Week 8: Discussion Question – The Unique Nature of Nursing.

Week 8: Discussion Question – The Unique Nature of Nursing.


Discussion Topic Task: Reply to this topic Points: 30 | Due Date: Week 8, Day 3 & 7 | CLO: 1, 2, 3, 4 | Grade Category: Discussions Discussion Prompt Identify the unique purpose of nursing that is NOT performed by any other profession. What do nurses do that no other profession or discipline is dedicated to perform? Identify this concept and link it to a concept in any theoretical framework. Expectations Initial Post: Due: Thursday, 11:59 pm PT Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years.Week 8: Discussion Question – The Unique Nature of Nursing.


The Unique Nature of Nursing

Nursing profession in the healthcare sector focuses on the care of patients, their families, communities, and populations. It ensures that these individuals attain or maintain the highest quality of life or optimal health. Nursing involves nurses performing their roles tirelessly to identify and protect the patient’s needs. Thus, nurses hold an individual’s healthcare journey together and ascertain that a patient has the best experience during care.Week 8: Discussion Question – The Unique Nature of Nursing. Like other professions, nursing provides services to individuals or the general population. However, an aspect that makes this profession distinctive is the development of plans of care. Roles and responsibilities of nurses are centred on developing plans of care for patients and incorporating their family members into this plan (Henry, 2017). A plan of care tells and organizes actions that nursing staff will enact on a specific patient. It is carefully prepared to suggest the type of nursing care displaying every patient need and how to satisfy these needs. The purposes of a care plan are documentation, reimbursement regulation, and guidance for assigning employees.Week 8: Discussion Question – The Unique Nature of Nursing.

Caring is the core of nursing practice. The feeling requires actions such as showing concern and empathy for others, having compassion, and being committed towards an individual’s well-being (McClendon, 2017). The above concepts lack in other professions, making nursing unique. Plans of care help nurses retrieve data from scientific sources and practice problem-solving as well as critical thinking in nursing. Nurses with prepared plans in their profession develop extensive levels of skills in data processing and nursing.Week 8: Discussion Question – The Unique Nature of Nursing. The development and utilization of care plans are interconnected with the value-expectancy theory. The theory affirms that particular values and beliefs impact subsequent behaviours. It entails two factors, expectancy and values. Expectancies shape behaviours and decisions made by nurses because they are connected to self-efficacy and self-concepts. Conversely, values are motivations, such as intrinsic benefits and compassion that permit nurses to perform their planning task.Week 8: Discussion Question – The Unique Nature of Nursing.