The Process of Registration as a Nurse

The Process of Registration as a Nurse

The paper “The Process of Registration as a Nurse” is a brilliant example of coursework on nursing. Like any other profession that puts human life at stake, there must be regulations and requirements put in place to ensure that professionalism is maintained. Nursing is a very important career that involves the lives of people and therefore it is sane to have strict requirements that have been put in place by the relevant regulatory board just to ensure competence and credibility. In order to understand the whole process, there are a number of aspects that can be looked at in this fraternity of nursing and midwifery (Audrey, 2004). The Process of Registration as a Nurse

Why governments regulate the profession of nursing

According to Dempsey et al. (2009), midwifery and nursing hold compliance and awareness in high esteem in an effort to observe the practicing legal requirement. The framework for regulation is important to ensure that health consumers are protected and competent practitioners practice their skills effectively. The framework for regulation ensures that professional status is achieved and maintained. The government is interested in having at its disposal a competent and well-educated workforce in order to ensure the provision of safe midwifery and nursing services. This has led to the enactment of a regulation framework defined by practitioners having credible credentials and putting in place standards that are achievable. Regulation of midwifery and nursing in Australia is apparently convoluted and complex owing to the presence of multiple jurisdictions (Cherry &, Jacob, 2005).


An explanation of the process by which a nurse will now obtain registration to practice in Australia

The state is bestowed with the power of regulation of midwifery and nursing. It is a requirement by the state for any midwife or nurse to ensure that she or he is registered to be able to practice in a given state. Practicing without up-to-date registration constitutes a legal offense. A license to practice is automatically authenticated by merely registering. Registering in a given state enables one to operate in that given state and not another one because the application of any law state is specific to that given state only (Louise, 2007). The Process of Registration as a Nurse

The state government and the federal and territory governments at the beginning of 2008 came to an agreement to launch a system of registration that is national for nine health professions that can be recognized. These professions will include midwifery and nursing. Every single territory and state possesses its own provisions for legislation. Despite the differences existing in the various states, the overall framework has in common three fundamental concepts which include: registration of midwives and nurses, establishing disciplinary processes for midwives and nurses and accrediting education programs form midwives and nurses to ascertain their reliability (Dempsey et al., 2009). The Process of Registration as a Nurse