The Connection between EBP and the Quadruple Aim Essay

The Connection between EBP and the Quadruple Aim Essay

Write a brief analysis (no longer than 2 pages) of the connection between EBP and the Quadruple Aim. Your analysis should address how EBP might (or might not) help reach the Quadruple Aim, including each of the four measures of: Patient experience Population health Costs Work life of healthcare providers

The Connection between Evidence-Based Practice and the Quadruple Aim

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the amalgamation of best available current research, patient preferences, and clinical expertise in clinical decision making. As the cornerstone of high-quality healthcare, EBP allows healthcare personnel to translate research findings into practice, taking into consideration the unique experiences of each patient (Li et al., 2019).  According to the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, all healthcare organization should centre on the quadruple aim in healthcare.The Connection between EBP and the Quadruple Aim Essay.  Formerly known as the Triple Aim, the quadruple aim is a system of interconnected goals that allow the achievement of healthcare. The aggregate goals are improving the individual experience of care, minimizing per capita costs, and enhancing the health of populations. However, the triple aim failed to acknowledge the profound contribution of the healthcare workforce sufficiently. As a result, a proposal for the extension of the triple aim model was made to recognise the contribution of healthcare personnel and increase their job satisfaction. In addition to optimizing patient experience, population health, and minimizing per capita costs, the work-life of healthcare workers was added as the fourth goal, and the model was revised to the quadruple aim.


How Evidence-Based Practice helps Organizations Reach the Quadruple Aim

Evidence-based practice is highly effective in allowing healthcare organizations to reach the quadruple aim. Health organizations perceive EBP as the secret ingredient in achieving the quadruple aim. According to Lavenberg et al. (2019), the primary goal of evidence-based practice is to advance the quality of care and minimize healthcare-related costs. EBP influences all the aspects of the quadruple aim.

Patient Experience

Strategies incorporated in evidence-based practice allow healthcare professions to incorporate patient preferences and values into the care plan. Evidence practice goals intend to provide treatment options that are consistent with and compatible with values and experiences embraced by patients. By integrating patient values and preferences into the EBP framework, healthcare professionals can tailor interventions to individual patient experiences and provide patient-centred care. Evidence-based practice achieves and improves the patient experience by including patients in their care plan, granting them a proactive role in care as they can express their concerns and preferences. The Connection between EBP and the Quadruple Aim Essay.

Population Health

Evidence-based practice allows clinical providers to make informed decisions based on the best current evidence, sound data collection strategies, and engage the target community in advancing public health (Vanagas et al., 2017).  Health education and advocacy are crucial domains of evidence-based practice that help in improving population health. Through education, health professionals educate the population on health determinants, preventive care, and health promotion. Nurses also advocate for specific communities to ensure equitable distribution of healthcare resources.


Measuring per capita costs in healthcare remains a significant challenge as it requires health organizations to grasp relevant expenditures, index them to local markets, and measure actual costs in a health system where current pricing strategies obscure these costs. Evidence-based practice reduces per capita healthcare costs by designing the investment of time and resources in a way that improve clinical, organizational, and fiscal outcomes, all of which have financial implications. Overall, evidence-based practice significantly saves costs. The Connection between EBP and the Quadruple Aim Essay.


Work-Life of Healthcare Providers

The practice setting in which healthcare personnel operate directly influence the quality of care. Working in a healthy environment is, therefore, an essential concept of evidence-based practice. Busari et al. (2017) highlight that healthy work environments are characterized by interprofessional collaboration. Evidence proves that teamwork and collaboration improve health outcomes, motivation, efficiency, and job satisfaction. It also enhances retention while preventing the occurrence of nurse burnout. Engaging healthcare providers in shared decision making is another EBP approach that improves job satisfaction.


In summary, evidence-based practice helps health organizations achieve the quadruple aim. It improves healthcare safety and quality, reduces healthcare costs, and engages both patients and workers in clinical decision making. In turn, the approaches minimize the overall costs of care, optimize patient outcomes, increase motivation and production, and maintains job satisfaction for healthcare professionals. The Connection between EBP and the Quadruple Aim Essay.


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