The Power Struggles In Scrubs British Literature Essay.

The Power Struggles In Scrubs British Literature Essay.


Comedies have a special complicated way of showing power struggles in the most comical form possible. They manufacture laughter from the simplest stereotypes of cultures, politics, and societies by using pun, wit, sarcasm, satire, parody, slapstick, farce, and scatology to be able to handle issues we face each day. Power struggles deal with class, ethnicity, gender, and many others themes that offer issues that have a tendency to be taboo. Hence, these themes are contained into comedies in hopes that they can somehow steadily mend the issues our society seems to ignore. The popular syndicated comedy, Scrubs, is the epitome of a funny that introduces electricity struggles in a comical form. Scrubs comes after the lives of Doctor John ‘J. D. ‘ Dorian, Doctor Elliot Reid, and Doctor Christopher Turk and elaborates on the dilemmas they face at their workplace, Sacred Heart Hospital. Dorian, Reid, and Turk make an effort to cope with several conditions that are provided on every show, but struggle with their individual obstacles. In Scrubs, Dorian battles to be named a health care provider, Reid struggles to be accepted as a women and the same, and Turk challenges to be accepted as a plastic surgeon.The Power Struggles In Scrubs British Literature Essay.


Second, Doctor Elliot Reid is another doctor that battles to be respected as a woman and the same. In contrast to Dorian, who battles for popularity, Reid deals with the disrespected from patients and acquaintances for being a female doctor. Reid assumed that learning to be a doctor designed that she’d receive the respect all guy doctors acquire. Instead she is looked down after for being a woman and it is not respected as a professional. She gets into the doorways of Sacred Heart Hospital ready to be accepted as a doctor, but is received as an immature doctor from females and a bit of ass from the guys. For example, in an show, Carla, a nurse, confronts Reid and clarifies to her that, “You are little or nothing, but an immature doctor that cries when thing get challenging. ” Moreover, her male coworkers regularly sexually harass her. It appears that there is absolutely no room for a female doctor in Sacred Heart and soul Hospital and the sole resort would be to be considered a nurse. Reid is not quite happy with her treatment and resorts to regular crying. Her sobs adds to the negative perception folks have about her. Despite the fact that she wants to be respected as a female and an equal she wants, most importantly, to receive respect from Doctor Bob Kelso. Her main objective is usually to be accepted by Doctor Bob Kelso who have respect for nobody especially Doctor Reid. Doctor Bob Kelso is a grumpy old man, who loves to humiliate and mistreat his complete staff. He is the principle of Medication in Sacred Hear Medical center and wants to abuse his electric power. Doctor Reid comes to Doctor Bob Kelso for advice and popularity, but she actually is pushed away by Kelso’s negative and degrading remarks. For instance, Doctor Reid clarifies her accomplishments to Doctor Kelso, but responds with sarcasm, “Great job sugar cakes, keep up the fantastic work, now escape my face. ” A few times she attempts to endure Doctor Bob Kelso, but sees herself fearing him more than thinking in herself. Their encounters are offered on every show and symbolize the challenges women have in men dominated professions. Despite the fact that she hates her treatment, she actually is identified to do the best she can as a health care provider. Furthermore, while Reid faces unequal treatment other doctors battle to just be accepted.

Finally, Doctor Christopher Turk battles to be accepted as a cosmetic surgeon and wishes never to be seen as a dark surgeon. All his life he was seen as the over achiever scheduled to his skin color, but was sick of hearing positive remarks because he understood it was his pores and skin that surprised everyone. Nobody expected a black individual to become professional, especially a physician. Turk always confronted people that treated him with respect, not because of his job, but because of being a black physician. His co-workers view him as someone especial who fought against the chances to be someone respectful. He understands that society is packed with ignorant people, but never expected that his work place be infected with them. He holds himself highly and lets nobody degrade him in virtually any form. He is a solid believer of equality and would like everyone can see pass colors and only see great people who have dreams. For instance, an episode created Turk as a hero after he saved the life of your reported. The mass media showered him with compliment, depicting him as a great hero, but Sacred Heart and soul Hospital saw him as a dark hero. He was pictured with words such as “Sacred Heart and soul is ‘DOWN’ for individuals, ” and other “black” slang. Turk pointed out that he had not been being accepted and praised to be a plastic surgeon, but celebrated for being a black medical expert. His own company didn’t see him as an important advantage to the hospital, but as promoter because of its own profit. He spoke to Doctor Bob Kelso regarding this problem, but he refused to cooperate. At the end Doctor Kelso decided to drop all adverts after constant struggle with Turk. Up to this point Turk still challenges to be accepted as a medical expert.The Power Struggles In Scrubs British Literature Essay.

In final result, in Scrubs, Dorian challenges to be recognized as a health care provider, Reid challenges to be accepted as a women and an equal, and Turk battles to be accepted as a plastic surgeon. Each doctor acquired his / her own power battle to deal with. Each of them have serious obstacles they have to face and comedy exhibits these issues as a way to handle them. Comedies stand for true to life and real issues; their main aim is to help individuals deal with them with laughter and content. They use different tactics to deal with each issue and present them in the most amusing form. Power problems tend to participate everyone’s life, but everything seems to be easier with a giggle over a face.The Power Struggles In Scrubs British Literature Essay.