The Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay

The Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay

Some individuals begin to smoke at a young age. By the time they come of age, addiction to smoking is developed. Some try to quit, but return to their habit, because of a strong addiction that tobacco causes. Unfortunately, it is difficult for every smoker to break this habit. There are various reasons why an individual smokes. It is hard to quit because of highly addictive nicotine that tobacco contains, and like heroin or other hard drugs, human mind as well as body quickly become accustomed to cigarettes to maintain a normal state. The Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay

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The basic reason why youth smokes is their wish to experiment, be like peers, and look older. Since adolescents see older people smoking, particularly relatives and friends, they smoke to look mature. Adult people smoke because of pressure, stress, unemployment, as well as financial, personal and economic issues. They may not work or make enough money to take care of their own family. They may also deal with heroin, cocaine or alcohol addictions. Some people may live in a bad marriage or have a bad relationship with the spouse encountering verbal or physical abuses. All these individuals prefer to smoke cigarettes, which contain nicotine since it helps them feel relaxed when going through hard lifetime. Whether old or young, some control weight through smoking. The Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay


The short-term consequences for young people, who smoke include non-respiratory and respiratory effects and high risk of using other drugs. The long-term negative consequence of smoking is that the majority of adolescents, who regularly smoke in their teens, continue to smoke in adulthood. The Department of Health and Human Services (2014) mentions lung, stomach and kidney cancer, emphysema, heart disease, as well as other serious diseases as the long-term consequences of smoking. Smoking is a dangerous issue and a bad habit since passive or active tobacco smoking can lead to cancer, heart diseases, liver cirrhosis, and stroke. It is important to remember that smoking brings harm not only to those, who smoke, but also adversely affects individuals nearby since they inhale adverse tobacco smoke. The Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay