Week 7: Discussion Question 1 – What is Nursing?

Week 7: Discussion Question 1 – What is Nursing?


Week 7: Discussion Question 1 – What is Nursing? Previous Next Points: 30 | Due Date: Week 7, Day 3 & 7 | CLO: 3 | Grade Category: Discussions Discussion Prompt Ask five nurses the following question. Ask the question without explanation or expansion. Tell them you are doing a class project and need the following question answered. There are no right or wrong answers.Week 7: Discussion Question 1 – What is Nursing?


“What is the purpose of nursing?” Ask five lay persons the exact same question in the exact same manner. Summarize your findings and report to the class. When you complete this project, you will have just completed your first qualitative research project. Albeit an abbreviated one, but nonetheless, a qualitative study. Expectations Initial Post: Due: Thursday, 11:59 pm PT Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

Week 7: Discussion Question 1 – What is Nursing?

 The answers I got from the nurses were mainly textbook-based responses. All of them answered, “To give a patient secure and efficient treatment.” They also gave several comments on patient-centered care and cultural awareness. Two nurses stated they were culturally mindful of the patient’s needs as a nursing objective. They all agreed that the essence of the primary objective of nursing would be to function as one unit to meet the needs of the patients and involve them in the plan of care. Three nurses asserted that showing concern for patients was of the highest significance. One nurse claimed that the aim was to challenge the doctors’ directions whenever they were unsure why they were directed. When I posed the question to five laypersons, they said they provide care for patients and feel obliged to meet their desires. Four of them claimed that the goal is to help the physicians and perform their directions. One of them mentioned that the purpose of a nurse was to advocate for patients when they seem nervous.Week 7: Discussion Question 1 – What is Nursing?

In general, I believe all the answers given by the nurses and the lay people are in line with the objective of nursing. Even so, I was startled that the nurses were confused with what they perceived as the objective of nursing, excluding — the standard response of “giving secure and efficient treatment.” I was also surprised that several of the laypeople respondents did not describe the nurse without mentioning the physician. Due to the nursing history of helping the physician and being a “servant” to the patient, there are significant misunderstandings about the nursing role. Qualitative research, such as the one I performed, is required for the upward advancement of the nursing career and for gathering data to endorse standards of evidence-based practice (Holloway & Gavin, 2016). Qualitative research creates vivid accounts of the patients’ and families’ encounters that improve nurses’ awareness of the appropriate means of care and support (Grove et al., (2015).  Consequently, findings obtained from qualitative research significantly contribute to evidence-based practice.Week 7: Discussion Question 1 – What is Nursing?




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