Vaccine Safety, Pros, and Cons Essay.

Vaccine Safety, Pros, and Cons Essay.

Watch the video Vaxxed. Write an essay on: How would you address the myths and concerns regarding vaccine safety? Discuss the pros and cons regarding vaccination. Provide support for your opinion.Vaccine Safety, Pros, and Cons Essay.



Vaccine Safety, Pros, and Cons

Vaccines work by preventing infections and reducing the number of disease carriers. Vaccines have been instrumental in lowering the prevalence of preventable infections, thus reducing the US’s health burden. The US FDA has made significant efforts towards addressing the question of vaccine safety (Geoghegan, O’Callaghan, & Offit, 2020). Although there are various side effects reported, several grave adverse effects, including death, evoke concerns and myths surrounding vaccine science. As such, the number of parents opting for selective vaccination has been on the rise. Some parents believe that modern vaccine additives could cause allergic reactions, subsequent illnesses, and injuries (Geoghegan, O’Callaghan, & Offit, 2020). Some of the fears lean towards various medical conditions like attention deficit disorders, autism, hyperactivity, delays in child development, and hyperactivity, among others.

Vaccination is certainly the cheapest way to curb the spread of infectious diseases. Clinical research has revealed that vaccination has prevented the occurrence and impact of various infectious diseases, including measles and flu. Besides saving the lives of children by at least 70%, vaccines save the community by barring the occurrence of outbreaks (Smith, 2017). Vaccine Safety, Pros, and Cons Essay.Vaccines also save on the energy, time, and money that would be used in the event of an infection. On the contrary, vaccine safety is not absolute. Some vaccines contain toxic compounds such as alum and aluminum, which poison the human body, sometimes causing death (Smith, 2017). Another downside of vaccination is that the efficacy is questionable since some people have contracted infections against which they were vaccinated (Smith, 2017). Research states that the merits of vaccination by far outweigh the demerits. It is thus important to uphold vaccines and promote further research towards balancing the negative aspects