Technology Trends Proposal In Health Care

Technology Trends Proposal In Health Care

Any successful health care organization should adopt the proper technology trends to improve the quality of the health care delivered to patients. It is necessary to understand that healthcare services should be improved, while technology advancements are essential to ensure quality health care services in the face of change (Van Wynsberghe, 2016; Shahriyar et al., 2009).There are various types of technology that could be used by the reputable healthcare organization to provide the required level of care for patients, including telemedicine, optical imagery for diagnosing disease, health care robots, neural engineering, intelligent mobile devices and national health care information network. Technology Trends Proposal In Health Care

To start with, telemedicine is one of the popular technology trends that can be used to foster collaboration and care integration within the health care industry. Telemedicine is based on the use of different types of telecommunication and information technologies to ensure clinical care services at a distance. This technology helps to improve patients’ access to health care services and effectively deal with emergency situations. According to researchers, telemedicine plays an important role in providing trauma and emergency management (Latifi, 2010).Technology Trends Proposal In Health Care


Besides, optical imagery for diagnosing disease is a new technology trend that helps to detect, analyze and characterize the disease and find the proper solutions to making accurate diagnosis (Latifi, 2010).

In addition, health care robots are effectively used in health care industry to ensure high quality services and improved patient outcomes. The technology of care robots is a new one as it is focused on the use of the latest technological innovations.  According to researchers, “care robots are robots designed for use in home, hospital and other settings to assist in, support and provide care for the sock, disabled, young, elderly or otherwise vulnerable persons” (Van Wynsberghe, 2016, p. 61).

Moreover, neural engineering is widely used as a new technology trend to facilitate health care delivery. Neural engineering refers to biomedical engineering that requires the application of certain engineering techniques and methods for repairing and enhancing the function of neural systems. This technology allows solving different problems associated with living and non-living neural tissues (He, 2013). For example, neural engineering techniques, such as restoration, replacement and neuromodulation, can be used for rehabilitation of impaired motor functions of patients (He, 2013).

Furthermore, intelligent mobile devices play an important role in enhancing care of patients at all levels. These tools are effective in providing health monitoring. For example, Mobile Health Care is used for health monitoring through integration of mobile computing and health monitoring. There are many other application s of mobile computing technologies aimed at improving communication between patients and health care professionals (Shahriyar et al., 2009). Technology Trends Proposal In Health Care

Finally, national health care information network (NHIN) can be viewed as a new technology trend that is aimed at linking data to guarantee the delivery of more comprehensive health care services to patients. This technology establishes the “use of case scenarios and standards for interoperability for patients with multiple conditions” (Saranto, 2009, p. 383).

Thus, it becomes clear that various types of technology should be used in the health care industry to facilitate high quality care delivery. The impact of technology is significant. The technology trends I will recommend for the selected health care organization include the use of intelligent mobile devices and national health care information network. These technologies help to enhance communication practices and ensure effective work of the health care organization based on the use of technological innovations to assist patients monitor their health and achieve positive health outcomes. These technologies help to improve lifestyles of patients through regular monitoring of their own health and facilitate the work of health care professionals, allowing them to come to accurate decisions that will improve the health population in the region.Technology Trends Proposal In Health Care