Theory for Graduate Nursing Practice Essay

Theory for Graduate Nursing Practice Essay

NURS 6104
Theory for Graduate Nursing Practice

Theory Critique Assignment & Rubric

Part 1: Write a 4-5 pages paper on an assigned theorist that includes a title and reference page. Include the following:
• Identify the background history of the theorist
• Describe the central theme/concept of the nursing theorist you have chosen.
• Describe how the theorist describes or defines the traditional four metaparadigm concepts of person, environment, health and nursing Theory for Graduate Nursing Practice Essay
• Describe how this theory could be used in wellness and illness care
• What are strengths of the nursing theory?
• What are weaknesses of the nursing theory?
• Describe how the nursing theory can be used as a graduate level nurse.
• Discuss one nursing research article published in the past five years that used this theory as a basis for the study. Definition of nursing research article: a research study that was done by nurses and/or published in a peer-reviewed nursing journal. When discussing the study:
o State the research question or hypothesis


o Describe what was studied
o Discuss how the study and its findings relate to the theory Theory for Graduate Nursing Practice Essay
• PowerPoint Assignment:
o Develop a PowerPoint on the assigned nursing theorist and his/her theory that will include the above parts of your paper. The presentation should be no more than 12 slides. It should include speaker notes or can have voice-over to expand on the bulleted slide contents. Citations should be included in the speaker notes. All references should be on one slide at the end. A title slide including your names and the title of the presentation should begin the presentation.
Part 2: Post the paper in the drop box under Assignments by the due date.
Part 3: Post the PowerPoint in the appropriate discussion forum for classmates to see and make comments. Theory for Graduate Nursing Practice Essay
• Comment on one other student’s PowerPoint. Use scholarly references for your responses.
• Examples of views you may want to add to the discussion:
o How you could or have used the theory (even if it was inadvertently) in your own practice.
o How the theories may be alike or different.
o What you may have found interesting or confusing.
o Your secondary post should be at least 200 words and not more than 400 words- you do not have to include all of these examples in your post, only one but it should have enough substance. Theory for Graduate Nursing Practice Essay

Helpful Hints for Assignment:
• Use headings for each section of the paper. (For example for each grading criteria use a heading. HINT: Heading makes it easier for faculty to see you have followed the grading criteria).
• Review rubric (See rubric under Content)
• Submit paper to the dropbox. Theory for Graduate Nursing Practice Essay