The Concept Examination Of Dignity In Health Medical Essay.

The Concept Examination Of Dignity In Health Medical Essay.


Dignity is becoming an important concept especially in healthcare practices. It is totally related to the real human life, and is from the internal and exterior respect of the person which relates to culture and sociable aspects (Anderberg 2007). Dignity is an identification of the person and respect of the individual. Therefore, it’s important to explore the concept in relation to nursing practice. Furthermore, this good article will be concentrated to understand the idea of dignity using its so this means and characteristics along with literature support. Further, the scope of dignity and obstructions of this concept in medical practice will also be talked about in this task.The Concept Examination Of Dignity In Health Medical Essay.



In daily life the use of term dignity or dignified is common. There have been many attempts made to define dignity in several aspect of our life by the experts. But, the meaning of this notion remains complicated and unclear (Jacokson, 2002). The word dignity comes from two Latin words ‘dignitus’ which means ‘morit’ and dignus meaning value (Hofman 2002). So, it is the notion used for providing worthiness and admiration to an individual and others. . Relating to Widang and Fridlund (2003) dignity is related to a person’ autonomy or functional self perseverance and integrity, while categories dignity as being a element of integrity, by itself with self respect and confidents. The word is linked with freedom of an individual to give respect to others as well as self applied respect. Dignity relates to one’s individuality as a person and is related to self admiration and concepts such as integrity (Diana Lee 2008). Dignity is present when an individual is capable of exerting control over his / her behavior adjoining and the way in which he or she is cared for by other. She or he should manage to understanding information and making decision (Mairis 1994). Dignity is preserved only when an individual control his tendencies in several situation. A person dignity presents his or her value and ability, Furthermore, this can be a reflection of the choices that individuals lead to themselves their prices, ideals, carry out and lifestyle (Jonson 1990).The Concept Examination Of Dignity In Health Medical Essay. Therefore, from the above framework the characteristics of dignity are specific identity and their moral ideals are interrelated each other. Gallagher (2008) concluded that the dignity is an excellent, an excellence or moral virtue of the individual, an excellent that contributes to human being flourishing or happiness and one in which you can err in conditions of extra or insufficiency. Dignity is the virtue of a person which helps him to remain in happiness. Relating to Raz (2001) dignity can be involved with how people feel, think and behave in relation to the well worth or value of themselves as well as others. To take care of someone with dignity is to take care of them as being of worth, in a way that is respectful of them as respected individuals. When dignity exists people feel control, appreciated, confident, comfortable and able to make decisions for themselves. When dignity is absent people feel devalued, and lacking in control and comfort. They may lack confidence and be struggling to make decisions for themselves. They could feel humiliated, uncomfortable or ashamed. Dignity is applicable equally to those people who have capacity also to those who lack it. Everyone has equal worth as human beings and must be treated as if they could feel, think and act with regards to their own well worth or value. Therefore, nurses should treat all people in all settings and of any health position with dignity, and dignified good care should continue after loss of life. Anderberg, (2007). affirmed that ‘dignity is an idea that relates to basic mankind. It involves inherent and external dimensions, which are common for those humans and at the same time are unique for every person, associated with public and culture aspects. Dignity in conditions of unconditional and comparative values that can transform as time passes and are related to over culture and society. Haddock (1996) stated that dignity is the ability to feel important and valuable with regards to other, connect this to others, and be treated so others, in contexts which can be perceived as intimidating. Relating to Edlund. (2002) Dignity can be considered both subjectively and objectively with regard to basic human being rights. It is a active subjective idea but also has a shared so this means among humanity. Matching to Street Broadent (2005) identified dignity to be embodied and socially created as time passes, as well as being a subjective, multidimensional, situational and contextual concept.The Concept Examination Of Dignity In Health Medical Essay.

Relevance of dignity in medical practice

The strategy dignity has great impact on health care provision. As nurses offer with patients with health troubles, the dignity of the customers should be the utmost concern. Additionally, nurses can ensure necessary steps to nurture, preserve and protect client’s beliefs and admiration. Raz (2001) figured the nurse who delivers care to the individual and their relatives including cares, needs acknowledgement for conserving and recognition of the intrinsic worth as human beings and of their specific identity. Matitl(2002) stated that dignity can apply similarly applied in individuals those who lack and have, and everyone has equal importance as human being and must be stated as equal. If they are in a position to feel and work in relation to their own merit. Furthermore, while providing care to the patient, nurse can maintain dignity through the effective romantic relationship, encouraging the health status and should continuous after loss of life. Matching to Seedhouse (2000) dignity is a fundamental befitting all, it is employed to produce a person health in culture. Thus, dignity really helps to make a home respect between people. In this framework, dignity can be involved with watching the needs of the patient’s especially geriatric people.The Concept Examination Of Dignity In Health Medical Essay. Furthermore, keeping dignity in people can boost the societal prices. Everyone has different success with regards because of their own dignity and these perceptions may change in relation to the level of health. Walsh and Kowanko’s (2002) concluded that patients feel that privacy is mixed up in promotion of dignity. It can help to maintaining the innate and inner respect of the patient. Understanding the emotional feeling of the individual helps a nurse to deliver quality of treatment to an individual. Chochinov et. al, (2002) recommended that dignity with regards to terminally ill people as a resilient construct that requires end of life care and attention that stimulates dignity in various way. Dignity of an individual can therefore be considered by particular relevance when it comes to elderly people in vulnerable situations. According to Kowanko (2002) many nurses started out that the patient shouldn’t be seen as an thing or body exclusively, all patients are embodied beings. The nurses must maintain the right of an individual as well as treat them with dignity in every circumstances if the patient is mindful and unconscious. In nursing practice, maintenance of dignity is influenced by certain situations. Corresponding the Gallagher (2008) natural in nursing is esteem for individual rights, including cultural rights, the protection under the law to life and choice, to dignity and also to be cared for with respect. There is, then, agreement within nursing rules that admiration for dignity is important morels and this nurses have obligations to respect the dignity of patients. However, what this involves is not made explicit and there is no agreement that dignity is a necessary element in medical practice. In dignity principle nurses should be good listener and gives value to other individuals rights. et al (2009) dignity is a therapy means psychotherapy the purpose of dignity to lessen the spiritual distress and psychological problems to patients and their own families.The Concept Examination Of Dignity In Health Medical Essay. This therapy can be given at the bedside to help both patients and their families. Additionally, it usually provides to old people in home, but nurse must understand the sensation, moral and understand the situation of patient and present spiritual support to the individual. Cynthia et al(2004) determined providing dignified care and attention to the individual is achieved through teamwork of doctor. Sometimes this teamwork string may break anticipated to poor communication with one another. Without an effective effort of the multidisciplinary team a dignified attention environment cannot be sustained. Subsequently, nurses have to inform and has to give explanation about the interventions if not the partnership between nurse and patients can diminish. Moreover, whenever providing care to the individual such as catheterization and helping in personal attention, nurses have to provide level of privacy because lack of privacy can bring negative experience for both nurse and patient. Therefore, the determined obstacles of dignity can be addressed by using effective communication and productive nursing skills to promote dignity. Furthermore, understanding this is of dignity and its own relevance in nursing practice can help nurses and all health care personnel to market dignity between them as well as towards others which ensures a good end result in patient care.The Concept Examination Of Dignity In Health Medical Essay.


To conclude, different perspectives of dignity using its interpretation and characteristics have been analyzed in this assignment. This assignment was helpful to understand the concept of dignity and respects ideas of the patients and their prices. The idea of dignity was therefore regarded as most crucial tool in retaining and promoting good social relationship. This good article was also beneficial to learn how to provide dignity in order to provide quality attention in medical practice. Furthermore, this information will provide the foundation for book and compassionate method of support individuals in health care practices.The Concept Examination Of Dignity In Health Medical Essay.