The Healthlites Company Assignment

The Healthlites Company Assignment

The three major concerns regarding the Healthlites Company are they have and Out-of-date business process. Its order process is inefficient and slow. Communications in Sales, Sales Manager and RO and Plants are disorganized. Second they have an Outdated IT infrastructure. It takes 4-14 days before they process and ship out orders which depends on the mail delivery rates. Lastly, they have an Inefficient Strategic Management of growth and culture.The Healthlites Company Assignment

The company lacks important decision-related reports for managers. The Information System needed in the company is they have to resolve the entry crisis of the current order, a web that is sales oriented for them to market their products well, development of a web-based information technology, employee headcount reduction, and learn how to deploy an up to date technology and not testing or experimenting for new one.The Healthlites Company Assignment


The major changes in business process and benefits is that company will have a top management commitment and participation, an objective and scope that is clear, integrity for project plan and control, sufficient human resources, familiarization and recognition with the change involve, and good implementation and execution. On the PDCA cycle which is the Plan, Do, Check, and Act, the following should be done for the quality assurance of the project.

On the plan phase, they should have an objective that is clear and understandable which shows the necessary processes to deliver the result in accordance with the specification. On the Do phase, they should implement the processes that are made. On the Check cycle, they should check and assess the processes and results against specifications and objectives and report the outcome. Lastly on the Act cycle, as they seen the outcome, they should know how to take necessary actions and improvements. Reference Laudon, K. C. , & Laudon, J. P. (2007). Management information systems. 10th ed. USA: Pearson Eduction.The Healthlites Company Assignment