2007). Having holiday leave during special celebration is an acceptable desire to have all shift-based medical care staff. A decision-maker may be in dilemma whose personnel can have vacation leave as manpower is so restricted. Technical factor can be interpreted as what’s taking place in technology which can impact just what a decision-maker does indeed (Mennen, 2007). In this respect, outdated medical care technology can affect the leadership issue also. Inefficacy may be induced by the outdated equipment results time-consuming in a simple treatment, such as setting up a roster for frontline staff. Ethical factor can be interpreted as what is right or incorrect philosophically (Mennen, 2007). A decision-maker should underscore any determined view should be morally satisfactory, such as frontline staff’s need should be pretty organized. Prejudice and bias should be averted. Legal factor can be interpreted as what is taking place with changes to legislation (Mennen, 2007). A decision-maker should update his/her understanding in virtually any staff holiday leave process or policy to be able to keep the staff maximum benefit. To produce a brief brief summary, PESTEL can allow a business to anticipate future threats and take action to escape from their impact.Change Management in Nursing Essay.

Change management

The term-change management is coined by Lewin (1951). Change management model is recognized as unfreeze, change and refreeze (Mind Tools Ltd, 2010). Change is inescapable of something is needed to be amended. This paragraph is going to explore the way the change management model can be applied in the clinical issue. Before application, force field research should be performed. The examination begins from the idea that any situation is in a secure position by a series of equal and opposite pushes. Change occurs about when the makes become out of balance. The analysis is useful when a decision-maker knows where he/she needs going but is jammed. The following shows the examination:

Restraining makes forces

Pushing forces

Maintaining adequate manpower is the very best priority

Staff discontents the vacation during the Chinese language New Year

Poor disposition and low work efficiency anticipated to no holiday seasons through the special festival

Power and discipline are paramount to uphold better patient services/benefit

Involved personnel politicizes the issue (i. e. issue the issue to management level)

Frontline staff is an important advantage in caring-demand work environment

To execute change, moving makes must be greater than restricting pushes and the need for change has been identified. In software of the Lewin (1951) model, the first rung on the ladder should prepare the organization to accept that change is essential, which involves breakdown the prevailing status quo before accumulating a new method for the next stage (Paton & McCalman, 2008). In useful step, ensuring there may be strong support from management team. Engaging communication should be disseminated holiday leave during special happening is possible if manpower will do. Maintaining steady manpower is vital to provide quality medical care. At the same time, managerial staff should remain available to subordinates concerns and address in terms of the necessity to change.

The second level is where people commence to resolve their uncertainty and look for new ways to do things. People begin to believe and action with techniques that support the new course (Paton & McCalman, 2008). In functional step, effective communication and empowerment are significant. More clearly, managerial personnel should make every staff for what’s happening if staff requests total annual leave during special festival. Also, explanations exactly by the managerial staff how the changes will have an impact on every staff.

The third level is when the change (i. e. no person is approval for holiday leave during special festivity unless manpower is allowed) is taking shape and subordinates have embraced the new means of protocol, the organization is ready to refreeze (Paton & McCalman, 2008). In functional step, the company should anchor the changes into the culture. Establishing opinions system is helpful to preserve the change. Having holiday leave soon after special festival is urged.


There are six suggestions to resolve the leadership concern. The idea of teamwork should be imparted in to the ward practice. Nursing health care is teamwork-based. The need for teamwork shouldn’t be disregarded. Teamwork in health care can be defined as a energetic process involving several health care pros with complementary backgrounds and skills, sharing common health goals and doing exercises collaborated physical and mental work in assessing, planning, or evaluating client attention (Agich, 1982). I have to explain her that the value of teamwork. All colleagues need to understand how important it is for them to work smoothly together if indeed they want to provide quality good care. All colleagues must be dedicated to the whole nursing team and be willing to act unselfishly. Quite simply, sacrifice, in a certain degree, is necessary. To develop teamwork culture, making sure that the team goals are completely clear and comprehended and accepted by each frontline personnel. In addition, I have to be cautious with interpersonal issues. Early recognising them and working with them completely are strongly suggested.Change Management in Nursing Essay.


There is a famous proverb-nothing can be carried out without power (Electricity, 1999). The appropriate use of power is important for clinical command, for a medical care setting environment depends upon social relationship based on power. Power (1999) defines vitality in conditions of control or affect over the behavior of other with or without their consent. Power can be labeled as physical, position, resources, expert and intuitive. Position somewhat than other ability should be used in the problem. Position power equals legitimate electric power. This means occupancy of a job entitles someone to the rights of that role in the business (Ability, 1999). Like a decision-maker, I’ve considerable to determine something. Not approving personnel with vacant leave through the special festival during the Chinese New 12 months is a logical and fair decision. Both celebrations’ interest (i. e. patient and ward) can be conserved.

Presentation and communication skills

Oral communication skills constantly rank near to the top of competencies appreciated by clinical leaders. As a clinical head, promoting positive office relationships through conservation is highly recommended (Burnard, 1997). . In the leadership issue, I must offer constructive criticism important to the issue rather than directly rejecting her question. Think currently about what I want to say is the first step. Next, be specific in conveying core subject matter during face-to-face communication. Clear alternatively than vague assertion is preferred. I do wish there is enough manpower during the special festival which means you can have holiday break us much better than your submission is banned scheduled to insufficient manpower. On the one hand, I have to offer help and empathy her. More evidently, holiday following the special festival should be set up immediately and knowing that the mood of no holiday during the celebration.

Conflict management

Since different staff will have different viewpoints, ideas and desire, turmoil is unavoidable in any group. The sources of turmoil are disagreement on how things should be done, personal interest as well as tension and stress (Shortell & Kaluzny, 1997). The final results of conflict include polarization, low morale and regrettable behaviours produced. Therefore, conflict should be well inspired In this regard, understanding how issues happen is important. Certainly, the above mentioned turmoil can be grouped as personal interest (i. e. requesting on holidays during the special happening). To handle the conflict scheduled to personal interest, compromise or negotiation works well to stay down the event. I have to talk with her smoothly as manpower is too anxious, your compromise is crucial. At the same time, I must manage the problem intelligently, banning her question straightforwardly seems provoking her emotion. Rather, I must refuse her request euphemistically. For example, your demand must be approved if manpower will do.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional cleverness is acknowledgement of our very own feelings and those of others (, ). A medical leader who effectively perceives other’s emotions are designed for change better and build better social networks. To achieve so, three psychological intelligence skills a scientific leader should have. The abilities include public skills, motivation and self-awareness. Social skills are the ability to effect or persuade others (Pahl, 2008). Good communication skill is an average example. Motivation can enjoy challenges and be interested in work and initiate optimism (Pahl, 2008). Motivating all frontline personnel to just work at the special happening is a major challenge task. Home awareness is a profound understanding of one’s feelings or self-assessment in short (Pahl, 2008). Understanding my own talents and weaknesses is helpful to cope with psychological event.


Autocratic somewhat than laissez-faire and democratic styles should be considered. Autocratic style is an autocratic leader who is directive and makes decisions for an organization. Being autocratic will not mean the first choice is a dictator. Instead, the first choice usually provides path and makes decisions (Northhouse, 2010). In the mean time, laisser-faire style is noninterference in the affairs of others and democratic style is subordinates have the same say in the decision-making process (Northhouse, 2010). In the leadership issue, when a lot of subordinates’ demands annual leave during the special festival, limited manpower is guaranteed. Therefore, laissez-faire and democratic styles mustn’t be adopted since it is impossible for subordinates to openly choose the period of vacation leave. To prevent any chaos in holiday arrangement, autocratic style is the better style to be used.Change Management in Nursing Essay.

Development of future practice

This experience should maintain my center because the experience I engaged is helpful to my future practice. Reflective practice is highly recommended. It is associated with learning from earlier experience, and is undoubtedly an important strategy for medical researchers who embrace lifelong learning (Johns, 2009). Because of the ever changing context of healthcare, there is a high level of demand on professional medical professional’s expertise. Health care professionals could benefit from reflective practice, because the act of reflection is seen as a means of promoting the introduction of autonomous and qualified professionals. Engaging in reflective practice is from the improvement of the grade of care and attention and stimulating professional development. In functional step, there are several frameworks for reflection, for instance, Gibbs reflective cycle. Gibbs (1998) developed the reflective circuit to be able to provide framework for reflecting on the medical situation. The cycle involves six phases. The first stage is to spell it out what happen (i. e. the truth scenario). The second phase is to believe and feel about the scenario (i. e. unwisely to take care of the problem). The third phase is to judge what was bad and the good about the knowledge (i. e. sufficient manpower can be looked after but the involved subordinate become furious). The fourth phase is to analyse what sense can I make of the issue (i. e. taking care of turmoil of personal interest intelligently). The fifth stage is to think what else could I did (i. e. managing conflict tactically). The ultimate phase is to get ready contingency plan (i. e. if it arose again, what would I really do).Change Management in Nursing Essay.


So way, all aspects of clinical authority have been protected. To solve the issue anticipated to personal interest, negotiation with engaged staff, wisely-used issue management skills, totally utilizing position vitality and compelling presentation skills all are constructive to the issue. Before settling down the problem, both PESTEL research and change management should be employed. The advantages of the above mentioned are to discover any threats immediately and put into action related changes immediately. Successful settling down the issue doesn’t indicate a clinical head demonstrates effective scientific leadership. As clinical management is a continual phenomena performed by a clinical innovator, reflective skill a clinical leader must have to be able to enhance clinical management in an higher level. (Words: 2711)Change Management in Nursing Essay.