Unique Focus of Nursing Essay.

Unique Focus of Nursing Essay.


Nursing is Caring

Grand nursing theories offer a broad scope for addressing the propositions and concepts that nurses may encounter even as they provide professional nursing services. These theories are oriented towards conceptual frameworks and models for defining nursing practice in different care environments and situations. For instance, grand theories about caring identity caring as a concept that is central to the nursing discipline (Sitzman& Watson, 2018). The present paper analyzes Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring as a grand nursing theory about caring.Unique Focus of Nursing Essay.


Unique focus of nursing

Watson’s theory identifies nursing as being concerned with responding to the demands of medical tools and needs of the persons who use these tools. To be more precise, nursing must not only focus on curing the disease but also providing caring that helps to manage illness while attaining health. The theory further identifies caring as the essence of nursing that connotes the responsiveness between nurses and the persons they serve. Through incorporating caring in nursing practice, nurses and the persons they serve are able to promote health changes, become knowledgeable and gain control of health (Lee, Palmieri & Watson, 2016).

What do nurses do when nursing

In applying the concepts presented in the theory, nurses approach nursing as a human science that mediates the experiences of health and illness through ethical, esthetic, scientific, personal and professional transactions. The actual activities of nurses in caring involve choices and actions by nurses and other stakeholders that decide on the relationship. In addition, nursing involves a transpersonal aspect that leverages intersubjective human-to-human relationships to ensure that the nurse and patient are present in the moment of care, feel a union with each other, affect each other, and share in the care phenomenon (Lee, Palmieri & Watson, 2016).Unique Focus of Nursing Essay.

Why do nurses do what they do

In applying the concepts presented in the theory, it become clear that nurses practice in order to assess, plan, intervene and evaluate. Assessment includes observing, identifying and reviewing the health problem presents and forming a hypothesis to explain the problem. Planning involves creating a care plan to help the nurse determine how to measure and examine the associated health care variables, as well as what data needs to be collected. Intervening entails collecting data and implementing the care plan. Evaluation involves analyzing the collected data and interpreting the results while confirming the initially developed hypothesis or developing a new hypothesis. The theory makes it clear that nurses do what they do in order to develop a better understanding of the patient’s health situation while intervening appropriately when required(Watson, 2018).Unique Focus of Nursing Essay.

What is created in and through nursing

The theory makes it clear that the product of nursing is holistic care that satisfies nurses and patients while guiding and improving practice. The curative factors presented in the theory as based on broad assumptions that offer a supportive framework for addressing the hierarchy of needs. Besides that, the theory addresses aspects of experiencing peaceful death, preventing illness and promoting health thereby acting as a guide of how nurses should interact with patients to provide the required care(Lee, Palmieri & Watson, 2016).Unique Focus of Nursing Essay.


Overall, the theory explains how nurses should ideally express care to their patients. It identifies caring as central to nursing practice and important for promoting health. In applying the theory, nurses are able to adopt a holistic approach to health care.

Application Paper #2 Guidelines

The purpose of this assignment is to promote an understanding of knowledge of advanced nursing that comes from use of an explicit grand nursing theory.  Apply a grand nursing theory to your story of a nursing situation.   It is recommended that you continue to work with the nursing story you shared at the beginning of the course, although it is acceptable to develop the story of a different nursing situation for use in this assignment.Unique Focus of Nursing Essay.

  1.  Select a grand nursing theory from the list of nursing grand theories in the table of contents from your Smith text.
  2. Study the chapter on that particular theory in the Smith text. You will need to delve into the theory and really develop a deep understanding of the theory, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Superficial reading will not allow you to complete the paper adequately.
  3. Search the literature for other primary and secondary source material, with an emphasis on primary sources. Reading in depth and broadly will help you to better understand the theory.
  4. Using the concepts and conceptual relationships that make up the theory, re-interpret your nursing story in the language of the theory you have chosen; that is, find all the dominant themes of the theory within the nursing situation you have described.
  5. Re-write your nursing story in the language of the theory, accurately using the concepts and their interrelationships and the language of the theory in a two page narrative.
    1. Introduce the work by naming the theory you will apply to your nursing situation and stating your purpose for the paper
    2. In the body of the paper, analyze your nursing story, explicitly using the distinctive language of the theory to answer these four questions:
  1. What is the UNIQUE FOCUS of nursing – what is nursing about, what is the unique nursing “take” on health care situations, as expressed in this theory of nursing?
  2. What do nurses DO when they are nursing – what are the activities of nursing, from the perspective of this theory?Unique Focus of Nursing Essay.
  • Why do nurses do what they do – what is the PURPOSE of nursing, from the perspective of this theory?
  1. What is created in and through nursing – what is the product of nursing, from the perspective of this theory?
    1.  Conclude your analysis with a sentence or two that describes insights gained into the nursing situation through the experience of viewing it through the lens of a grand nursing theory.
  1. Review general and specific assignment guidelines and refine your paper as needed.

Unique Focus of Nursing Essay.