Consequences of Chemical Impact of Disinfectants Essay

Consequences of Chemical Impact of Disinfectants Essay

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The topic I searched for was hand hygiene and how it has been proven to prevent hospital-acquired infections within the CPG. It was a fairly easy topic to find a lot of information on since it is one of the most basic healthcare practices. One of the things I read on the CPG that I did not know is that alcohol-based hand rubs are preferred over water and soap unless hands are noticeably soiled. Evidence shows that washing hands with plain soap fails to remove pathogens of hospital employee hands. Also, hand rubs are less irritating to hands and compliance usually is better (CDC, 2020).
Before I began this program, I worked at an urgent care for over 6 years and shadowed a CRNA. During that time, I learned many of the guidelines of hand hygiene and used them on a daily basis. Such as, washing my hands before and after touching a patient. If I touch a soiled body part of a patient, I made sure to wash my hands before touching another body part of the same patient to prevent the spread of infection. Consequences of Chemical Impact of Disinfectants Essay.

The presented discussion post presents an excellent idea of handwashing hygiene by using alcohol-based hand rubs. Alcohol-based sanitizers eliminate most of the bacteria, fungi, and viruses found within a healthcare setting. I strongly agree with the idea that alcohol-based sanitizers are significant since they contain 60% alcohol content that kills hand bacteria within 30 seconds (Rai, Ashok & Akondi, 2020). Also, such a sanitizer is more significant in hospital in case of emergencies due to its usage. Like, Alcohol-based hand rubs are productive, skin-friendly, and time-saving compared to soap and water hand rubs.


Even though alcohol sanitizers have great remarks in terms of use, I can’t entirely agree with the author’s ideology that they are better and more effective than soap and water in handwashing in the prevention of hospital-acquired infection within the CPG. For instance, handwashing with soap and running water removes germs from the hands. These prevent infections spread through touching the nose, eyes, and mouth, often without individual realization. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the use of soap and water in washing hands facilitates removing all types of chemicals and germs when done for at least 20 seconds. Soap can remove fat and oil components that support the establishment and survival of germs on hands, and hence, its use provides better protection compared to hand sanitizers.


Rai, N. K., Ashok, A., & Akondi, B. R. (2020). Consequences of chemical impact of disinfectants: safe preventive measures against COVID-19. Critical reviews in toxicology, 1-8. Consequences of Chemical Impact of Disinfectants Essay.