Community Health Essay Paper

Community Health Essay Paper

Public health is a vital part in the development of any community. This is because it strives to ensure people in community remain safe and healthy. This paper will focus on two different stances that reflect the impact of poor public health and measures the governments involved have taken. The first article is on the tornado that rocked the city of Houston in April this year, while the second article is on the meningitis epidemic that was threatening the lives of residents in the region.Community Health Essay Paper


In April, 2012, there was a tornado that wrecked havoc in Houston injuring several people and disrupting public transport. According to Paul Adams from the BBC News, homes got ripped apart by the strong winds leaving many exposed to the harsh weather conditions. The metrological department stated that the area wars prone to tornadoes especially because of the storm system over New Mexico. The tornado resulted in the loss of power throughout the city including the hospitals resulting in several fatalities. The police had an incredibly hard time controlling the scared people and also ensuing more of them do not get injuries. (American Public Health Association, 2011)Community Health Essay Paper

In another article, Mary Lee Grant talks about the fast spreading spinal meningitis that had reached a point of 18 victims as on January 22nd earlier this year. According to the ABC news journalist, the city has the lowest vaccination rate hence it is potentially at risk of several outbreaks do the meningitis epidemic was just the beginning. Health officials claim that the city is extremely vulnerable to epidemics since it is both an airline hub as well as a major port, both of which are the fastest ways for disease transmissions to spread.Community Health Essay Paper

Public health entails the general heath of the entire community. It revolves around anything that endangers the lifes of the people in the community. These two articles involve circumstances where the health of the public was jeopardized. In the first article, the tornado resulted several injuries and left many homeless and prone to depression, stress and other weather related diseases. In the second article, the city was experiencing an epidemic that put the entire city in a risk. Thus, both articles concern the public heath of the city. (Arias, 2010) Community Health Essay Paper