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The Contract

By placing an order with us, you confirm that you have read and accepted our terms, conditions, and policies and agree to be bound by them since they constitute the agreement between you and bestnursingwritingservices.com. By using this service, you acknowledge that you have attained the legal age to purchase any of our services and products. You should not use this service if you do not comply with our terms and conditions. Before you use this website, you must agree with the stated terms and conditions. To make use of this website, you must have attained the required legal age to enter into a contract. If you either place an order or make payment for a product or services thereof, it implies that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and that you have accepted to be bound by them. When you submit an order or make payment, you enter into a legally binding agreement with bestnursingwritingservices.com and you must adhere to our terms and conditions.


The term “website” represents www. bestnursingwritingservices.com.

The term “You”, “Yours”, “Customer” or “Client” denotes and represents you/ the person requesting a service from www. bestnursingwritingservices.com, while “Us” “We” or “Company” represents bestnursingwritingservices.com.

“Product” – means an original essay, paper, and/or other written product, which is drafted and delivered to the customer electronically in accordance with their order.

“Order” means a written instruction of a standard electronic form, filled and submitted on-line by the customer to our website or our email. The order gives the specifications of the product as per the customer’s requirements

Bestnursingwritingservices.com Products and Services

When you submit an order to us, it means that you are buying the service for personal use and not for commercial purposes. When we sell a written paper to you, we transfer all our ownership and rights on the written papers to you. The company offers neither refunds nor guarantees for all our products and services, express or implied.

No Refund

All products are non-refundable and come with no warranties, express or implied. Once an order has been completed, the company does not grant refunds under any circumstances, unless as specifically stated herein. In certain cases, the company may provide a refund at its own discretion. For more information about our refund policy, please refer to our Money Back Guarantee policy.

Money Back Guarantee Policy

You can qualify for a 100% refund if, there was a payment mistake such as identical orders, double payment, or we are not able to handle your order. Also, you will get a 100 % refund if you cancel your order before it is allocated to any writer.

You will be eligible for a 70% refund if, a writer has been assigned your order and less than a half of the deadline has passed.

You will be able to get 50% of your money back if we are not able to provide you with a suitable writer to revise your order.

To avoid abuse of the facility, we will not refund in any other circumstances.

Terms of Refunds for Plagiarized Product

If there is plagiarism and a report from plagiarism detection software is produced, a customer can claim a refund. If plagiarism is less than 30 percent, a customer can claim a partial refund. However, if the plagiarized amount is more than 30 percent, then a customer has the right to claim a full refund of the order cost.

Delivered Orders

The company can make the paper that has been rejected available online for commercial functions if a full refund is made on it. Such a paper is published online as a sample essay, and if one uses a search engine such as Google to access it, one is linked back to our bestnursingwritingservices.com website.

If there is a rectification you need done on a delivered order, place a request for revision of your order within a period of 7 days after an order was delivered to you or the expiry of the original deadline whichever is earlier. If the system automatically endorses your order or you endorse the paper yourself, you cannot claim for any refund.

When an order is delivered to you, you have a period of 14 days within which to endorse the paper. Therefore, once you press the ‘approve’ button, it implies that you have accepted the paper and that you are contented with the quality. Once you have endorsed the paper, you cannot make requests for a refund because it shows that you have no issues with the work delivered to you. At the expiry of the stipulated period, your order is endorsed automatically by the system.

Terms of Cancellation and Refund for Two Identical Orders

If you realize that you placed two identical orders, when you only require one order, get in touch with us immediately so that we can review the case. However, the amount of refund will depend on the second order. The refund will be as follows;

Fifty percent refund of the order price if you terminate the second order after it has been allotted to a writer and more than half of the deadline time has elapsed.

Seventy percent refund if you terminate the second order after it has been allocated to a writer and less than half of the deadline time has elapsed.

100% refund of the payment should you terminate the second order prior to allocation to a writer

You will not claim any refund once the second order has been assigned, finished and delivered to you.

Refunds for Poor Quality Orders

In the circumstances that the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the paper, one may request for revision or that the order be written by another writer.

If the customer fails to provide the needed information regarding the dispute within a period of 14 days to enable resolve the dispute, then the dispute will be terminated with no refund.

Before a decision to refund is reached upon, the case is assessed, and the amount of percentage is proposed by the customer and the company.

You can set the order to the “dispute” status. In the “dispute” status, you have to substantiate your claims about the quality of the paper. You may also be required to submit evidence for your request for refund due to poor quality of the delivered product.

Terms for a Refund on Deadlines

A customer can make a request for a refund for lateness on delivery of orders. Such a request for payment should be made within 7 days after delivery of the paper or the original deadline, whichever is later. The customer should write such a request and submit it on the customer’s personal page.

In cases where the initial order is late, and you do not need it anymore, and you cancel it on your personal order page, you will get a full refund on your payment plus a discount on your next order.

If an initial order is delayed in terms of delivery after the deadline, you will be refunded based on a recalculation of the hours that have elapsed after the original deadline. However, you can claim 7 percent of your payment if there is lateness in orders that have the longest deadlines.

More on Our Refund Policy

A client may claim a refund on urgent and short projects with a delivery period of 8 to 48 hours whose deadline has elapsed by 7 hours, and on long term projects with a delivery period of over 48 hours whose deadline has elapsed by 12 hours.

A client may get a refund on the order cost in cases where the delivered project failed to adhere to the requirements. In such cases; the company should work on the revisions in a period of 12 hours for short projects and within a period of 36 hours for long term projects. Failure to do so, the client will get a refund .However, this condition is not applicable to circumstances where there is mutual agreement between the company and the client on the deadline for the project or in cases where the customer has set a longer deadline for revision.

The company will not refund clients for losses or damages resulting from using our services.

A client can claim a refund only after making a request for refunds within a period of 7 days after submitting the project. However, after this period elapses, the project cannot be refunded.

Cancellation of Orders by the Company

The company has the right to cancel orders if any of the following situations arises:

Based on the clients request to cancel the project in a period of 3 hours after creating an order for short projects, and within a period of 12 hours after creating an order for long term projects.

Based on mutual consent by the company and client if a writer has not begun working on the order. However, if the writer has already done some work on the project, the client is entitled to a partial refund on cancellation of such an order.

If the deadline of a project is only two hours away, and no writer has taken it up and the client has not provided an extension on the deadline.

Use /Distribution of Product

The company holds the rights to terminate a contract or agreement with any individual who tries to present a plagiarized product as original. You must never provide a product made available to you to any third parties for other purposes. The company may terminate services with you if we discover that you plagiarized or distributed the product made available to you.

Once a product has been delivered, you are required to use it for reference and research only. We strongly discourage any form of academic dishonesty and uphold copyright laws and, therefore, we will not condone any acts of plagiarism by our customers. We, therefore, expect you to use our products as a sample to guide you in your academic work. Whenever you use any text or content from our written documents, ensure you follow the correct citation format, and acknowledge this website in your paper. Our company will not be held liable for any illegal, unethical or any other wrongful use of products bought from our site. The users are responsible for any consequences, including disciplinary action taken for improper use of products bought from us.


Bestnursingwritingservices reserves the rights to revise or change the terms and conditions at any time. If you require further information on this, you can contact us or simply keep yourself updated by visiting the page frequently. By using the services or sharing information at any level on our website, you automatically confirm acceptance of our terms and conditions. If you have any issue with a clause(s) aforementioned in our terms and conditions, kindly contact the support team.