The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay

The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay

Concept Analysis Assignment and Rubric

Assignment: Write a 4-5-page paper on a concept analysis.


A concept analysis, concept development, and concept synthesis is described by McEwen and Willis (2019) as the “rigorous process of bringing clarity to the definition of the concepts used in science. Concept analysis is used to promote understanding.” Under-standing how concepts are used within nursing is critically important because how a concept is understood and used in nursing is not necessarily the same as how that concept is understood and used in other disciplines. Some concepts relevant to nursing are coping, quality of life, abuse, self-esteem, spirituality, health, nursing, managed care, and parenting. The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay


A concept analysis is the first step in communicating meanings, understandings and feelings. The purpose of concept analysis is to “clarify, recognize, and define concepts that describe a phenomenon”. A concept is usually a measurable variable in a hypothesis, assumption, or proposition. Remember, the study of theoretical knowledge as an advanced degree nurse is to prepare you for abstract thinking skills in problem solving and to advance your understanding of how theories are the basis for practice. Concept analysis can be used to evaluate the level of development of nursing concepts by:
• Identifying gaps in nursing knowledge The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay
• Determining the need to refine or clarify a concept when it appears to have several meanings
• Evaluate the adequacy of competing concepts in their relation to other phenomena
• Examine the congruence between the definition of the concept and the way it has been operationalized
• Determine the fit between the definition of the concept and its clinical application (Morse et al., 1996)

Activities and Directions The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay

To begin the process, choose a concept you are interested in, e.g. a term you encounter with your work or one which you would like to research. Look for the measurable quality in your topic of interest, problem or question.
1. Read the published concept analysis papers. By reading the articles, this will help your understanding of the concept analysis assignment. Remember you are focusing on the concept. So if the concept is quality of life, focus on quality of life generally and not the nurse’s role in treatment or quality of life among the elderly.
2. The focus of this paper is to select and analyze a concept of interest to you and the discipline of nursing. See examples of theoretically and operationally defined concepts in McEwen and Willis on pg. 53. You will need to describe the concept in clear and simple language, and why it is of interest to you. The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay
3. You must obtain faculty approval prior to beginning your assignment.
4. State the purpose of the analysis. Clearly identify the concept to be analyzed.
5. Review the literature for definitions. State the databases used. This should be done in a formal way- don’t just write Galileo because this is a repository of databases and you would want to identify specific databases used to help narrow down this information. Google Scholar is acceptable to use but not Google.
6. Identify all the uses of the concept. The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay
7. Describe defining attributes (how do you know it when you see it).
8. Give an exemplar (model case) of the concept from your practice. Include empirical findings if located. Give real life examples.
9. Identify a choice of 2 of these: borderline, related, contrary, invented, and illegitimate cases.
10. Identify the antecedents and consequences of the concept.
11. Determine empirical referents for the concept (how is the occurrence of the concept measured?). The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay

Other tips in writing this paper:
1. Use the steps in concept analysis from your textbook (Box 3-2, pg. 58) and the PowerPoint provided.
2. You must have five or more references from peer reviewed resources- this means scholarly journals that you find through a library search- you can also use your textbook or a website that would be scholarly- this means the website of a respected national organization and usually doesn’t end in .com but .edu, .gov, or .org.
3. Do not use more than three direct quotes. The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay
4. Use headings for each section of the paper. (For example for each grading criteria use a heading. HINT: Heading makes it easier for faculty to see you have followed the grading criteria).
5. Review rubric (See rubric on the GoVIEW website under Rubrics)
6. This paper should be written in APA with a title page and reference page, which are not part of the page limit- this page limit (4-5 pages) is for the body of the paper. You are not required to include an abstract. Refer to the APA section under Content for help with formal writing and an example of a paper with APA format.
7. When submitting your paper in the Assignment drop box, title the file: lastname_firstname_conceptpaper. The Level of Development of Nursing Concepts Essay