The Implications of an Ethical Issue Nursing Essay

The Implications of an Ethical Issue Nursing Essay

In this assignment, you will analyze the implications of an ethical issue
> according to your worldview.
> Write a 1,000-1,500 word essay in which you analyze ethical thinking and
> use values-based decision making to address a case study from the
> perspective of the Christian worldview as compared to your own worldview
> assumptions. Choose one case study from the five options listed on the
> “Ethical Dilemmas” document.(I will attach this document)
> After an appropriate introductory paragraph with a thesis statement in
> which you name the scenario you are choosing, address each of the following
> six sections with at least one paragraph each. Use the underlined titles
> for each of your headings.


> 1.Ethical Dilemma: Briefly describe the ethical dilemma
> in your own words, including (a) what in the scenario makes it difficult to
> make an ethical decision and (b) at least two options for resolving the
> scenario, providing a brief overview of what sort of ethical decisions each
> option might make.
> 2.Core Beliefs: What beliefs about God and humanity from
> the Christian worldview are relevant to the scenario? How might these core
> worldview commitments of Christians influence one’s decision making with
> regard to this scenario? The Implications of an Ethical Issue Nursing Essay
> 3.Resolution : Describe the Christian worldview’s
> proposal for resolving the ethical dilemma. How should the person in the
> scenario act according to the Christian worldview? What is the best course
> of action for a Christian? (Note: The resolution should be consistent with
> Christian worldview commitments.)
> 4.Evaluation : What might be the unintended
> consequences and perceived benefits of the resolution proposed by the
> Christian worldview?
> 5.Comparison : How does the Christian worldview’s
> resolution compare to another option?
> 6.Conclusion : Synthesize the main points, pulling
> the ideas of the paper together.

Ethical Dilemmas
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Ethical Dilemmas
Describe the Ethical Dilemma
These refers to the uncomfortable situations a person faces where he or she is supposed to make certain decisions. In order for an ethical decision to exist, there must be an agent and a situation that require a decision. Therefore, an individual faced with such a situation must be able to make a decision on the course of action that best suits the situation he or she is encountering. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of what ethical dilemma constitute, it is important to differentiate policies, morals, laws, values and ethics.
It is at times challenging to make moral decisions as one is required to make a clear distinction between facts and values. In this case, it would imply that a person ought to confront “what is” and the thing that ought to be. Secondly, there are various instances where conflicts of conflicts arises in critical situations that requires an individual to make sound decisions (Chappelle, 2000). Conflicting interests renders to situations which could be morally challenging to people who wish to be righteous and moral to their own conscience and at the same time wish to serve the interests of the organizations they serve. Lastly, another challenge in ethical decision making arise in situations where a clear line between what is good and bad exist. More so, there is a difficulty in making ethical decisions where people holds divergent opinions on what is morally allowed and what is not morally allowed. The Implications of an Ethical Issue Nursing Essay
In order to resolve the issues that renders it difficult to make ethical decisions, first, people should clearly differentiate between ethics, values, laws and policies and morals. For instance, when it comes to morals, people should first understand the effects that their behaviors poses to those around them. They should also set a clear distinction between what personal roles entail and what professional obligations entail. Secondly, people should utilize the protocol of ethical decision making to make critical decisions particularly when there is a conflict between different ethical set standards. . Moreover, individuals who faces difficulties while making critical decisions should look for supervision and at the same time use both differentiation protocol and individual-reflection (Spano, 2007).
Core Moral Convictions
There are several moral convictions to both God and human beings which shows great significance pertaining to this issue. First, the purpose of living to humanity and God as illustrated in various verses of the Holy Scripture portrays God’s purpose for human beings. According to Christians Worldview, God has a purpose for all mankind. This is illustrated in Romans 8:18 where it states that “And we acknowledge that people who love God, everything that happens is good, for those chosen in accordance to the purpose of God”. Therefore, it implies that purposeful living is essential in ethical living. The Implications of an Ethical Issue Nursing Essay
Glorifying God as well as love for God are essential Christian commitments that affects personal decision making. For instance, love for God enables people to do only those things that please God. Moreover, love for God conform people to the image of Christ. People who love God will always have a desire to do what God expects them to do. This hence implies that the love for God plays a critical role in ethical decision making as people opt for what only brings glory to God.
CWV proposes that God’s love and compression of His purpose for human beings plays an essential role in resolving ethical dilemma. Therefore, people should seek to understand God’s purpose for them, seek to glorify God and have love for God in order to make wise decisions. Moreover, Christian Worldview proposes that by glorifying God, people will manage to give thanks to Him, acknowledge him openly and do the things that please God. Hence, it will be easier for them to make difficult ethical decisions.
According to CWV, those in this issue should first seek to comprehend his purpose of living. He should then comprehend what God expects him to do and base his decision making on the word of God. For instance, God expects him to portray his love for Him and do what pleases Him. By comprehending this, the person in this scenario will manage to make wise ethical decisions.
Based on Christian Worldview, the most appropriate action for a believer is understanding God’s purpose for them. By so doing, Christians will develop love for God and seek to do the things that pleases God. Moreover, Christians should seek to understand the connection between ethical living and purpose living especially when it comes to making ethical decisions. Christians should make their decisions based on what God wants from them as portrayed in the scripture. By so doing, Christians will find it simple to cope with the difficulties they face in making ethical decisions.
There are several implications that Christians are likely to face if they opt for CWV proposal. First, there may be conflicts of interests between their personal values and the values of people they are serving making it difficult to make ethical decisions. Second, Christians are likely to experience some challenges when it comes to their perceptions on what is morally right and wrong as opposed to perceptions of other people. As a result, tis will raise some conflicts between the two groups making it hard for them to make informed decisions.
On the other hand, Christians will benefit in that they will be able to define God’s purpose for them. Therefore, making ethical and moral decisions will be simplified as they will draw their guidance from the scripture (Westminster Assembly, 1989). Moreover, CWV will enable Christians to make wise decisions that are in align with God’s purpose for them. The Implications of an Ethical Issue Nursing Essay
Evaluation of Similarities and Differences
In all resolutions options, making ethical decisions considers what is good for all humanity and the effects that every decision poses to people around. Secondly, all ethical decision making options are grounded on common principles that define what is good and what is bad, what ought to be done and what should not be done.
The underlying divergences linking CWV solution and other resolutions is that CWV is based on Gods purpose for humanity as illustrated by the scripture while the other resolution are generally based on the values of a society (Young, 2008). This implies that decision making is founded on what a society perceives right other than the scripture.
In conclusion, this paper seeks to elaborate the important components of CWV and the effects it had on my worldview. This paper has explained what ethical dilemma is giving two options that would help to resolve ethical dilemma. Moreover, the paper has highlighted several difficulties faced by people while it comes to making critical decisions. It has also described the elements of Christian Worldview by explain various aspects such as humanity and purpose living. Furthermore, it has clearly outlined the differences and connections between CWV and other ethical decision options. The Implications of an Ethical Issue Nursing Essay

Chappelle, W. (2000). A series of progressive legal and ethical decision-making steps for using Christian spiritual interventions in psychotherapy.Journal of Psychology and Theology, 28(1), 43.
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The Implications of an Ethical Issue Nursing Essay