Causes of Substance Abuse Sample

Causes of Substance Abuse Sample

Substance abuse, also known as drug abuse, has been a serious problem for many people. Substance abuse is continuous taking dangerous illicit drugs and alcohol. Continuous use of this substance can lead to one suffering from dependence syndrome. Dependence syndrome affects one’s behavioral and physiological features. If one is suffering from it, he or she has difficulties functioning normally. When you use drugs for a long time and in a higher dose than required, you become addicted to it. This more often leads to physical decline, meaning that somebody cannot function well without taking drugs.Causes of Substance Abuse Sample

Statics from WHO show that substance abuse results in over 2.5 million deaths every year. The majority of this people are the youth between the ages of 15 and 29. National Household Survey on drug abuse indicates that in the United States there are over 22 million substance abusers. Many countries around the world are trying to control the use of drugs amongst its citizens. This is because it is widely known that substance abuse has also led to the increase in the numbers of the HIV-infected people. Most of the drug users share the syringes and injections to inject the drugs into their bodies. At the time they are already high on drugs and so they develop a carefree attitude. In this paper, I intend to highlight the causes of substance abuse, the effects and treatment.Causes of Substance Abuse Sample


Causes of Substance Abuse

Causes of substance abuse vary from person to person. Studies have shown that many people start struggling with substance abuse in childhood or during the teen years. It is, therefore, attributed to the parenting styles the children are receiving at their homes. Many families have a history of neglecting early child development skills. A child, who is brought up in a violent family, will seek to black out the bad memories back at home. One will want to use the drugs as it gives them temporary happiness. Some parents have also neglected their children. There are absentees’ parents, who are not there, when their children need them. Teenagers with absentees’ parents seek to fill the vacuum their parents leave. Many will join local groups that mostly engage in drug abuse. Parents do not talk to their children about the consequences of using drugs. These children, when meet with their deviant peers, can easily be influenced to use the drugs (Pagliaro 50). Causes of Substance Abuse Sample

Deviant teenagers take drugs in order to look fashionable to the other teens. They pretend to be more superior to the ones, who are not using drugs. By trying to fit in, many teenagers will start drinking alcohol and taking drugs. This is mainly because they do not know the dangers of using drugs and so will easily believe their friends. Parents are, therefore, advised to be attentive to their children and be involved in their lives. This way it will be easier for them to detect early behavioral changes in their children

Other factors can be seen outside the family. This includes genetically acquired shyness. Teens, which are shy, are seen to engage in drug abuse as the use of the dugs makes them less shy and confident when communicating with others. Shyness can also be caused by poor coping skills. Poor performance is also a factor to consider as a cause. Children are discouraged by poor performance. This is especially worse when a child has been doing his/her best to perform better at school and it never happens. This leads to substance abuse as they seek to feel good about themselves. Alcohol and drugs make a person feel on top of the world temporarily (Saxena 56). Causes of Substance Abuse Sample