Health Care as a Privilege Essay.

Health Care as a Privilege Essay.


The healthcare topic remains very divisive in the US, as most people are unsure if healthcare is a privilege or a right. Many citizens in the world generally agree that healthcare in the nation is a privilege. The topic has been confused as many people in the world refer it to the constitution as they see the definition of health care assuming that the constitution provides access to any citizen. The paper argues on the reasons why health care is a privilege and not a right.Health Care as a Privilege Essay.


Although the right to freedom is readily understood as provided for in the Constitution, it is generally complicated to decide precisely what the right to live means. In an effort to understand the right to life, some believe that it is linked to the right to health insurance. Nevertheless, people have not realized why inequality, as it does in the US, has concentrated primarily on the partnership between public care and resources (Wooden, 2016). It is evident that the importance of health care in the country is proportional to the amount of income.Health Care as a Privilege Essay.

Regardless of the fact that health care initiatives have been debated intensively by elected leaders, it remains unclear that health care programs will be rendered available to the populations or if they are meant exclusively for a specific community of individuals. Race in the delivery of health insurance programs demonstrates that health coverage is not yet a right of everyone but a privilege. Medicate and Medicaid health care services were intended to render health coverage available for all; nevertheless, Medicare deemed health care a benefit for the aged, while Medicaid suggested that health care was a privilege for the disadvantaged (Stepanikova& Oates, 2017).Health care is a good, and for the people to benefit from it they have to use their money. Politicians even use the theory of health care to manipulate the public so that they can be voted.Health Care as a Privilege Essay.

Right is something that essentially helps us without hurting anyone. However, take into account that the government provides health care through people’s taxes. As a consequence, citizens may doubt who is liable for paying taxes to fund health care for the poor in the world. This ensures that the disadvantaged in the world can only access healthcare as a benefit from the wealthy and not as a human right (Stepanikov& Oates, 2017). However, the provision of universal health insurance services by commercial health providers to raise their income demonstrates that health coverage is a privilege and not a right.Health Care as a Privilege Essay.

In conclusion, individuals have been led to assume that healthcare is their right, but others are mindful that no established system has made it a constitutional right. Some agree that this specific privilege will be accorded a right. The Constitution states that any person has the right to health care, although it does not stipulate that the government will provide that and that people have the freedom to do so.Health Care as a Privilege Essay.


Discussion: Debate: Health Care as Right or Privilege

                        I firmly believe that health care in our nation is a right rather than a privilege. That is shown in the affordable care act that has provided universal insurance open to all people of the United States, rendering it a right and not a privilege. In order to render health care accessible for all people, the government has used a variety of assets to guarantee coverage in enrollment in the country (Papanicolas, 2018). 5It would thus be unreasonable to claim that healthcare is a privilege in the United States, as the nation invests about $2.5 trillion, 20 percent of its GDP on the industry every year only to make sure that its residents have exposure to healthcare facilities (Papanicolas, 2018). As a matter of fact, our nation spends the most of its resources on healthcare; almost twice as much as what other countries invest as health care is a right, not a privilege, to all of us.Health Care as a Privilege Essay.

                        President Obama stated that those Americans who were uninsured should be eligible to get private health care funded by the government in his address to the Prince George Community College. The state also assures that around fifty million Americans with mental disabilities are protected by health insurance (Obama, 2016). It also ensures that, even if anyone loses his or her employment, insurance benefits will also be provided, rendering health coverage more affordable as a right.

                        Health care investment in the United States has been on the increase, reflecting increasing prices for medical commodities and equipment. In fact, higher Medicaid has led to a rising increase in health care rates. In 2017, the US was expected to invest about $3.6 trillion, with a projected growth of 5.34 percent in 2018. The rising expense of health care has been shown to lead both negatively and positively to the US economies. On the other hand, higher investment increases employment development in industries closely linked to health care.Health Care as a Privilege Essay.

                        For those who claim that health care is a privilege since it can only be obtained by the wealthy, I would like to respond to the fact that the government is already establishing subsidized private insurance accessible to the less fortunate and through initiatives such as Medicare and Medicaid and so on; the disadvantaged, the older people and the mentally impaired can also have access to expensive medical care and facilities. The law has also forbidden insurance companies from discrimination against the individuals they offer protection based on their current conditions.    Health Care as a Privilege Essay.

                        For a post that says that healthcare is a luxury due to the conservative and republican views, I would like to let them know that on 23 March 2010, President Obama passed a law on affordable care that made healthcare a right rather than a privilege (Obama, 2016). It is also worth noting that the Republicans have attempted, without success, to delay law enforcement. The people 45 times trial .to appeal the legislation has failed, which is a strong indication that health care does win as a right and not as a privilege.Health Care as a Privilege Essay.



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