Evidence-based Care Sheet Essay

Evidence-based Care Sheet Essay

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I wanted to introduce you to Benner’s Professional Advancement model. Benner’s theory validates the importance of shared experiences with colleagues. Nursing experience gained through practice is the impetus for advancing through the five levels of nursing skill acquisition and experience.



  • The novice begins the profession with no nursing experience and learns general guidelines for performing nursing tasks. These guidelines are defined by Benner as context-free, independent of specific cases, and able to be applied universally. For example, the novice nurse practices rule-governed behaviors and rigidly follow rules because he or she has little understanding of contextual meaning in textbook information. Evidence-based Care Sheet Essay.  A novice nurse often approaches the charge nurse and asks for exact nursing tasks that need to be completed, and generally complete the tasks by following the rules.
  • The advanced beginner nurse exhibits acceptable nursing performance and gains experience in specific and actual situations. This facilitates his or her ability to demonstrate knowledge of recurring and meaningful components, but he or she may be unable to assess their relative and overall importance. The advanced beginner nurse develops principles based on nursing experiences to guide nursing actions, and benefits from communicating with higher-level colleagues who acknowledge and explain recurring and meaningful components of situations.
  • The competent nurse has 2–3 years of on-the-job nursing experience in the same patient care environment or specialty. A competent nurse becomes more aware of long-term professional goals and develops perspectives from planning nursing actions that are based on conscious, abstract, and critical thinking; this process promotes greater work efficiency, productivity, and organization.
  • The proficient nurse perceives and demonstrates knowledge of situations as whole parts, has a more holistic understanding to improve the nursing decision-making process, and demonstrates confidence in skills, judgment, and abilities. Evidence-based Care Sheet Essay. The proficient nurse is adept in learning from past experiences and specific case studies, predicting outcomes in certain situations, and modifying plans. The ability to identify relevant and irrelevant information is a key component of the proficient level of nursing.
  • The expert nurse does not depend on analytical principles, rules, or guidelines to determine actions, but practices nursing from a wide background of experience and has a complete understanding of situations. The expert nurse uses intuition to recognize and anticipate situations. At this level, the nurse performs nursing job functions in a fluid, flexible, and highly proficient manner. Work productivity and performance tends to deteriorate when an expert nurse is forced to practice within the rigid guidelines of formal rules or models.
·         Topic 4 DQ 2  RESPOND TO DR FOSS

Compare and contrast two change theories, and determine which theory makes the most sense for implementing your specific EBP intervention. Why? Has your preceptor used either theory, and to what result?

–The expert nursing level is often equated with prestigious positions and/or higher salary compensation. Benner’s practice-based theory changed the nursing profession’s view of what it means to be an expert nurse, shifting the focus to individuals who provide the highest level of nursing care.

› Each of Benner’s five levels—from novice to expert—reflects the movement from reliance on abstract nursing principles to implementing concrete experiences as paradigms for changes in perception of a situation and viewing the situation in its entirety. Each nursing level builds on the previous level, which refines abstract nursing principles and expands from experience gained in the profession. Evidence-based Care Sheet Essay.

After reading each of the five levels, which one do you think relates to where you are now, and what do you believe is necessary for advancement to the next level? Why?

Dr. Foss

Mennella, H., & Schub, T. (2018). Benner’s Professional Advancement model: Evidence-based care sheet. CINAHL Nursing Guide, 1-4. Evidence-based Care Sheet Essay.