The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.

The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.


The Magnet Recognition Program

The program is operated by American Nurses Credentialing Center(ANCC)The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.
To recognize the highest excellence in the nursing practice in different organizations
It is focused on the quality of care (Friese et al., 2015).
The program encourage new strategies in the practice of nursing.

Advantages of Magnet Recognition

The interrelationship between the integrity in the professionalism and supreme quality leadership is promoted by this program.
This program attracts the most excellent nursing staffs and retains them.
The promotion of an improved care and safety in the patients along with the satisfaction level in the patients.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.


A framework for combined culture is provided.
Improvement in the standards of the nursing practice.
Monetary gain by the associated organization (Stimpfel et al 2016).
After the submission of a written documentation regarding the patient care and outcome, which demonstrates all the quantitative and the qualitative data, the application for a magnet recognition for a hospital must be submitted (Meddings, 2015).

Requirements to Acquire a Magnet Designation

Transformational leadership
Empowerment in the structural level
Professional practice that can be set as an example
Continuous improvement of knowledge, practice and thinking strategies that would lead to innovations
Achievement of the excellent quality outcome.

The Attraction and Retention of the Best Talented Nursing Staffs

The level of satisfaction in the RN should be increased.
The number of vacancy for the RN post should be decreased by hiring more staffs and the turnover rate of the RN should also be kept low.
The burnout in nurses must be decreased and more RN should be retained.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.

Elevation of the Standards of Nursing Practice

The clinical units should be effective and efficient.
The death rates should be lower.
Decreased falls.
The quality of care and the patient safety should be subjected to improvement.
The services involving the emergency department and urgent care should be used less frequently (Wenzler 2015).The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.

Benefits for the Organization in the Financial Level

The magnet status will automatically display the quality of case for a hospital as the press and media will be attracted to it. The budget for increasing the publicity will be lowered.
Attraction of potential investors looking for collaboration which will result in successful partnership (Tai & Bame, 2017).
The RN turnover rate will be lower along with the rate of lost productivity.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.
The requirement of using the services of the other agencies will be lowered.
Needle stick injuries and Musculoskeletal injuries in the nursing staffs will be lowered.
Acquiring advantages over other healthcare organization in attracting more patients.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.

Framework for Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership has four elements:
Consideration of each individuals.
Stimulation provided on the intellectual level.
Inspirational motivation
Idealized influence
Goals set for the leader:
Development of a visual image that is both attractive and challenging for the employees.
Development of a strategy to achieve that vision.
Turn the vision into action by first specifying it.
The vision and its implementation should be talked about with decisiveness, confidence and optimism.
Small planned steps and achievement of small successes should lead to the full implementation of a vision.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.

Leadership Excellence and Professional Integrity

Sound principle bound a person with Integrity and their ethical behavior motivates the others. Integrity can be considered as the most important component of leadership in this society because people only follow someone on whom they can put their trust on. It does not matter if the person has some other qualities if they do not possess integrity.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.

Empowerment of the Nurses with Magnet Recognition Program

Four aspects of structural empowerment are:
Access to resources required for an individual’s work
Access to information required for getting an individual’s job done along with the knowledge on the organization in order to understand it better.
Provide support to an individual for the performance and responsibility they have displayed in their jobs.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.
opportunity for professional development and growth (Wilson et al. 2015).

Improvement of Disadvantages of the Organization

Shortage in the number of staffs
Skills that have limitations
Communication lacking effectiveness
Lack of adequacy in the strategic relationships

Enhancing Strengths of the Organization

Availability of advanced level Equipments
Good quality Infrastructure
High growth rate because of improved nature of their services
Strong Relationships with suppliers and the partners
Adequate level market size
Organizational Culture
Proper maintenance of public relation

Frameworks of French and Raven, and Kelman to support Magnet

According to French and Raven, seven types of power can be recognized to be exhibited by the people who interact socially. Those seven types of powers are: 1) reward, 2) coercive, 3) referent, 4) legitimate, 5) expert, 6) informational, and 7) connectional
Power and authority come from the person who is being subjected to influence – instead of the person who have more powerful position.
Leadership can also be labelled as followership
Kelman’s model described that the opinions and attitudes of a person get deeply affected by the social processes.
The use of power and influence on others have three possible outcomes: commitment, compliance, or resistance(Ledlow & Stephens, 2018, p. 335).The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.

Transformational Leadership

Consideration of each individuals.
Stimulation provided on the intellectual level.
Inspirational motivation.
Idealized influence.

Scholarly Nursing Practice

The nurse leaders must set examples while attempting to be a role model.
In order to develop scholarly nursing practice, a foundation of culture is necessary that encourages the nurses.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.
Attempt for aligning the nursing practice goals within the framework of system goals
Elevated level of nursing discipline and structure should be attempted using evaluation and data.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.


Transformational leader is capable of creating impact on both the cultures related to the nursing and the overall organization.
The nursing and the senior nursing leadership is promoted when an organization achieves the magnet recognition status by embracing the scholarly nursing practice.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.
In order to ensure the continuous growth of a nursing workforce who are focused on the scholarly practice, the senior practice leader may initiate a partnership with the chief academic nursing officer, since it can be proved to be beneficial.
The powerful and positive transformational leadership style can be considered as the core component of the magnet recognition model.The Magnet Recognition Program Essay.