The Issue Of Drug Addiction Among Teenagers Essay

The Issue Of Drug Addiction Among Teenagers Essay

An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate. It is proven that addiction of anything is bad even it is water, as the nature has rule to try everything in balance without crossing the limit. Similarly the addiction of medicine (drugs) whether useful or useful is also not a sign of good disappointment or absence of self-control.The Issue Of Drug Addiction Among Teenagers Essay

Drug addiction is a problem that has been increasing in the society form past few decades. This addiction can lead an individual to disturb all his goals and aims by damaging his health and his mind at same time. Anyone with any strength of mental determination can fall in this trap and can ruin his life, family and society simultaneously. The early the addict realizes the worsening of the situation the more its easy live life again with a new start. The main point of concern about the drug addiction is the numbers of teens are increasing day by day as due to indirect pressure they consider that this looks cool and different to try these medications as these teens are effected with the surrounding s and people around them more instead of actual circumstances.The Issue Of Drug Addiction Among Teenagers Essay


The ability to face the difficulties and fight with the different circumstances varies from person to person. Some people are brave enough to face the situation with great courage and determination while others may not stand firm against their problems. These people adopt the ways to hide and refrain from the situation and they adopt the way to remain in the world of their dreams by taking drugs and medication. There could also be many reasons for this like the people who are suffering from emptiness feeling are unable to control themselves and hence they fall here. Their emptiness made them to fill their self with these medications. In this world of technology and fast pace of life people are having an extreme pressure to handle and deal with the situation. Specially the students and teens the to synchronize with the fast pace of life they have started using drugs maintain their life and overcome the mental pressure and traumas.The Issue Of Drug Addiction Among Teenagers Essay

The main concern about the drugs is that teenagers are using them more as they try the drugs as the fashion among their friends and yet trying this tradition made them addicted for life as well as suffering for life. The family condition and the other social circle environment also determines about the person to start having drugs, as if the environment around the patient is more people having drugs the more he will be attracted to these medications. There are number of people who are prescribed to have drugs by the doctors for a certain time limit yet they remain using the drugs after that which eventually made them to be a drug addict. The Issue Of Drug Addiction Among Teenagers Essay