The Corruption Of Health In Society Essay

The Corruption Of Health In Society Essay

Maybe Corruption is not strange for us, right? There have been so many cases of corruption in our society, our country, even our world. Yet, I still don’t think we understand the importance of stopping corruption within the health system. Therefore, I chose this topic to argue its significance because it relates to our past, our present and our future. It is not so easy to stop it at once however, not so tough to prevent it gradually. The Corruption Of Health In Society Essay

Before we know more about corruption of health in society, let us know the meaning of Corruption. Corruption is when someone is doing something for themselves but may abuse society laws and rules. Did you know that one of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is environmental pollution? it is causing irreparable damage to the world and human society with around 40% of deaths worldwide with the cause of water, air and soil pollution. Breathing polluted air puts you at a higher risk for many diseases such as asthma and many other diseases. Pollution is one of the biggest challenges affecting the environment and many human lives. As a real life example, my friend who lives nearby the airport, has been affected by the carbon chemicals and gases that have polluted the air from airplanes and cars. Throughout time she developed a lung disease from exposing herself a polluted environment. Therefore, this is an environmental issue faced by people all across the world today. Not just me, nor my friend, but all of us. Another type of environmental pollution comes from toxic dust polluted by industries and factories which then get mixed to the air and eventually causes air pollution. Wastes from the industries and factories directly transfers into oceans and lakes, then get mixed to water we drink on a daily basis. Such polluted water containing germs, bacteria, toxic substances, and viruses is worse than what most of you think of, due to your health and the health of human beings in all, also animals and plants. Every living creature that breathes air will suffer. The Corruption Of Health In Society Essay


Now, why I am arguing about corruption? Is it because of expensive health care? Or people not being able to provide money to get what they need for their health? And why private hospitals have all the best equipment, doctors and medicines? And yet why can only the rich afford treatments? The issue is public areas are neglected and that’s when social classes affect people that are not getting the best health care. How would you feel if your mom needed urgent treatment and only could afford public hospitals, so she had the treatment but they gave her the dose of medication so she became worse. All this happened because she didn’t’ have a qualified doctor and treatment fone for her. How does this make you feel? When you can afford all this supplies and people who are in need aren’t able to get what they need they suffer will till death because not being able to afford the bills. This is not okay! Prices should be low and affordable for all society levels.

In conclusion, how we as a society can help prevent healthcare corruption? Take a second to think about it. It is affecting our lives horribly people are getting harmed and nothing is stopping it. Us today, we have to take individual steps and do every possible thing what we can do. We should be the change not only depending on our government actions for some positive changes. Common people like us are the main factor to stop the spread equality in the healthcare system so that we all have healthy, strong and better future. The Corruption Of Health In Society Essay