Computer Technology in Nursing Essay

Computer Technology in Nursing Essay

Knowledge workers are individuals whose major capital are knowledge that does not operate on routine work, but involve them in a convergent, dynamic and creative thinking .Examples include engineers, doctors, nurses and computer specialists. As a knowledge worker, my area of specialization is in the clinical medicine and patient care. The current healthcare system faces many challenges and opportunities that directly influence nursing profession, particularly the delivery of effective patient care. The healthcare setting requires nurses to keep up with new developments and transform the nursing practice to cater for the emerging demands in healthcare. The advent of computer-based technology changed the face of nursing practice from the trial and error method to direct responses to the individual needs of the patient. Therefore, new technologies and more advanced treatment options will require continued research and implementation to provide quality care. Computer Technology in Nursing Essay

Lifelong learning, which refers to a continuous change of personal well-being and professional development, enables me to develop knowledge and skills in learning. This focus is vital to remain current on the nursing practices. It assists in creating a culture where educational growth and development promotes vital advancements of the nursing profession. I am responsible to ensure that the clinical knowledge base I have is expansive and comprehensive. Therefore, computer-based information will necessitate the most current and accurate information in clinical practice.


Skills development in nursing practice can be achieved through opportunities that demonstrate competency. Therefore, continuous educational growth and development is a key to experiences and opportunities for nurses to adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare setting and is central to professionalism. In the nursing profession, lifelong learning allows for the development of critical thinking and expansion of knowledge related t the most current clinical practices. Therefore, the nursing education system faces various challenges to prepare nurses for lifelong work in a technology driven world. Therefore, a nurse should be equipped with competencies as well as skills to be able to work in a technologically advanced healthcare setting.

The needs of patient and the healthcare environment have become more complex, requiring nurses to be more competent to deliver quality healthcare (Ackley 14). Computer Technology in Nursing Essay A nurse should master the technological tools as well as computer-based information management systems while collaborating and coordinating healthcare across different teams of healthcare practitioners. Thus, a nurse should achieve a higher education level and suggest education in new ways that prepare one to meet the emerging demands of patients. Therefore, nursing education should have rapid advances to make it easy for nurses to integrate information technology with nursing education. A nurse is recruited from the society and equipped to serve patients. The ability of a nurse to recognize the potential application and importance of technology occurs because of a combination of the interplay among social forces, professional goals, and clinical demands.

Computer-based technology has altered the way how care providers and nurses gain access to and disseminate data and information. The integration of computer-based technologies enhances the development of healthcare information systems to access information, documents care, manages care delivery and healthcare facilities, and consults or passes information between a nurse and a patient. A nurse must have computer-based skills in order to be able and analyze and synthesize information; therefore, there is an urgent need to learn computer-based technologies due to the complexity of patient care. There is a high need for competent nurses who are highly skilled because of the complexity in healthcare and an increased number of patients with chronic illnesses. Computer Technology in Nursing Essay

Ways that Computer Technology Can Support my Learning and That of My Patients

Computer-based technology has changed the healthcare setting. It has affected how the online consumer healthcare market expands and operates. Internet technology has continued to dominate in the healthcare setting, since, the healthcare networks links nurses and patients and provides customized healthcare tools. The computer-based e-commerce enables patients and communities to monitor their health conditions, report health data, access disease prevention resources, purchase healthcare products, and have a strong influence on healthcare outcomes. This condition requires nurses and patients to have a technology mind as well as interest and abilities. Computer Technology in Nursing Essay

The computer-based information systems allow for the effective and efficient information transfer between nurses and the healthcare services linked to the computer networks. In addition, the computer-based patient records provide an easy means of accessing and updating patient information captured electronically throughout the lifespan and continuum of care delivery to patients. This will foster instant access to the health profile of patients including data on healthcare received in a healthcare facility rather than the institution where the data is accessed at a given period. The presence of telemedicine refers to the application of computer-based technologies in order to provide support and healthcare. Nurses and patients can make use of the computer-based technologies to convey information through conferencing and electronic or electronic data transfer. The computer-based technologies may enhance confidentiality between a patient and a nurse. This may improve service delivery in the healthcare setting and ensure that the community gets adequate services more effectively through trust. Moreover, nurses will be able to adopt strategies to handle patients with respect and care (Rhodes et al., 11). Computer Technology in Nursing Essay